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Discourse #1


Who Am I? (St. Germain)

Beloved Students,
It is important and essential for you to know and remember that I have been human just like you. Many of the higher realms have never been human. I am proof that you can and will achieve what I have chosen to be and do--to become an Ascended Master. I am the divine way shower, and so are you.
Like you, I have had many incarnations on this planet. Not to overload you with historical information, I shall briefly review some (not all) significant ones. You, too, have had some life times that made a huge difference in the ascension of the planet and humanity.

I was the father of Jesus and the husband of Mary. I was the alchemist and prophet Merlin during the court of King Arthur. I was Christopher Columbus who re-discovered North America. I was Francis Bacon, statesman, philosopher and literary master you know as Shakespeare. My last human life time was the Count Saint Germain where I assisted in the creation of The United States of America (USA) and received my dispensation to ascend. All these incarnations were experienced within a 2,000 Earth cycle ending during your 19th century calendar.

We of the Ascended Mastership Realms consider this endeavor a simplified, concise teaching of all that has preceded it. The meaning and value of this outreach is for you to have a more immediate connection/dialogue with the frequency you are destined to become. This in no way attempts to be a complete teaching from our fifth dimensional realm. It is our intention that some of your fear, doubt and ignorance regarding us is healed through this interchange. Once there is further trust that we truly exist and you fully surrender/receive our love and support, the sooner your ascension process will flow with grace and ease.
It is within your divine soul plan that each of you becomes an Ascended Master. This is your destiny that no one and no thing can take away from you. It has only been through your mental bodies thinking you are not good enough or worthy enough that you have built a resistance to your birthright. What you have been taught about yourself is now being retaught, if you so choose, to make another choice now.

You are a divine spiritual being choosing to have a human experience in order to master the human self so that you may embrace your ascended mastership. The human choice you have made is an essential aspect of creation expressing itself in order to advance creation itself. We of the higher realms honor the choices and challenges you have made for the betterment of ALL THERE IS.

Once you achieve your full ascended state through something called your higher self “I AM Presence” and world service, your service to all creation begins. In addition to your I AM Presence, together we shall also be employing “The Violet Flame” in assisting you in achieving your ascended mastership.
Both the I AM Presence and The Violet Flame utilize the Cosmic Laws and Science of frequency and vibration. Mastership is all about mastering the use of energy through frequency and vibration. This allows you to manifest what you intend through focusing your attention. There will be more on these within our dialogue later…
All Creation would be incomplete without each and every one of you; otherwise, you would not be here. When you trust, surrender and embrace this truth, your resistance will vanish like the wounds and ego defenses you created to survive being human.
The thing that humanity fears the most is recognizing and embracing your divinity through your “I AM Presence” that lives within your hearts. For eons, those working on the dark side of humanity have taught you that you are something else in an attempt to control you. And they have done a pretty good job. But what these hidden forces do not realize is they cannot permanently control what they did not create. And they did not create this world or you.
Your emotional and mental bodies have been filled with erroneous belief systems that are not true. There has actually been very little truth in your world. But the truth will set you free, and it is available to you now, if you so choose to receive/accept it. We of the higher realms have gifted you with cyber communications systems to free you from the control of others, even as these are attempting to be controlled now. Use your resonance (how you feel about it) and your discernment (how you think about it) as your internal gyro system to know what to know and bring into your life and world.
Your ascension process is all about raising your vibration/frequency through your awareness/consciousness so you can transmute/transcend/ascend into a higher frequency of existence. The higher realms cannot allow a lower frequency within them. Right now, your present frequency is what is preventing your ascension. We of the higher realms continue to send you ways and means to heal yourself so we may join together as One. Endeavors such as The Angel News Network and others are dedicated to sending our support to you while also allowing you to have direct access to us.
We again acknowledge the choices you have made in being human, learning the way you have chosen to learn what you need to master in order to free yourself from yourself. Please know this is the only way there could be a permanent healing due to the demises of past golden ages due to your disconnect from higher realms (the human mental body thinking it could be and do it a better way). The goal is for you to achieve a permanent connection to the higher realms so that together we can be in service to ALL THERE IS.

As your planet moves into its final 2,000-year cycle of creating the final seventh golden age of returning to light from whence all came, your healing and transformation will come through a personal process that requires you being and doing the work and accepting with compassion, thus forgiving, how you have chosen to learn. All the tools you need to master self are available in great detail through this endeavor and others.
Your ascension process does not have to be as painful as your experiences in the past. It is not a punishment. The Universe is built upon love. The pain does not have to continue to be long-term suffering. Right now, if you so choose, you can see this as the grandest journey of all your lifetimes joined with us working together hand and hand, heart to heart. Remember, our DNA is the same since we walked where you are walking now. We ask that you join us knowing we have been where you are and have made another choice to ascend.

We of the Ascended Realms are committed to supporting you as you transform your world into communities of equality, harmony and balance through a loving relationship with self. When you are ready to meet our commitment and make it the most important priority in your life, our world will become one.

There is actually a co-dependence between our dimensions. As our frequencies join as One, it allows the destiny of humanity and this planet to be further fulfilled: to become the master teachers of the universe. This is who you truly are and why you are here. This is the big picture!

For your destiny to take place you need to master self and manifest this final golden age through the application of love (the building block of all). When you have reflected love in all human endeavors, all your beingness will entrain to this highest frequency and you will transmute into your ‘light bodies’ and become the Ascended Masters you are destined to be in being human.
As we further embark on this dialogue, let us fill our hearts and eternal souls with the ascension fire that burns within you. I am Saint Germain, your ascended way shower, teacher, brother and friend.
Your Teacher & Friend, Saint Germain

Ascended Masters, Amongst Us *

Ascended masters are always amongst us,
Guardians and gifts of humanity,
Who have worked many millennia
From the unseen to the seen.
They enlighten and brighten and lift
Humanity out of our self-created
Self-centered creations.
These higher beings’ domain
Is beyond death’s doors,
Having eternal dominance
Over the physical body and terrain.
All things obey their command,
As they demand the laws of nature,
And the universe is at their converse.

Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

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