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THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Synchronicity & Love

This passage on synchronicity and love is taken from Chapter 8 of The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age by Joel Dennis Anastasi.

With channel Robert Baker

Gabriel: When you are at a certain level of soul development, you operate through a different frequency from other souls. Therefore, you begin to operate through the law of attraction or what is sometimes called the divine order of synchronicity. But synchronicity is not really synchronicity. It is the laws of attraction based upon the laws of quantum physics that when an energy of a certain level maintains a field, it begins to create a resonance that attracts things of similar resonance into its field. Therefore, as a soul you’re drawn to a particular field of energy. So you were drawn to the channel, for instance, through various coincidences or synchronicities. But those synchronicities were based upon people who maintained like frequencies that created the connections. So if you maintain that and if you maintain that space in your consciousness, then everything that happens can operate through that law of the universe, which is that like attracts like based upon its frequency.

Joel: Synchronicity was one of the first words Robert said to us when we called about Reiki training. He was about to start a group. There were a number of synchronicities that led us to that phone call and, ultimately, to this book.

Gabriel: Yes, synchronicity is the law of the order of the universe. When the lower human will is in operation, then man is separated in isolation and he is operating through that lower will and imposing that lower will upon circumstances to control them because he doesn’t trust his connection to the universe. The laws of synchronicity operate perfectly in nature, so the laws of nature operate in synchronicity with one another.

Because of his individual choice, man is the only one who gets out of synchronicity. When he is in the flow, trusting his place and his connection to the universe, the law of synchronicity can be in operation. Then all kinds of things happen that you call coincidences that create those connections. But most people don’t recognize those connections when they have them because they’re too busy trying to control things. They have a certain agenda about how things should be. My will, not thine be done. Do you see?

Joel: How do we get into that flow so that synchronicity is working for us?

Gabriel: By operating through the heart. The heart is the synchronistic pattern of the soul. Everything in the earth plane is synchronized to the heartbeat of the earth. The heartbeat of the earth moves at a certain number of hertz or vibrations per second. And the human body, based upon the heart, is synchronized with the heartbeat of the earth. That’s why when you go into nature you calm down and you feel at peace. The heart feels at peace and opens because you are synchronizing with the heartbeat of the earth. So allow your heart to lead you because the heart is the doorway to the soul. The heart is the intuitive organ that relates directly to communication from the soul. The soul is the divine aspect of being that governs the law of synchronicity in physical matter.

Joel: That sounds wonderful, but many of us who follow our hearts can get into a lot of trouble.

Gabriel: No, because sometimes you think you are following your heart, but you are following emotional attachments instead. There’s a difference between emotional attachments and the heart. The heart speaks to you from within based upon your connection to your inner knowing, into your intuitive divine factor. Emotion is something that operates through the lower self. So sometimes people let their feelings create their attachments to ideas, concepts, situations, or persons. They project their feelings onto events, circumstances, and situations, and then they say, “I’m following my heart.” Following your heart is a very quiet, powerful, all-knowing experience. It is a place of silence in the center of your being. It is the connection to the core of who you are. Feelings are all over the place.

Joel: We can get caught up in our hormones and think that that is our heart.

Gabriel: No. That has nothing to do with your heart. That has to do with your sexual organs.

Joel: Sometimes it’s hard to know which is which.

Gabriel: Yes, because human beings tend to interpret their sexual attractions as love. They tend to make sexual attachments related to desire and interpret that as love. You see the heart operates through the love force. The love force is the expression of the truth of your being that comes from the core of you, your soul. So in your love you are in the revelation of the truth of your being, and you are exposing that revelation of the truth of your being and using that as your guide. When you connect that to your sexual energy that can direct your sexual energy. The truth of your being directs your sexual energy, rather than your sexual energy directing the truth of your being, interfering with it and distorting it.

Most people use sexual energy to create an attachment or to use someone as an object to gratify a desire, to release a little tension where their sexual organs are concerned, and that produces a yearning and an attachment. All desire produces attachment. Attachment has nothing to do with connection. Connection has to do with fusion. It has to do with two beings who are able to surrender themselves to themselves and, therefore, to one another.

Joel: You’re talking, of course, about love. I’d like to read two of your definitions of love and ask you about them. You said in our first conversation that we humans are all here to learn to love. Then you define love as “a force of creation, a force of being. Learning to love means learning to awaken, realize, accept, express and experience in the fullest way possible the experience, expression and potential of your being as an individual.” And another time you said, “The divine plan is to learn to love, to learn to embody love by expressing the truth of your being as an individual in all of its knowledge, all of its expression, all of its experience and all of its form.”

Gabriel: That is correct.

Joel: I guess my definition of love would have been something like “a very strong affection for someone or something.”

Gabriel: Yes. That has nothing to do with love. That has to do with projection and attachment.

Joel: If most of us don’t know what love is, which is the goal of the divine plan, how can we ever achieve it? Most of us would define love very differently from the way you’ve defined it.

Gabriel: Yes. Most people define love as a feeling of affection or a sentiment. That’s love attached to a feeling. That is part of what love is. They’re in the process of expressing love, expressing who they are. You connect with others, and in that connection you feel certain feelings. You may feel compassion, affection, tenderness, and closeness. Those are all attributes of the experience of love. But they are not what love is. They are all feelings that you experience in the expression or the experience of love, but they are not what love is. The core of what love is, is the expression of your being, the revelation of your being, showing and sharing all of who you are with life, with the world, with every other human being, with one individual human being. All of that is love.

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