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Discourse 6




Discourse #6


The Meaning, Value And Purpose Of Ascension

Beloved Students,
The meaning, value and purpose of the ascension process is to release energetic blockages, the emotional, mental and physical armoring around yourselves from past and present incarnational cycles in order to regain the balance of energy in your bodies which facilitates true and permanent healing.
The awakening of the soul is an aspect of the healing; knowing who you are and why you are here. Through the actual healing process itself, you are reconnecting and awakening with the fragments of your divine soul plan.

Trust and surrender through your resonance and discernment (your internal gyro system) that your ascension is possible and is becoming the priority in your life. Your personal ascension process is not necessarily reflected in what is going on in the outside world since this is a personal process of inside out, not outside in.

The task is to be “of” your world not “in” it. This is a challenge for most of you since your need for drama keeps you attached to your worldly events. By staying attached to drama your nervous systems is stimulated into a state of dense doingness, rather than focusing on the higher frequency beingness of ascension. Ascension beingness will create an elevated doingness.
Ascension involves building a new parallel path to what you are experiencing in the old (not intersecting with the old) that extends into a higher frequency of existence beyond the old.

Regarding your current events, remember, they are an aspect of the whole (of ALL THERE IS) and not the whole. The core issue within the ‘human contract’ is always about the relationship with self-mirrored outward. Remember, you are Creation reflecting itself out to the world. It is a mirror of self, all that is happening in your world at present.

Within your ‘human contract’ you have chosen to experience ‘what is’ through ‘what is not’, often through duality/separation leading to confrontation. You are now experiencing exacerbations of this behavior, which appear to be the worst it has ever been. In reality, it is not. All of this needs to come up through the ascension process to heal from within. It is all in Divine Order no matter how things look from the outside.

We of the higher realms are all about bringing messages and tools to your frequency in order to set you free from it, to release yourself from it, which is your divine destiny. You will accept these or not through your resonance and discernment. Your truth and pathway is gained through your resonance and discernment and the emotion that you feel around these.

During this lifetime many of you have come together again for a continuation, and, in some ways, a completion of what was started in the past. This is a grand reunion of like-minded and like-spirited people to support and love one another in communities of equality, harmony, and balance supporting each other’s ascension process. This endeavor of discourses and dialogues is very much a continuation and completion of mutual soul plans.

Your Teacher & Friend, Saint Germain

The Ascended State, Man’s Fate *

Those in the Ascended State
Can control the atomic structures
Like a sculptor with a slate.
Every electron and atom
Is obedient to their command
Because of their God Power stand
Of which they have earned the right
To have that mighty hand.
Mankind in the un-ascended state
Marvels at this fate,
But it is no more effort for them,
As when we act upon a whim.
The God-Self in us all
Can change human condition
So there is never a stall.
Every one of us has the Divine Flame
Within them, the same.
So as I awaken the sleeping
God-Self in me,
I dream of joining it, in the We.

Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

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