Sunday, February 11, 2018


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
Inspire by the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR) 

The masculine and feminine energies on this planet allow us to fully experience being human. These energies are more than our gender or sexuality. They are assertive and receptive energies that allow our world to be in or out of balance. Balance is how creation maintains and sustains itself. Without balancing this two we cannot and will not evolve as a human species. This task is upon us now during the ascension process of the planet herself. Humanity has struggled with the imbalance of these vital forces for eons. Perhaps it is time to stop the struggle and embrace the balance and arrive at our destination and destiny of knowing we are all aspects of the oneness.
Domination and attempting control of another in any form separates us and divides and prevents collective constructive actions. The mythology of male domination over the feminine has been the root of bias, prejudice and hatred on this planet for eons. If we can heal this divide it will assist in radiating outward and the healing of racial, religious, and sexual orientation duality in our world. Let us remember we are each other in disguise. The irony in all this is that we are actually male and female at the same time. When you are physically male your etheric body is feminine. When you are physically female, you are etheric body is male. We can now surgically transition each physical gender into the other. If we could remember that we often transfer genders between lifetimes we just might treat each other differently.
The other piece in the gender bias puzzle is:  how can we think less of   the gender from whence we all came into physical form. Is fear of the creative energy held within the feminine that which men have feared?  Is it the goddess energy that the male god has had to keep at bay? Is not all this bias some form of self-sabotage since we cannot survive without one another.
Ultimately it is the destiny of men and women to equally and in balance live and work together to restore our eternal balanced state of beingness, rooted in need and love to embrace our human survival and well-being. This path/journey lies before us now and we reach it by knowing we are divine aspects of one another needed to create a world of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance. Our gender and sexuality are founded in love and interconnection which can create joy and a sense of belonging to self, one another and as citizens of planet earth. This can heal the fear of being alone and abandonment.
It is time to put the myth of our gender origin story out of the reality of who we are and why we are here. Deep within our subconscious we need to release that women are the enemies who cast men out of paradise. If women continue to seek reversing this origin (metaphor) story by resistance (what we resist persist) and having male against female, we shall passively shift the contact dynamics. Let us change the origin story that men and women enter paradise in mutuality, realizing that biology creates distinction and that these distinctions serve to unite us with divine spirit embodied in physical form.
“Viva la difference,” let us know that within those differences (the world of unknowing and wonder), there is great joy and pleasure. Within the unknowing is often where creation lives, far beyond the human mind. The balance of masculine and feminine lies in understanding the interdependence connects which is the key to life that opens the door to allow the heart to make love. When male and female see our purpose for being here as giving and receiving love in balance, we no longer accept the notion that we are at war. Then war is replaced with a state of wonder about ourselves and gender. Once in wonderment and no knowing we are open to communicate and learn from one another.
As men get older (near death) they become more feminine (returning to their true dual nature) and women become more masculine later in life. The fixed gender misbeliefs begin to evaporate and we know those old beliefs are not who we truly are. The old patriarchal thinking of what is masculine sometimes needs the reality of death to shift. Expressing the need for connection is not a sign of weakness and expressing deep emotional feelings does not make you less of a man (in fact it makes you more of one).  At this juncture many men let go of their fear of the female for the first time.
Now that we are beginning to understand the purpose of these masculine and feminine energies, let us embrace the balancing of the two. At present this is often being led by the women of the world inviting us all to end sexist exploitation, inequality and oppression. This is being done by not making men the enemy but knowing everyone has to change for balance to move into full scale practice.
Our incarnational cycles on this Earth are brief. Let us celebrate our diversity, expressing love and joy, in the choices we made in being here in human life. And in choosing life we have chosen love, the building block of all creation. Children are coming into this world fully equipped with the wisdom in knowing boys and girls will interact and love in balance and joyful relationships. Being human there will be differences and conflicts that will be sorted out in constructive, not destructive, ways.
Our diversity in being human is more complex than we ever knew. There are actually five human genders but that’s a teaching unto itself, for the moment we shall focus on the basic two. The pathways to love and emoted feelings are also vast. Let us embrace all expressions erotic/sexual behavior be they heterosexual, bi sexual or homosexual. As we tame the desire to dominate into the desire to connect, we shall further embrace our gender diversity. The divine gender ideal is always rooted in balance no matter its expression.
This planet has been called the “Lover-versity” of creation. We came from love, we are lovable and we are loved by the forces that created us. Now let us love one another no matter what. The mission of this planet is to learn to love. In the future, schools of love will be created and our children will be schooled in the art of love and see the blessing in love’s diversity.


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