Saturday, January 2, 2016

SEPARATING FROM SEPARATION INTO ONENESS Given by The Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR)

Received by Phillip Elton Collins

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans Being, Being So Human,

Many of you know we of the angelic realms, throughout your chaotic history, have loved and supported humanity through the many often challenging learning-tools aspects of choosing to be human. Now with the ascension of your planet and your species moving into another higher frequency of existence, it is crucial that you make another choice to end separation, if you so choose.

We cannot interfere with your freedom of choice and will, but we can once again bring wisdoms to assist you in making a choice different from the ones of the past and present.

The basic variable at this time continues to be your lack of applied knowledge leading into wisdom, understanding and knowing WE ARE ALL ONE. We are all built of the same energy of cosmic love and we express that love in many diversified ways. Seeing the oneness throughout the diversity is the challenge for most. Because we may look and sound different it does not mean we are different. 

This is the mystery of Creation to resolve: understanding the relationship of You, Oneness, and ALL THERE IS, reflected within your relationship with Self (a reflection of ALL).

This is a very challenging reality for much of humanity to accept due to your erroneous belief systems created by those who have attempted to control and separate you in the past and present.

Let us see if we can present the above abstractions in a more simplified way: Everything comes from the same “cosmic stuff’ but chooses a diversified, individual uniqueness. We all initially come from energy and through the consciousness of that energy we choose how to express it. How we choose to express this energy is what is called life. There are limitless expressions of life even on your own planet, which you are still discovering.

Since you chose to be human (and you did, since you are creation creating), this is how you chose to learn about “self”, the reflection of All There Is. This is why the wisdom, “the only relationship you are having is the one with self,” is so vital to understand and apply. 

This is why healing self and mirroring that inside out is so vital at this time. What you have now is wounded, unhealed “selves”, individuals running your world. Your world’s dense energy will simply not be allowed into higher realms as you transcend/ascend into higher frequencies of existence.

There is no shaming, blaming or judgment within higher frequencies, which are such a preferred aspect of your reality at present. The only expectation for your advancement is to be and know the conscious creation of Oneness through your emotions, thoughts and physical form as human. Through the activation of your soul plan (purpose in being here) and your expressed unique talents and gifts you can be in service to all those around and your world.

As shared in the past, humanity divides into thirds. One-third is awake and intends to ascend and assist others; another third is held in resistance and intends to hold onto the old, and the final third is not awake and has no idea what is going on. We of the Higher Realms are here to assist all of you in your awakening since you have been asleep a long time, and time is running out. Remember, your planet is within the final 2000-year cycle of transmuting from carbon-based reality back to light (and so are you).

As you learn more about yourself, your experiences and definitions of reality change through your awakening to ever expanding new truths, which replace erroneous beliefs of the past and present. As you transcend the fear, doubt and ignorance of the past, it becomes impossible for the few to control the many through deceit and denial of the deceit.

For those who choose not to awaken and stay in resistance they will be given all the time they need to transcend/ascend. They just won’t do it on this planet. They will be given the opportunity within other galaxies and upon other planets. They will ascend. It is just a matter of how and when. The divine destiny of this planet is to ascend to a higher frequency of existence with all life upon and within its body doing the same.

For now, our focus is with you who resonate with what is being said through your discernment and are ready to apply and commit to the wisdom being shared. Remember to apply your resonance and discernment with all matters of information received. If you do not resonate with this message do not apply it.

Through resonance and discernment you can begin to build communities of equality, harmony and balance based upon mastering and loving self. We of the higher realms will never stop loving and supporting you until you have achieved your divine destiny/destination of Oneness in service to ALL THERE IS.

More and more you will attract individuals whose lives resonate and discern with “We” consciousness rather than “Me” consciousness, because it brings them joy. Your emoted feelings are your “ticket” to your divinity.  Through your various unique talents and gifts you will begin to effect a frequency shift around you. Like-mindedness, like spiritedness, allows your community to grow and expand, bringing more and truth into your lives, thus, creating the life you want rather than the one that exists.

When this happens it creates love-force energy that also feeds we of the higher realms, balancing giving and receiving. This allows us to send more love and support to you.

Everything that you are creating in your lives are the learning tools you need to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it to now create a permanent healing.  It is time to take responsibility for all this, thereby eliminating victimhood by accepting with compassion and forgiving how you have chosen to learn. By knowing who you are and why are here, you create a self-empowering foundation upon which to build the new life and world. The energy that makes this possible is self-love mirrored out to others.

Remember, the reason you chose to be here was to learn to love (the building block of all) in being human on planet Earth, the Lover-versity from which you have not yet graduated. It is love, cosmic consciousness, that brought you all here. When you are within the frequency of love (the highest frequency in creation) you vibrate at that frequency, which means you entrain to the highest frequency within any environment). Love frequency has no limit and can grow and expand endlessly.  Whether another is able to receive and give love depends upon what frequency that are vibrating within. You are in the process of remembering and mastering frequency technology. You are in the process of mastering being love no matter whether others can receive it or not.

In this channel’s publication GOD’S GLOSSARY: A Divine Dictionary, the core of love is defined as “the expression and revelation of your being; showing and sharing all of who you are with life, with the world and every other human being; love is God being you.”

Some of the feelings and actions you call love are not love. Some of them are “giving to get” while others are about control. The way you express love depends upon your personal process of knowing who you are and why you are here. If you cannot imagine life without another person or thing, that really is not love. Those emoted strong feelings are based upon fear (an absence of love) of losing what you think you need. This fear-factored-love reveals a lack of self-love. This is a process of love outside in, rather than inside out. When you have truly learned to love self, you can access the Oneness and the sheer joy of life, being able to be alone without being lonely. Many of you are in the process of mastering this self-love leading to Divine Love, which vibrates freely and is available to everyone all the time.

Through your freedom of choice and will, each day you get to decide to love or not, no matter what is transpiring in your life or world. Remember, through love the positive transmutes the negative. You are not here to survive life but to enjoy it. Become conscious of your emotions and thoughts that create your reality all the time. Keeping your frequency high requires you constantly paying attention to your intention and how you respond rather than react to life. Then you know how to raise your frequency when it has lowered by being aware of your emotions and thoughts.

A good way to maintain and sustain your frequency is to focus on “what is” rather than “what is not”. Remember, gratitude equals abundance as cosmic law. You are the one through your freedom of will and choice deciding at all times how your life will be.

Feeling your feelings is all part of being human. You are not your feelings but you need to express them to release them; otherwise they create imbalances within your body, creating dis-ease. Not expressing your feelings is actually a form of untruthfulness.

If it resonates, let us choose to express the true emotion of love (especially to your children many of whom have the gifts to way show your way). The higher realms’ advanced civilizations be and do this all the time and have created worlds of which you dream to aspire. Let us make and take the time and effort to give love and support to one another at all times. This is the reason WE exist. As we began this message, since we are all one and what affects one affects all, let us remember it is much easier and more effective to love! And you are going to love the outcome.

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