Saturday, January 2, 2016

TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: Relationships, Attachments & Connections Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Passages from The Laws of Beingness
Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Connections Rather than Attachments

A connection is different than an attachment. 

Ask: Am I in a relationship because I am frightened to be alone?  

Can I express those feelings in the connection with another? 

In relationship with another ask, why am I in this relationship?  

Why am I having this relationship?

In a connection with another you can raise you awareness and consciousness to your attachments to see them. Through the connection you can share the attachments because the basis of the relationship is the connection. It is freedom to speak your truth in the connection when the feelings surface.

When having a connection with another and then choosing to form and create a relationship, your feelings and your attachments will surface. These attachments are those you had in many relationships beforehand.  It is important to see those attachments, make yourself aware of them and through the connection with another express them.

An attachment is not a connection. An attachment is a form of dependency on the other to help you avoid what you are seeking to avoid. An example of this is, the reason why I am in this relationship is because when I am alone and not in the relationship, feelings come up, quite possibly feelings of emptiness and others. So I then choose to run to that relationship so I can avoid the feelings. This is an attachment in the relationship.  Another is, I get a sense of myself when with another. Attachments are unconscious and why We ask you to see them and discern through them. 


Am I  becoming dependent on this person because this person brings me a greater sense of myself. 

If I move from that relationship, do I still honor and value me? 

Am I seeking in that relationship validation and gratification that I am worthy to be loved? Thus it is a matter of dependency.

The connection is in the heart space.

Releasing Relationships

Ask: Does the relationship serve your highest good?

In the depth and breadth of your heart and how much you love you, is it important to have relationships that serve your highest good and best serve you on your path in this lifetime?

Can you have the relationship that is?

Define the relationship. See the relationship that is.

Another example of an attachment and remaining in a relationship is:

If I release this relationship, even though I am fond of that person, what does that say about me?

It is about seeing the relationship that is, then asking:

What serves me and is the relationship important?

Because I have defined the relationship as this, I have a challenge of releasing it because of my attachments to it.

If I release my attachments to it and release it being about me, and ask myself the pertinent questions, you can then move to a place of looking at the importance of the relationship and having the relationship that is. Then defining the relationship.

It takes two in a relationship to bring the relationship to be mutually accountable.

The challenge is based upon your attachments to the relationship.

If I release this relationship that no longer serves me or my highest good, will they still love me?

What We mean by releasing, is releasing the energetic attachments to the relationship.  Once you release the energetic conditioned attachments to the relationship you will then be able to see the other for who they are and then see what the relationship actually is. You then quite possibly can have an honest and open relationship that is, whatever that may be.

It is through transparency and authenticity you will be able to see this.

Soul Connections

If both parties in a relationship are open to see the attachments in the relationship then both can create an open, honest, truthful and transparent and authentic relationship.

What brings two together is and energetic connection, quite possibly a soul connection. Feeling that connection in the heart space is the impetus to have a relationship with another.

When you move into your heart and look at your relationships, ask, is there a connection in the depth and breadth of my heart with this other person? You will then know the soul connection on some level.

A twin soul flame or soul partner is altogether different. This occurs in past lifetimes and comes to a re-connection in a certain lifetime. Connecting with a twin soul flame or even a soul partner is not created or manufactured. It is a connection through the divine process and divine plan of each individual. There are levels to soul connections.

We ask you to see in the relationships you are having with others, if there is a connection.   

Do you feel the relationship with another?

Does it raise your resonance and vibration when connected to another?

Is your resonance and vibration rising when connected and in the presence of  another?

Is there a level of excitation you feel in connecting with another?

This will delineate the level of connection you have with another. 

You can feel the connection.

In your connection in the human form what transpires within is your conditioning and attachments. By utilizing these exercises We are giving you you can filter out and see your attachments.  Once doing this authentically and transparently and honestly by looking in the mirror, you can enhance and raise the connection and transform it into service to the world on a deeper level. 

Jeff Fasano is a soul photographer, trance channel for Archangel Michael, co-founder of the Angel News Network and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart. 


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