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Discourse #2

The I AM Presence &

The Violet Flame


Beloved Students,

The purpose of this discourse and dialogue is to further reveal two essential tools within your ascension process, moving these tools from being an abstraction to becoming integrated, applied knowledge/wisdom. You are a wise and eternal being, and you have chosen to incarnate in this time and space to assist with the evolution of human consciousness.

Let us begin with The I AM Presence and a poem this channel received from me that further explains this divine aspect of your higher self:

The I AM Presence *

What is this thing, this force called the I AM?
 What exactly is present in this name?
A force, a presence that has no shame nor blame.

We hear The Christ, and the name Saint Germain,
Associated with this, the same.
Does anyone truly understand this name,
That has neither shame nor blame?
Let us now attempt to explain...

The I AM seems ancient in its claim
To have created all in this domain.

By the mere spoken word the power of creation
Is released in elaboration.
But since we are part of creation, 
This I AM force is part of our self-relation.

The promise of this power
We are told is ours, forever more.

Whatever follows the words I AM,
Life forces give mirth to the birth.

I AM first vibrates in the brain,
Followed by the flesh it becomes,
the same.

I AM THAT I AM is also my name,
And I can know I am connected to all,
with no shame.

It is the imperishable, eternal, Individual identity of every human being,
Rather than doing, just being.

Perhaps, I AM is just what humanity needs,
To know it is already Divine Perfection, indeed!


Your ‘I AM Presence’ is your original and permanent connection to your eternal, Divine Higher Self and we Ascended Masters, as well. It is a gift from the gods, an insurance policy that will never expire. You are born from the 'I AM’, and you will return to it. There is no other way to be. This is creation creating.

What you choose to experience between your ‘I AM’ and human lifetimes (your sacred journeys) is how you choose to learn what you need to learn through your freedom of choice and will. Within the reality of Oneness, this is how the universe keeps eternally growing and expanding.

There are different frequencies and vibrations (intentions) within each of your lifetimes. The meaning, value, purpose and intention of each lifetime are to learn to master love, since love is the foundation of all creation. Everything else is the absence of love. And you have been experiencing a lot of this. You are learning ‘what is’ through ‘what is not.’ This is not the easiest path to wisdom but the one you have chosen in order to effect a permanent healing, thus, achieve your ascension.

Through the ascension process of the planet herself, you are also experiencing your human ascension (personal) process of moving from a dense carbon based reality (frequency) to crystalline/light formatting. The ‘human contract’ of how you have chosen to learn in the past (through duality, separation and conflict) is coming to an end, as you have the choice now to stay connected to your ‘I AM Presence’ and (fifth dimensional) higher realms supporting your transition/ascension.

You are becoming multidimensional, and the time to bridge the separation between dense matter and higher realms is upon you. You are in the process of embracing your true divine nature and your Oneness with ALL THERE IS. You have been preparing for this ever since you came to this planet from other worlds.

Let us now review some of the wisdoms that are contained within your ‘I AM Presence’ that you are continuing to master:
  • All you have agreed to experience has been a pathway awakening (ascension process) your consciousness to knowing you came from love, you are love, loved and lovable.
  • There is plenty to be and do here now, but know when your Earth journey is complete your cosmic journey begins as an ascended being of light.
  • Cosmic and ascension energies are coming into your world and lives like never before, empowering you homeward.
  • Universal wisdoms are coming into your consciousness along with how to apply them.
  • You are experiencing Oneness/We Consciousness through a healed relationship with self. This is a transition into the infinite.
  • Joy, bliss and peace are the emotions powering your pathways.
  • You are beginning to remember you are an eternal, formless being of light having a human experience for known reasons.
  • You are mastering who you are and why you are here.
  • Your human self is finding its eternal self.
  • All spoken here is stored within the DNA of your heart, and you are learning to think with your heart, as your believing mind moves into service to your knowing heart.

The Violet Flame

As many of you know there are several sacred flames, which various Ascended Masters work with. These flames are bands of energy and consciousness gifted from Creation to support the divine soul plan of this planet (to learn to love) and all things within and upon it. The detailed teachings about these flames are available to all of humanity.

 All energies of these various flames flood the planet from the higher realms each day. For the purposes of this discourse and dialogue we shall focus on the Violet Flame from which I receive such love and support and work within.

This most magical Violet Flame of Transmutation and Freedom brings the frequency/vibration of change, alchemy, and release from limitations, kindness and comfort.

As you fill your emotions and thoughts with the wonders of this Flame, its vibration will begin clearing and cleansing from your life the obstacles (wounds and ego defenses) and karmic consequence preventing your pathway to your self-mastery and ascension.

In effect, all the flames work together in perfect balance and harmony to assist your healing and your destined ascension. Self-mastery and self-empowerment come from the dedicated application of these Flames. You are the Creator creating your life, balancing the universal equation, Responsibility=Consequences. When you are responsible for everything in your life, you create consequences to your liking, creating the life you say you want.

These eternal and ever-lasting Flames of Creation will work for you as you do the work, working with them. No one can do the work for you, and no one can interfere with your freedom of choice and will. Spiritual growth and expansion is achieved by making it the priority of your life.

Resonating and receiving with this Violet Flame and its attributes opens the creative cosmic channels to balance giving and receiving in your lives, while better understanding the CODES OF CREATION that support your return to your divinity.

Breathe in, summon and receive this self-empowering energy. During your meditation or when out in nature, connect with the energy of this Violet Flame that will connect you with your higher self as well as we of the Ascended Master Realms.

By connecting with this fabulous Flame you will diminish the dimensional walls that separate us. You will clearly see your divine purpose in being here. I am ever ready and present to be with you. You simply have to open your heart and ask, and you will receive.
Your Teacher & Friend,
Saint Germain 

How To Call A Higher Being *

To call a Higher Being
Let us first think upon them,
And in our mind’s eye,
Let our seeing, become their being.

Call upon the Higher Being,
And they will answer every call
If your motive is for the good and love of all.

The Higher Being Gives of itself unconditionally,
In all conditions, unceasingly.

Ask and ye shall receive,
If your intention is not to deceive.

For the Higher Being is here Merely to truly please,
As you lovingly receive.

And when you meet a Higher Being,
You soon have a deep desire
To be who they are, just being.


Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

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