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TWELVE LIFE LESSONS: One (Lemurian Priestess; Acceptance and Compassion with Jeshua Message)

Twelve Life Lessons
Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Lemurian Priestess; Acceptance and Compassion

From the Council of Twelve We come to you. We are The High Priestess of Lemuria. We come to speak about your origins, those places from where you originated. We bring you tidings of good will. Each of you is opening a vortex in your heart space to connect more deeply with the feminine energy that lies within you. This is the energy of compassion and acceptance. Compassion and acceptance for who you are and where you are going with your endeavors, purpose and mission in this lifetime. It is about moving into compassion and acceptance for you and your talents and gifts and loving yourself more deeply. Each of you is moving through the challenges of loving yourself more deeply and honoring and valuing yourself more deeply so you can fully connect to your soul’s mission and divine plan. 

We come now to lay out a twelve step process you can implement in your life. We are a combination of Priestesses from the Lemurian civilization that come to you through your Mother earth in conjunction with the Star System Lemuria and also in conjunction with the Star System Orion, Arcturus and Pleiades. You are moving into facets of multi-dimensional realms and beginning to connect to these facets that are connecting to a specific frequency in your heart.  Each of you is at a different stage of that connection because of the frequency in your heart.

The premise of step one in this twelve step process is moving into acceptance and compassion of self and realizing the uniqueness of self. It is now time to move within and do the “work”. This process will reveal more of you through acceptance and compassion. It is about integrating the feminine energy more clearly into the depth and breadth of your heart.

We begin this first step by asking you to define what the feminine energy is for you. This is not what you have been told it is through your mental body, it is through your heart space. What is the feminine energy? What is your definition? Each of you has a different definition for it because of your conditioning and what you have been taught and led to believe. 

The only way you can begin your endeavors and move forward with them is to accept with compassion, who you are, where you are and why you are here. Some of you know why you are here and some are meandering in the third dimension wondering why you are here and looking for the answers outside of yourself.  The answer lies within you and within the compassion and acceptance of the feminine energy and knowing who you are.

During this process you can connect with us anytime along the way.

Step One is about moving within and accepting with compassion you through the feminine energy. Lesson One is to define the feminine energy within you. Where is that energy? How does that energy make you feel? This energy is now moving from your heart space through your second, third and fourth charkas. This is taking place because you are looking for your place in the world that is defined through the masculine energy or what Dad has modeled for you. Each of you is looking for your place in the world as you move forward with your endeavors. By utilizing the feminine energy you can see where you are in the world now and continue moving forward with your endeavors. 

Exercise One is to define the feminine energy and define feminine. It is important to define this for yourself so you can move into acceptance and compassion for where you are so you can move forward in your endeavors. We come to you to give you the basis and foundation of this plan in step number one. This twelve step process can coincide with your endeavors by bringing the energies of it to the outside world to heal it. 

The content of the endeavors you are bringing to the world is initially healing you first, by you understanding you. Then when you embody the endeavor and it resonates for you, you bring it out in the world. The endeavor is simply an expression of you. Upon completing this twelve step process you can utilize it and integrate it into your endeavors. It will heal and integrate energy that you need to integrate within you so you can move forward into the world.  

Step one is to define the feminine energy for yourself and integrate it within you. And We ask you these questions:

Who are you?

Who do you think you are?

Why are you here?

What are your endeavors?

Do you honor and value the aspects within you that need to be honored and valued?

It may seem that you are going back to basics. The energies in your third dimensional realm are moving quickly and if you choose you can connect with the energies of mother earth, the energies of compassion and acceptance and integrate this with the masculine energies.  In this process you will be integrating the masculine energies, the assertive energy as well as connecting to your origins.

At this time look at your endeavors and ask why are these endeavors important to you. The reason why you are bringing these endeavors out into the world is because they are important to you. Look at why you are doing this. Is there validation and gratification involved? Or is it about giving of yourself and creating the balance of giving and receiving. The only way the balance of giving and receiving can be created in your outer life is to fully accept with compassion where you are. Thus giving to yourself what you need to give to yourself. You can give this process to yourself. The process itself is about giving to yourself to create a greater sense of self and a greater knowledge of self and being you through the feminine energy.  The connections with The Council of Twelve, The Inter-galactic Federation, the energies of Raphael, Metatron and Michael will come to you in this process. We have been chosen to connect with you to bring this specific teaching to you at this time. It is up to you to make the choice to move through this process.

This twelve step process comes to you through the most wonderful and glorious child from the Christ consciousness that has been chosen to be the messenger for various messages, energies and teachings that can fortify the foundation for others.

We are the High Priestess of Lemuria and We come to you with this message at this time.       
Message One


From high upon the Mount We come to you at this most glorious time, this most wonderful time, We are the Lord Jeshua, the Overseer. We come to you at this time and welcome you to this process, the process that you call your Twelve Life Lessons.  For dear ones, they are about life. Isn't it about life dear ones, isn't it about the life that you are living dear ones?  It is about the life you have been given, the life in this human incarnation, your past lifetimes up until you chose to incarnate in the human form in this lifetime.  You see it is about life, a rebirth of life, about living life, about the joyousness of life, about moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space to reveal all the aspects of yourself that are now ready to be released, ready to be revealed, ready to be exposed to you. 

 It is time for you if you so choose to undertake this mass teaching that will reveal those aspects of old behaviors, old habits, old patterns, the old aspects of rituals, all of the old that constituted life for you in the old.   You are now revealing the old.  Many of you have congregated at this point in time, at this vortex in time to now to see the old.  Many of you have questions about the oldness of your life, to see the old.  For it is now about creating the new and moving through the doorway to the unknown to paint the new palette of your life, the new life.  Yet moving through that life fully conscious of your behaviors, fully conscious of your patterns, fully conscious of your rituals, in a full sate of consciousness.  So We ask you this question:  Are you conscious? Are you conscious of your behaviors? Are you in relationships where you wonder why you are in them?   Are you living a life where you are wondering why you are living this life or are you truly living life? Or do you move moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour, second by second through life, plodding your way and wondering what joy must be like.  So We ask you, dear ones, is there joy in your life? 

You see it is now about moving to a place of giving in service to your world, to giving in service to your fellow humans, to your brethren. If you have chosen to move through this process, it is a process to move deeper within the depth and breadth of the core aspects of your heart space to fully reveal you to you and reveal your essence.  You will fully reveal those aspects of the mask that you have created over time, many of you are operating through that mask, many of you are moving through life through that mask, the veil that surrounds you and your heart space.  The veil that says this is who I should be so you will love me.  The veil that says this is what I could be because dad said this is what I should be.  Are you chasing after what you should be according to dad?  Are you living your life according to what mom has said to you?   

We are now ready to reveal that conditioning to you so you can fully be the honest, transparent and authentic being-ness of yourself.  It is time to fully be you.  The only way you can live life is by being you.  This process will move you into that place, but first the process will be to reveal the old behaviors, revealing yourself to yourself and becoming aware of that, becoming conscious of your Self. It is not about getting rid of or fixing anything, it is fully about becoming conscious of your behaviors, if in fact you choose to become conscious.  You see, it is about choice, freedom of choice.  Up until now, many have lived their life through the eyes of the wounded child.  You are now releasing the old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors of that wounded child which you have perpetuated seemingly as an adult so you can fully move into being the adult you are. Bring the wounded child, the wonder child and the magical child with you on this ride.  Can you see this process through the eyes and of the magnificence of the essence of the child within you that simply wants to learn more about yourself?  It is about having your feelings about this.  So We ask you, how does that make you feel?  Are you frightened to move into the depth and breadth of your soul space to fully reveal these old behaviors so you can now become conscious of them and utilize the tools that you will be given throughout this process and the tools that you have already been given through various processes that you have moved through? This is just another tool for you to use.

Please be advised that the Twelve Life Lessons will soon be available as a package with pdf and audio on our website!

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