Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Spiritual Journalist Joel D. Anastasi 
Interviews Archangel Gabriel 
via Trance Channel Robert Baker

On Breathing and Healing 

Gabriel: People are reluctant to live in the emptiness of the void. And this is the place where creation exists. You see, in every breath you take, there is a space between the in breath and the out breath. That space is the space of neutrality where the letting go takes place and the freedom to fill the space in the next in breath takes place. And that is the place of neutrality. That is the place of the void.

Joel: That’s where we should be willing to be?

G: Yes. That is the place of surrender. Because when you are breathing in, you are receiving, you are being receptive. When you are breathing in you are taking in new life from the point of view and the perspective of the breath. You are also always breathing in the previous cycle, the previous experience you just had. Then breathing it out means letting it go. That space in between is the gestation period where the assimilation or the integration between the breathing in and the breathing out takes place, where you take from the old that which is of use, and you release in the next out breath all that is not of use. That’s where the cycles of growth and understanding and development take place.

But most people hold onto what they have breathed in and refuse to let it go. When they intend something by breathing out, they don’t really breathe it out because they don’t really let it go. They still hold onto it. Therefore, it can’t be made manifest. You must be able to let it go completely. That is why we suggest the mantra, “I know what I’ve given you. I don’t know what you’ve received, and it’s none of my business.” That puts you in a state of neutrality where you truly let go of the manifestation that you seek. Allow it to go out into the ethers and form its grid work and then come back to you. And hold that place of emptiness as a place of faith, as a place of trust, as a place where the higher good of self resides in the absolute neutral place of knowing that what is for the highest good will be made manifest.

J: So the breathing almost becomes a metaphor for the process of life.

G: It is an exact metaphor. It is not just a metaphor. It is that which allows you to experience life. How much you are able to breathe in will determine how much of life you feel you deserve. How much of life you are able to receive. It is a direct indication of your receiving pattern. How much you breathe out is going to be determined by how much you breathe in. So it is an exact indication of your ability to give of yourself, to share yourself, to expose yourself to life.

J: So how we breathe is the key to how we live?

G: That is correct. That is the fundamental key to the universe. It is the key to life.

J: You have been saying that, haven’t you?

G: Yes, we have, again and again. But you are finally hearing it.

J: Say it again, if you wouldn’t mind, for extra emphasis here.

G: As much as you are able to breathe in is as much of life as you are able to receive, that you feel you have a right to receive. Therefore, you will limit yourself to receiving in life according to how much you limit your in breath. If you limit your taking in of life, you will also be limiting what you feel you have to give to life, what you feel you can expose to life, what you feel you can give to life without feeling you are giving something up or giving yourself up. Giving and receiving are an exact mirror of one another. Giving and receiving are the same thing. As I give I receive. As I receive, I give. If I am only breathing out, only giving, I will die. If I’m only breathing in, only taking in, only taking, I will die. I must be able to breathe in and breathe out. Try it. Try just breathing in without breathing out again. Try it right now. Breathe in. Just keep breathing in. Just keep breathing in, no breathing out. It’s impossible.

J: Is that what most people do? Try to hold onto the past, in essence only breathing in, too afraid to take in new experiences by not letting go and taking a new breath so to speak?

G: In a sense, yes. The fact that most people utilize only 15-20 percent of their lung capacity is an indication of how much they feel they deserve where life is concerned.

J: So we’re living only about 20 percent of our life potential.

G: That is exactly right. Therefore, you are literally living a life of starvation. You are starving the brain of oxygen and its capacity to function as a physical functioning unit to be able to interpret and take in consciousness. That’s why most people are not very bright where conscious awareness is concerned. They are asleep because the brain itself is not oxygenated, so it cannot fire. It cannot function. It cannot produce its chemical processes properly.

Being able to breathe in or not able to breathe in also interferes with the functioning of the endocrine system, the glandular system of the body. The endocrine system is the distributor of energy to the various chemical processes that nourish and nurture the various organs and systems of the body and also accesses the different minds of the body. The endocrine system is the doorway between the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the superconscious. The endocrine system controls the functioning of the nervous system through how it balances or distorts the serotonins and various chemical processes that are produced in the brain. Therefore, the breath is the source of all of that.

The breath is also the source of the reproduction of life on a cellular level. As you breathe in, you breathe oxygen into the body. You accelerate the reproduction of cells, the renewal of life. As you breathe in only this much, you are not oxygenating very much of life. You are not reproducing very many cells very rapidly. Therefore, you are shutting down your ability to regenerate life.

You see, you have been given the gift of life in the breath, the secret of life in the breath. If you use that secret of life, you have the ability to regenerate life endlessly. The one thing that keeps you from regenerating life and reproducing it, which results in aging, disease, and death, is the fact that less than 1 percent of the body can reproduce itself. The cells of the body are programmed with messages of trauma that don’t allow the body to reproduce itself without aging, disease, and eventually death. If you are unable to access those traumas and therefore stimulate the release of the emotional charges held in the body that keep the damaged areas in place and, therefore, don’t allow the life force to fully stimulate the regeneration of the body, you will always have the process of aging, disease, and death. If, on the other hand, you are able to free yourself of your personal history in the body, you have the potential of immortality in the physical body.

In the DNA itself, in the forty-four on sites that have never been stimulated, what the scientists call the junk DNA, they’re beginning to understand it is not junk DNA. It is spiritual DNA. It is the potential for immortality in the physical. As they have uncovered the secret to the DNA molecule, they are now actually predicting the possibility of the average life span increasing to two hundred years over the next fifty to one hundred years. And within the next two hundred to five hundred years, they’re predicting the average life span increasing up to five hundred or more years.

Those are speculations based upon what they have discovered so far. However, those speculations fall far short of what is possible. Look at the cases where a life-threatening disease has had an instantaneous healing. That healing happened because more than twenty on sites in the DNA were activated. By activating a few more on sites, the disease was eradicated from the body instantaneously. If you were using ten more of those on sites on a regular basis, think of what would be possible.

J: Stimulating these on sites, I think you said, involved dealing with our personal issues and breathing.

G: And breathing accesses what? It accesses the sensation of being. This is why human beings don’t breathe. That’s why they stop breathing because breathing produces feeling. And feeling is the sensation of the movement of the life energy through the body. When the movement of that life energy through feeling is associated with pain, human beings begin to stop the breath process to stop pain. It happens very early in childhood and gradually increases into adolescence and adulthood. So by the time you are an adult you have pretty much begun a slow movement towards your annihilation simply through the process of shutting off feeling.

The DNA molecule is influenced by feeling. It holds all your emotional patterns in place, all your emotional patterns of resistance and of acceptance. When you are holding feelings in the body, you are holding the life force and preventing it from movement, preventing it from having expression. When that takes place, it creates a length of wave form in the DNA that misses connecting the on sites in the DNA. Therefore, it does not produce the necessary amino acids and chemical productions in the endocrine system that bring about the balance in the immune system and in the body. So when you are holding emotions, when you are suppressing emotions, then you are having a negative experience of emotion because holding or suppressing creates resistance, which creates pain. Pain creates fight, and that form of fight or resistance stimulates a closed system, a system that is feeding upon itself. Therefore, it breaks down.

When however, the DNA is affected by a wave form of a movement of feeling, which means that you are accepting and experiencing your feelings moment to moment, it produces a different length of wave form. It’s a matter of allowing all feelings, negative as well as positive. The DNA is stimulated by the allowance of all feelings. When there is a flow of feelings, it produces a length of wave form that connects the on sites in the DNA molecule. Connecting those on sites produces and stimulates the production of those chemicals needed to bring about the balance of the immune system and, thus, the physical body.

J: That whole process starts with the breathing.

G: Breathing is the source. Without breathing you cannot think, you cannot feel, because breathing awakens the consciousness in the physical body. When you breathe into the body, you stimulate awareness. You stimulate life. You stimulate consciousness. So the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body are dependent upon the breath. Everything in life is dependent on three things: the breath, movement, and sound. Life is movement. Resistance is nonmovement, which is death, destruction.

J: So the awakening of the soul is all about breath, movement, and sound. Those are the three elements that make up the energetic exercises we’re including in the book.

G: That is correct.

J: You stated that instantaneous healing occurs because of the connection of more on sites in the DNA. Robert Baker tells a pretty dramatic story about how his bones were crushed in his legs and spine when he was a child. He says he was brought to his grandmother who was a healer, and he had an instantaneous healing. She wasn’t trained in Reiki. What is the missing ingredient between someone who is practicing Reiki and may have a mild effect on the client versus someone who has a powerful effect such as Robert’s grandmother?

G: The ability to know the perfect state of being and to hold that perfect state of being unflinchingly without a doubt. To hold it with the wholeness of your being with the absolute knowing of the perfection of that state of well-being and health. To focus, not on the disease, but on the healing. Not even on the healing so much because when you focus on the healing, you are focusing on the expectation of process rather than the knowing of the state of being. All healing is a manifestation of knowing on some level.

J: So let’s say we’re dealing with a serious chronic disease that the AMA may not be able to help with very much such as cancer. How would you counsel us to approach this client?

G: Allow yourself to embody the truth of that life force, to embody it by becoming neutral and taking it within and allowing it to pass through you and allowing it to radiate forth to those who will receive it. When there is a communion between two souls, which was the case with the one, the Christ, where there was no doubt in the mind or in the feeling, thought and feeling become one energy that sustains and maintains the inception of that healing. Seeing that being in perfect health, in perfect balance with no doubt whatsoever. 

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