Saturday, December 6, 2014


A Message from Archangel Michael 
Channeled by JEFF FASANO

 Growth Periods

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and we welcome you as you move through this wonderful period of time. In many ways you may be feeling as if you are moving into a void and taking another step into the unknown and broadening the self.  Many of you are moving out of comfort zones and seeing these comfort zones for what they are. 

Each and every one of you moves through Growth Periods, periods of growth based upon your soul's divine plan. As you continue with the inner process, the inner journey of the self, recovering the self, remembering the self, the core essence of you and moving through the core layers of wounding, you are taking a journey.   In this period of time there are growth periods. These growth periods are incremental in your third dimensional realm and in your soul's divine plan and they coincide.

Growth periods have a specific duration of time based upon intimacy within yourself, the amount of work you do within yourself and the commitment to the inner journey. The amount of inner growth you will do in this lifetime will be directly related to the extent you are committed to the inner journey. This is why we have spoken to you about continuing an inner journey, and a personal process. It is so you can continue a growth period that is incremental in your life in the human incarnation and in your soul's divine plan and is pertinent to your mission and purpose in the lifetime in your third dimensional world of form.

In your lifetime in the third dimension you move through these growth periods. And each growth period has a specific duration of time that coexists with your soul's divine plan. Many now are moving through these growth periods that have a beginning, middle and end. The beginning of the growth period is about releasing the old. You then move to the middle period or the limbo period after moving through releasing and then to a door opening at the end of the growth period.  This happens in increments in your lifetime based upon your soul's divine plan and varies for each and every one of you.  

Many are moving through these periods now, many in the middle, many just releasing and many coming to the end and moving through a new doorway to take another step in your soul's divine plan. Within all of this it is important to see your growth. See what you have learned, the gifts, your challenges, the old behaviors that you uncovered and released.

The reason why these are called "growth" periods is because it is about looking at the "glass as full", looking at your growth.  It is not always about  needing to release, it is about moving through the beginning, middle and end of the growth period. And there is a specific periods of time for each part within the growth period. There is a specific period of time for releasing, a specific period of time for the limbo period or the transition and then a specific period of time moving through the new doorway and opening up to the new step in your life.  Within the growth period there are segments of time for each aspect of it.

If you choose to look at your old behaviors, your old habits, patterns and rituals, you will quite possibly see what needs to shift and change or to release.  And there is a specific time for this. As you release what needs to be released you then create a void in the limbo period. It is during this time you are in the unknown, quite possibly looking for new meaning, value and purpose in your life. Quite possibly too, looking to fill the void or the emptiness. Each segment has a specific time period based upon your soul's divine plan and organically and naturally these periods will come to an end. You then move to the new doorway that opens to life and quite possibly the meaning, value and purpose for you and your endeavors and talents and gifts have shifted and changed. 

This is all based upon the inner work and moving deeper within the depth and breadth of your heart space to reveal more about you and gain a greater level of consciousness and awareness about you.  This is so you can take the next step in your third dimensional realm where it is about world service and giving to those outside of you.  

As you continue your inner work in your personal process and based upon the level of your commitment to doing the inner work, you move through these growth periods.  They have a specific period of time and within them are specific segments that are in correlation with your soul's divine plan and with your life in the third dimension.  Each of these segments has its own specific period of time in order for your energy to shift, and the molecular structure of your physical body to shift. As you release you are moving aspects of your physical body. The memories stored in the physical body are also releasing and shifting and changing.

When you choose to shift and change through these growth periods there is a specific level of shifting in your physical molecular make up, your emotional makeup and your mental makeup.  And this is all correlated into the spiritual aspect of why you incarnated into the human form. When you move into the incarnation of growing, you move into the depth and breadth of your heart space. You also move into the physical body and the memories of the old that are quite possibly related to past lives. Within the growth period you may connect to these past lives that bring to the fore the memories that need to be released in order to move through the growth period.

Your growth period is initiated through your level of consciousness and awareness of self, the surroundings in your life and to multi-dimensional reality, the God force, the Chris Consciousness. It is you who initiates the growth period. It is done through what may be transpiring in your third dimensional realm that acts as a proxy to wake you up to what needs to shift and change in your life.  You then consciously begin the growth period by being aware of what no loner resonates or works for you in your life.

As you initiate the growth period you then begin to move within using your tools to take a look at what needs to shift and change in that specific moment of your soul's divine plan. It is then the process begins and is initiated by you consciously so you can take the next step in your life. As you move through this period, perhaps looking into the mirror or at whatever you choose to, to realize that what is old no longer works, you are then ready to take the next step into the new.     

The growth period begins with self-introspection and allows you to connect with the depth and breadth of your heart space.  This allows you to utilize those outside of you for guidance and support through this period of time.   As you move through this period of seeing what needs to shift and change in your life by looking into the mirror, you then move through the period of releasing the old. This is a specific segment of time based upon your soul's divine plan. As you move to the end of this segment you create a void and move into the limbo or unknown state.  The reason for this is, it is the beginning of the recalibration of the mental, emotional and physical bodies along with the recalibration of the nervous system.  The only way you can take the next steps through the new doorway at the end of this period is when you are recalibrated physically, emotionally and mentally.  

It is what transpires in the unknown or the limbo period where your feelings will rise to a crescendo. You then move within in with the inner work to feel your feelings and allow your life to transpire knowing you are in this period.  What will transpire in the unknown period is then known.  You will then enlighten yourself to the new and move to the next period to move through the doorway. And this period of moving into the new is a specific segment of time so you can adjust to the new outside of you.  What you are adjusting to is the new you and the new aspects of yourself.

Within this growth period by releasing and moving to the new, you raise your level of resonance and vibration. What you might see in this period of time are your old relationships and these relationships perhaps shifting and changing.  This is because you are shifting the relationship you are having with yourself.   These growth periods are based upon loving, honoring and valuing you.   For this is what you are intending to do, deepen the love for yourself so you can honor, value and love you to a greater extent. To then move to a life of serving outside of you by giving to the world without attachment. 


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