Sunday, January 3, 2016

CRY FROM THE EARTH ELEMENTALS: Your Emotions, Thoughts and Actions Are Abusing Your Planet!

Received By Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Human Beings,

We are the Earth Elementals; we are the forces of air (sylphs), water (undines), fire (salamanders), fairies, gnomes and other nature spirits. We are in service to the care of these organs of your planet. A great deal of humanity is completely unaware that we exist since we are often out of sight until an event takes place. Most often we go silently about our work maintaining and sustaining natural balance in nature.

One of the great wisdoms often missing within humanity is that Planet Earth is a living, breathing conscious being that has organs such as  air, water, oil, gas, minerals, We interact with these organs daily. The life force that actually allowed the creation of your planet is a conscious planetary being that chose to come here and become your planet. If you begin to be cosmically conscious of this truth, this will be a game changer within your world and assure your survival upon the body of this planet.

Another key factor missing with your lack of applied knowledge is that your emotions, thoughts and actions have a profound effect upon your weather and what you call natural events on your home planet. In fact, these are stored within your atmosphere (and beyond) and when they reach a breaking point create your extreme weather and, often, natural disasters. Begin to pay attention where storms originate and strike, and what are the emotions and thoughts within those areas. Within advanced civilizations throughout the universe there exists perfect weather all the time as a result of understanding that of which we speak.

When you begin to better understand the beings of water, air and fire you will come to understand how and why events occur. What you call “natural events” are not a form of punishment or retribution from God, they are easily understood and can be reduced or prevented if you take the time to understand what is happening.

The forces of water, air and fire can go from a gentle movement to a life threatening fury. These forces constantly remind humanity there is a power greater than they at play and assist in keeping humanity’s inflated ego in check/balance.  When these natural forces are activated people are never quite sure what the next move will be. They feel helpless at the mercy of something larger than themselves. Perhaps this is one of the greatest values of We Elementals (WE)! When humanity’s ego is left unchecked the consequences are usually not a positive outcome for the planet or others.

There are those of you who can connect with We Elementals and “listen” and gain an instinct of what is taking place, understand why and perhaps know what is coming next. You can obtain data regarding incoming storms or earthquakes. We Elementals are the pathways and highways of most of your animal life; water for fish, air for birds, insects, fire for seeds, and even you humans. You could not exist without our elements.

As we briefly mentioned earlier your negative emotions and thoughts greatly affect We Elementals. When your negative energy (emotional confrontations) build to a higher enough level it effects the movement of air, water and fire, maneuvering it from location to location affecting everyone and everything in its pathway.  When negative energy (as a result of emotions and thoughts) builds in a specific geographical location, We Elementals respond in like kind. We often clear and cleanse the area assisting in bringing people together in transmuting into building something new, moving from the old view to, hopefully, something  new, and more positive.

You humans simply do not understand, thus cannot accept, how even negative emotions within your relationship with self and others can add to the imbalances of the planet. Your interpersonal actions (positive or negative) not only affect one another but your planet on subtle and not so subtle levels. The energy of your emotions and thoughts does not just stay where it originates and disappears. It can build up and affect people and circumstances nearby and beyond, if carried by We Elementals.

As the human nervous system needs more drama to fuel itself, confronting energy can strengthen, creating chaos within the individual and the situation.  If this maximizes, fueled by more emotions and thoughts leading into further negative actions, a climax occurs requiring the love and support of others to remedy. At this point positive interactions can occur balancing and canceling the negative (positive always cancels negative; two negative equals a positive).

Nature naturally knows how to balance all things (even if you do not always understand how and why this happens). Universal Law requires that when something is out of balance, there are natural forces that combine to restore balance. At present there are so many imbalances on this planet as a result of ignorance, greed and war, it is difficult to determine which of the imbalanced circumstances is responsible for the most recent bad weather or, what you call, natural disasters. But We Elementals will eventually sort it out if humanity will get out of the way!

So now that you somewhat better understand what is creating "what’ and ‘why", let us discuss how you humans can effect change that can save your world and insure your survival. Everything that you and your planet are experiencing is based upon your relationship with self, “self” being a reflection of All There Is. If your relationship with self is a healed, loving one, that will be reflected inside out. If not loving, that will be reflected outward. What you are largely experiencing with your continued abuse of your planet is an unloving, unhealed relationship with self.

In order to effect the necessary changes affecting the planet it will start with each one of your relationships with self. There are many tools and teachings from higher realms to assist you in this personal process. Seek them and apply them if this is necessary and it resonates.

So the “what” you can do to protect your world reflects your state of being a loving, compassionate, peace-making individual that will create the same situations/circumstances. We Elementals ask you in this moment of now, are you ready to begin to commit to being and doing love, compassion and peace? There are those of you who are leaving a smaller carbon footprint as a result of your relationship with the healed loving you. But these most often are not the people in power, controlling the financial and natural resources on the planet. Perhaps it is time to choose other leaders within your governments and corporations who have achieved enough of a personal process to properly lead. Perhaps it is time to stop giving your power away to leaders who do not have the highest good of the planet and humanity at hand. There are more of you than them. What do you choose? It’s only your home planet that is at stake!

Many animal and plant species have returned to their home galaxies and planets (what you call extinct) due to unlivable situations. Each of them made a decision to be here and had a purpose. Many of the planet’s landscapes have been permanently destroyed because your emotions, thoughts and actions were not for the highest good of the planet. These actions were a result of ignorance and greed that spilled into all the elemental worlds of water and air and earth. There has been deceit and denial of the deceit by groups and individuals not taking responsibility for their negative actions. There is a cosmic equation that states RESPONSIBILITY=CONSEQUENCE. What you are experiencing in your world is the result of not being responsibility and a unhealthy consequence.

We thank the powers of Creation that our beloved, forgiving Mother Nature has a way of manifesting balance wherever it is needed. This has kept you from destroying yourself many times over. Often times Mother Nature creates a storm or natural event to clean and cleanse the actions of humanity caused by your emotions and thoughts. While Nature’s actions (earth, air, fire, water), “Acts of God,” can be larger than humanity, it is always to restore balance created by others. These natural events are learning tools (to know humanity is one with nature) for those who choose them. If you so choose, take the time to understand the cause and effect of the event and what can be learned within the rebuilding process of bringing people’s together who were previously divided.

Nature will respond in whatever force is necessary to dissipate duality and chaos by restoring balance through bringing people together. This is the magic and mystery of nature revealed. Nature will keep at it (whatever way necessary) until humanity can remember and know they are eternally connected to the Elemental world. There are easier ways to learn but humanity does not appear to be choosing them at present.

We Elementals wish and intend to work together with humanity but you need to learn that we are one with each other. As in all creation what effects one, affects all.  We ask that you leave your artificial cities occasionally and go amongst us and listen to our voices within the air, earth, water and fire. Once you stop building up tons of negative emotions, thoughts and actions, We Elementals will not have to clean up your mess. We are crying out from your ignorance, and arrogance and asking that you stop spoiling your air, water and earth; your very home. This is self-sabotage and suicide at play. If you simply leave the planet alone we can clean it up by manipulating Earth’s natural flow of energy. Let Earth be in control of what it created. You cannot control what you did not create.

You have much to learn about We Elementals and our natural world, key word "natural". Take the time to learn more about your home planet; it’s much more than is in your scientific studies. Begin to treat your world as a lover, a mother, a friend, as a reflection of you loving you. Once positive interactions balance negatives ones you will be surprised and delighted with your world and your life upon it.

If it resonates, you can begin to thank your home planet for her patience and all she has given you. As you being the creator creating your life, it’s good to know as much as possible about your home. Together we can create a life of beauty, peace, equality, harmony and balance. This is an innate Oneness in us all.

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