Friday, October 28, 2016


FEAR, DOUBT, AND IGNORANCE How Do These Effects What Is Happening Now? By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network Fear, doubt and ignorance have always been the monster of mankind throughout our history. Let us briefly look at these three factors in relationship to current events within our personal lives, and world events. Fear is an absence of love. As a human species we are choosing to learn what we need to learn through our relationship with self; self being a reflection of all there is. We are learning to love self so that can be mirrored out to others. Right now and in the past our world has been ‘ruled’ by those without a loving relationship with self (trying to control what they did not create). We are currently seeing the effect of our world being dominated by ‘wounded’ leaders without a loving relationship with themselves. They have developed ego defenses around their unloving wounds and are acting out in destructive rather than constructive ways. It is time to realize everything negative that is happening in our lives and world is the result of the absence of love. This sounds simple but it is true. Are we ready as a human species to accept this truth and make some new choices based upon loving self, thus truly loving others? When we doubt we cannot trust and when we cannot trust we cannot surrender to the process of manifesting the life we say we want. Doubt prevents the process of creation. When we surrender to the process of creating what we intend all things are probable and possible. One iota of doubt prevents creating what we say we want and need. What supports the doubt within ourselves is the unloving relationship with self, thus others. Ignorance is not knowing something. We are all born not knowing many things. If we doubt knowledge when it is presented to us and we are not able to accept applied knowledge as wisdom that becomes stupidity. Because of a non-loving relationship with self and doubting applied knowledge as wisdom we can see the reason for much of the duality, separation and confrontation in our lives and world today. Fear, doubt and ignorance create a climate of not trusting. Not trusting prevents us from surrendering to the loving and wise evolution of life itself. Are we ready to release, clear and cleanse the massive fear, doubt and ignorance in our lives and world and create communities of equality, harmony and balance that we all desire? I sense we are…

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