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Discourse #3



Beloved Students,

Many of you are aware you are moving from the worn out old to an unknown new. At this gifted time of ascension of your planet and yourselves, you are being given a divine gift to awaken to your True Selves and purpose in being here (to learn to love, as the Lover-versity of Creation).
If you choose, it is time to let go of duality and confrontation that still holds your world captive. Together, let us now join in Oneness and We Consciousness to fully activate your divine soul plans for the planet and people alike.

I, St. Germain, who once walked the Earth like you now, am a vital link to this personal process of moving from the mercurial me to the wondrous we. As you awaken further, more is being revealed beyond your organized religions, governments, corporations and erroneous belief systems. Together we are destined to be the sons and daughters of Source, ALL THERE IS.

Recently my divine soul plan has been ushering in the I AM PRESENCE from the Piscean into the Aquarian ages. During this channel’s birth month, August, 2016, you once again experienced the Harmonic Convergence where several of your solar system’s planets aligned to energetically assist your ascension process.
This cosmic event further allowed the integration of your I AM Presence within your third dimensional reality of emotions, thoughts and physicality. NEITHER MAN NOR ANY OTHER BEING CAN NOW SHUT THIS UNIFIED PORTAL. This is a balancing of personal and planetary karma where you eventually will no longer need to learn from karma (karma being a learning tool, not a punishment). It is your divine birthright for this event to take place now.

The Piscean Age is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. These represent the lower and the higher self that are in opposition to one another that are evolving through duality. In effect, the lower and the higher selves during the last 2,000-year cycle have been evolving in duality. As a result of the Ascension Process of the planet, you are evolving to a state where now the two (higher and lower selves) can unite into the Aquarian Age (represented by the water bearer, balancing the emotional and mental bodies to manifest Unity/We Consciousness). This balance will insure the awakening of the human soul.

Gratitude for this event can and will produce abundance, employing the cosmic equation: Gratitude=Abundance.
As shared (in a previous Discourse), I have had many incarnations on this planet always assisting humanity in ascending onward and upward. My mission is to reveal to each of you your true purpose as light bearers and way showers in world service leading to universal service.

As has been explained in the past, this planet is a unique divine experiment in the universe reflected in your diversified races, languages, cultures, sexual preferences and gender--all becoming united. And you all signed on for the experiment. How do you think and feel you have done so far?

Through the teachings I and other higher realms are bringing once again into the world, you can directly know your higher self as your divine self as you continue to heal your wounds and ego defenses around those wounds--as well as negative karma from past and present lives.
In an earlier discourse and dialogue, we discussed “The Violet Flame”, which utilizes the Law of Transformation and the I AM Presence. This Flame is giving humanity worldwide the opportunity to become free of false prophets, false pastors, false gurus and false Christ’s in your religions, governments and corporations. Through the intentions and energies of Ascended Mastership, the truth will set you free.
The I AM Presence lives within each of you, and “The Violet Flame” energies are available all the time for the asking. If all the ways that separate you could know and accept this truth, peace and Oneness would come to this world!
If you so choose, now is the time to know and stop the often hidden forces that keep humanity pitted against itself for profit and greed. The solution lies within yourselves, not outside. Your ascension process is one of awakening inside out (not outside in), a process of you being the Creator creating all that is and all that is not. You are not only All That Is but you are all that will ever be and is yet to be. This is who you are!

All that I speak of is forever present through your I AM Presence. No one and no thing can take this away from you. Are you ready to wake up and claim your divine self? Know you are in the process of accepting this now.
Your I AM Presence is Creation being undifferentiated consciousness until it connects with a soul like you and activates your divine soul plan (your purpose to be here). As has been said many times, the purpose of all physical evolution is to learn to love. Remember, your unique part of Creation is learning how to master being human and to transcend that reality.

Please know we of the Ascended Masterships realms are ever present, and we shall never leave you until we are united. Soon you will graduate from this Lover-versity having mastered being human in order to transcend this reality into your true state of divine beingness.

Your Teacher & Friend, Saint Germain

How To Be An Ascended Master, Faster *

The creative life forces within our bodies
Are to be raised into
The crown of your head,
And instead of flowing down,
Are to flow up in recognition, instead,
Of your I AM Presence,
Which is always around.
Then through awakened oneness,
Thoughts and emotions,
Needing nothing else,
We can conceive creative works
At the mental and emotional levels
Through the creation of equality,
Harmony and balance,
With the alliance of
Idealistic ideas, ideals of art,
Imagination and invention,
That serves and blesses,
All our intention.
With this constructive consciousness
The physical body can remain,
Eternally youthful and beautiful
Being the image and likeness,
And brightness of the God-likeness, within.
Once we achieve immorality,
And creator consciousness,
Our true mission begins,
As the ascended master, faster,
Mending the past, we awaken at last,
And feel the good God-force, again.
Feeling gloriously connected
To perfection and true direction
Our true divine soul plan begins.


Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

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