Friday, December 12, 2014



The peaceful warrior knows that space and time is everything. 

Everything emerges in its own space and time. Allow this to transpire of it’s own accord. It will transpire when you give it time to breathe.

Allow it to breathe.

Allow it to flow to you easily and effortlessly.

Allow the divine flow of life to transpire in the right and perfect way. For you cannot control it.

What are your desires faithful warrior?

If they are in your divine plan they will come to you.

Move within and feel your desires. They are real when felt.

Imagine them, experience them and they are real.

The gallant warrior tends to push and prod with his energy. It is time to release and let go and your desires will manifest in accordance with your right and perfect plan in the timing of the divine.  

Be safe gallant soul for it is in the time and space you provide your desires will appear. Be safe in the knowledge of the divine.

The all knowing space of the divine is ever present in your life.  Be all knowing pleasant warrior to know wealth beyond compare. To know is ever present awareness of faith. Be guided by this faithful warrior. Be guided by what you know for it will come. For it is yours when you are ready it will be yours.

Ready yourself dearest warrior by creating space within your heart.

It is all knowing that encompasses fear.

It is all knowing that erases fear.

It is in the deepest of knowing where fear cannot exist. It is in that knowing where love exists.

Be in that knowing faithful warrior, for it is in perfect order.

Love be divine
And so it is

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