Sunday, October 16, 2016



From Archangel Uriel, Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK, Dedicated to Bringing the Wisdom of Higher Realms to Humanity.

Dear Beloved Humans being human,

You presently reside within the third dimension expressing reality through your emotions, thoughts that create your physical reality. Through the ascension process of your planet and human species you are at present within the process of moving into a higher dimension/frequency of existence. This is your divine destiny and birthright.

When you go to sleep or experienced what is called physical death you transition into the fourth dimension, or what you call the astral or psychic realm. This is a disembodied reflection of your third dimension. There is no teaching or universal wisdom within this dimension. But it does allow you to know there are dimensions beyond the one you currently reside within. This is the dimension you reside within for a period of time prior to moving temporarily into the next higher dimension and choosing your next incarnational cycle. You all are capable of connecting with this fourth dimension through your day and nights dreams or through what you call psychic mediumship. We caution any relying on “psychic readings” from others since they can interfere with your freedom of choice and will. True psychic ability is a process of inside out, not outside in, Dear Ones. Always Dear Ones, rely on your own resonance (how you feel about it) and your discernment (how you think about it) during any ‘reading’ outside yourself. There is much mischief and misunderstanding within these readings since they must go through the ‘filter’ of the reader/medium.

The next, higher frequency dimension is the fifth dimension. Within this higher vibrational dimension resides we of the Higher Realms such as the angelic and archangelic realms, the ascended masters, Inner Earth civilizations, the Christ (soul) Consciousness, and I Am Presence, etc. From this dimension and beyond we are bringing in the teachings, tools and messages necessary to assist humanity evolving into your eternal, divine state of beingness. Those divine souls who channel this dimension choose as a fragment of their divine soul plan to be and do so and then are chosen from the higher realm.

It is the intention of this brief message to bring clarity and wisdom into your relationship with the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. As with all information received from any source, continue to apply your resonance and discernment prior to application.

Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Planetary Guardian

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