Sunday, December 28, 2014

WHAT DOES NEW MEAN? by Phillip Elton Collins

Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Beloved Choosing to be Human.

As you approach your New Year of 2015 once again you are being given the opportunity to create something new within your individual lives and world. 

What exactly does "being new" mean dear ones?

As human you are constantly being given the divine choice to create newness within each moment of the now. Your body is creating new cells each moment, in fact new bodies each year. You are given the opportunity to constantly make another choice based upon past choices each moment. The newness you create is the pathway to your divinity dear ones. Without the choices of creating new you cannot advance into your eternal pathway of being in service to all there is.

What and how you create this "newness" within your freedom of choice and will is based upon your ability to apply wisdom, applied knowledge, of what has worked in past lives, past moments in this lifetime and at present. Many of you are still in a personal process of learning how to master the choices you make as a result of the relationship with self, thus others. We of the Archangelic realms are gifting you with many tools to remind you how to advance from old to new. This is simply how you have chosen to learn as choosing to be human. And yes, dear ones, you all made the decision to be human and learn by being human.

The task at hand is can you accept with compassion, thus forgive how and why you have chosen to learn the way you have chosen?  

In fact the way you have chosen to create the new you (in a new year) is the only way you can master what it is you need to learn.

So newness is another gift from Creation reminding you that you are the creator creating the new. The old is the tool to show you what works and what does not, if you choose to apply it.  This aspect of old to new is a major hang-up for humanity right now, and is causing much of your pain moving into suffering.

Your mental bodies are often stuck in the old as a comfort zone refusing to apply knowledge into wisdom. You would rather suffer than move into the newness of the unknown. This is a form of insanity waiting to cease. Your world at present is reflecting this greatly until you have had enough of the madness and choose to make another choice into the new, knowing the old no longer works.

Again, being human (human being), this is the choice you have chosen from which to learn.

There is an easier, simpler way to learn. Are you ready to apply it? 

This comes from accepting the new with grace and ease as an essential aspect of your evolutionary path. You and the universe are constantly creating the new. There is nothing else but the creation of new going on all around you. Your resistance to the new is what often scares you and creates what you are experiencing now in your lives and world.

Accepting the new also has another component as well, dear ones.  

Can you accept you are not in control of what you have not created; that includes you and your world. The human mental body, as a fear response, has created the illusion (the ego defense) that you are in control of yourself and your world. You are not dear ones. And you are not because you have not yet learned to love yourselves and world enough to be in control of anything.

You are in the process of creating the new you and world now to remember there are higher realms and forces from whence you came who are the factors maintaining and sustaining your lives and world. In fact these  forces created all your past advanced golden ages and the one you are attempting to create as your final one now…through newness. The newness is your eternal connection to these higher realms of retain allowing you to be the creator creating. Your destiny is through your newness, you and we higher realms become one.

Dear humans, you have had many, many lifetimes upon this planet to arrive at this moment of the new you. The new you is the eternal you that has no beginning and no end. New can never begin or end; it just is, as you are. Please place your hands upon your hearts and repeat after us, "I AM NEW".  Through your new you can and will create communities of equality, harmony and balance. Through the new you, you will come to know you are created from love, you are love, you are loved, and you are lovable. This is the reason and meaning of new, dear ones.

Happy New You New Year,

Archangel Uriel

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