Thursday, December 11, 2014



The Warrior turns and seeks guidance and support for he cannot do it alone.

His aloneness began with the quest for separation. It is the healthy warrior who seeks communion and seeks relations far beyond his limited scope of being. 

It is intimacy he seeks for it is love and communion with another that supplies the vital fuel of life.  It is in this moment true love is found. Not through attachment but through the grace and ease of giving and receiving. This is the balance the Warrior seeks for it is in his heart to love and commune with others and brings him great joy.

Stay calm for this intimacy is now upon you. As you clear away the final details that separate your heart from another in truth and honesty the support will come and the finite decision is yours.

Be careful of deception in false pretense of love. Read the situation clearly and allow your inner truth to emerge. Allow each and every moment to manifest and this will be your guide to unfailing love and gratitude for your senses will capture all.

Be wise divine warrior, you are being guided with divine wisdom. 

Be prepared for the fall of others from their perch in their destiny. 

It is truth that will conquer and manifest truth. Be open, be wise, be truthful and strong. Your love will dispense the fear others have.

Tie up loose ends faithful warrior, the end is near and the new will gleam before you. Peace be with you. The fable of you is found within the soul of every man and woman who walks your great earth. Be true and be wise for it is divine wisdom that challenges the faithless. The divine warrior knows this and keeps the practice in place.

Be off faithful warrior to your divine destiny. To love honor and cherish the divine soul plan of yours and an other. It is divine love you seek. Seek no more for it is upon you. It is delivered free and unopposed.

Love Dear One….Love

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