Sunday, October 9, 2016



By Joel D. Anastasi, The Angel News Network

In my last blog I discussed how the Archangelic and Ascendant Master Realms have been telling us for years that the United States would lead the world into a new era of peace and unity in which mankind would come to understand that we are all one.

Yet, in this year’s Presidential campaign, the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has made repeated appeals to national, religious and racial bigotry and has baited his most ardent supporters with veiled hints of violence towards his opponents. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is distrusted by American voters almost as much as Mr. Trump, though she has vastly more government experience and repeatedly proclaims, “We are stronger together.”

Can either candidate lead America to achieve its spiritual destiny? Recently, I posed the question of America’s spiritual destiny to the Cosmic Keepers of Creation, a spiritual realm charged with the mission of helping mankind ascend into a higher realm of consciousness. These comments were made during Divine Discussions, a program sponsored by The Angel News Network and conducted bimonthly at the Center for Spiritual Living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The channel was Phillip Collins. Here is their response:

“The ascendant master realms in combination with all the other spiritual realms hereby declare to you at this time and forever more that the United States of America has been divinely created and will lead this world and planet into a new paradigm, a new world order of equality, harmony and balance.

“For those of you who resonate and discern with this message, this truth, we ask you to hold it in intention, an energetic intention, no matter how things appear in the outside world. Dear ones, this is where your surrender and trust comes in. The ascended mastership are working constantly to maintain and sustain and have been for some 70, 000 years the intention of these United States leading the world with a new order. This will take place, dear ones.

“What you are experiencing now is the clearing and the cleansing of the wounded little boys and wounded little girls who think they are in control of what they did not create, who are in what you call ‘ leadership capacities’ who are thrashing about as wounded children saying to the world, love me, like me, pay attention to me. I will do, I will say anything through the media you have at this time.

“You have been gifted with cyberspace from the higher realms, particularly by the higher realm of Archangel Uriel, to escape this so as not to allow yourselves to be imprisoned by untruth and to share what you know as truth with one another. For many, many millennia, dear ones, the intention of creating a new world order through what you call North America as a residue of the Lemurian and Atlantean energies has been seeded within this continent. That is in the process of being activated as we speak, and you are seeing some dramatic birthing pains of acting out.

“But we ask you, dear ones, through all the chaos, chaos leading to creation, to see the thrashing about, the drama, as the birthing pains of a new reality. There is a brand new world order ahead of you. And we of the higher realms promise you this: it can be no other way.

“There will be nothing and no one on this planet that will interfere with the destiny of this particular planet, called the lover-versity of creation, to be a symbol of the mastering of the construct of love and mirroring that out to all of creation. That is the reason this planet was seeded by twelve different star systems and many other higher realms forces that most of you are completely unaware of.

“Follow your resonance, dear ones. Follow your discernment. A great new dawn is ahead of you. It doesn’t matter how things appear outside of you. That birthing, that embryo within you, will birth from the inside out, not the outside in.”

As you can see, the Cosmic Keepers of Creation are answering YES to the question posed by my title. My guess, however, is, but not with a President Donald Trump.

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