Tuesday, December 2, 2014



Peace be with you loving warrior.

With ease and grace you travel the path of love assertive in kind.

Do what you what would not want others be done to you.

Be kind Be Fair and accepting of others choices lest they not affect your terms.

State proudly your terms and conditions in firm unyielding tones.

All is well dear one.
Be decisive and pure
Be open and kind, set the tone for your day
Prideful comments need not be spoken.
It is love that exudes your faith.
Be boastful not.
Be humble and kind.

Prideful anachronisms chase away the desired outcome.
Be firm, truthful, decisive and pure.
From the heart you love
From the heart you live
Live in your heart and love
Yet set your boundaries firm with truth and grace and you’ll receive what you need and more.

Love today and every day you will see your dreams come true.

The Peaceful Warrior walks the path of love and all is well in faith.

On this day the Warrior notices love. For it is love he seeks Love beyond all measure.
He knows love.
Knows how to give love. It is his challenge to receive it.

See love, feel love, notice love.
Enjoy love, honor love, value love.
See the expectations of love and you will see that love is the outcome.
For it is divine love that conquers all.
Self Love is a component, it is the foundation.

The warrior builds this foundation through inner expression to release the constrictions that inhibit the flow of love.
Be the silent warrior in love, for it is in the silence one will feel the love emotion throughout the physical body.
It is in that moment love will flow without constriction to all. Within and and with-out.

The Peaceful Warrior knows love and exerts his prowess amongst man. It is the exertion of this that love may sometimes be lost.

Love thyself and this will lead you to paths unknown. For it is the deep devotion to self love that opens the doorway to all that is capable in the divine plan of your life.

Be still peaceful warrior for this is the way of the silent warrior.
It is the way love will find you.

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