Monday, February 12, 2018


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Colllins


All of creation is a vehicle for God expressing and experiencing itself so that it may know itself as God.  All that is necessary for God to know itself is for each part of God to know itself. That is what all of God’s creations are doing, including us.

Humanity is involved in an experiential process of discovering its divinity through an ascension process, a process of rising awareness of its divinity. More specifically, humanity is attending a “Loveversity” called planet Earth, learning to be master teachers so that we may teach and manifest love throughout the Universe. We humans on Earth are in a final 2000 year spiritual age in which this mastership may be achieved (it is our individual choice) which began in the year 2012.

This great creation story began with No thing which is simply energy. Consciousness is energy in awareness of itself. Out of that consciousness came the decision to create various worlds, each of which would engage in an ascension process of moving from a limited consciousness of who they are to the full consciousness of knowing they are God (love). This is the process, as we said, of God experiencing itself so that it may know itself.

In time, consciousness created this galaxy, solar system and planet. Planet Earth was designed to be the ultimate experiment in the universe because it was seeded by 12 star systems instead of the usual one. That seeding created the huge ascension challenge in which human beings would work through the diversity represented by twelve star systems to discover the truth that we are all individual expressions of the one creator; therefore, we are all one.

Earth, in effect, offers the rigorous curriculum needed to prepare humanity for the enormous challenge and privilege of being master teachers of the universe. This is the contract we human beings have made.

Mankind, in its growth and development, has gone through many golden ages, each with the guidance of the divine realms:  Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Greece, Aztec, Incan etc. Each collapsed when their populations disconnected from the higher realms and tried to go their own way.

It was always the intention of the higher realms that We consciousness take root and thrive on planet Earth, as the necessary path to humanity’s mastery and divinity. There were many attempts during the various golden ages to seed We consciousness, but they all expired with their civilizations. In the last millennium, beginnings of We consciousness gradually found expression in some writings of western philosophers and in legal documents such as the Magna Charta.

However, We conscious and the foundations of democracy took root in a more powerful way through the inspiration of the higher realms in the English colonies which became the United States of America. The Founding Fathers of America and the founding papers they produced, including the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were all inspired by St Germain and the Ascended Masters.

That is why St Germain tells us, “America is the hope of humanity. It is the way shower for the rest of the world. The destiny of America reflects the oneness destiny of the world.”

But, in many ways, America as a model of We consciousness and democracy has lost its way. Our democracy is now dominated by huge global concentrations of corporate wealth and power, so that our government is more focused on the needs and desires of the powerful few rather than those of average citizens.

The frustration of citizens contributed to the election of Donald Trump, an authoritarian who, St Germain says, threatens our democratic institutions and our democracy.

But, St Germain also encourages, Trump is really serving as a wake-up call to the citizens of America who have taken our democracy and freedoms for granted, as half don’t even bother to vote. It is this failure to take responsibility for our democracy, he tells us, that has put an autocrat like Trump in power and our freedoms and democracy at risk.

St Germain sees the wake-up in the large demonstrations protesting the Trump presidency and policies, especially women. “These people who feel this passion within themselves will run for office or support those whose truth is the same as their own.”

These demonstrations, he tells us, reflect the same energy that inspired our founding fathers and those who fought for America’s independence. This energy is now inspiring a new generation of Americans to Refound America, to re-establish the We consciousness that inspired the creation of our country.

This Refounding movement will be led by the feminine energy, which is correcting the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies that has existed for millennia. This imbalance has caused war, destruction, confrontation and much of the misery of the human race.  

The Refounding of America, St Germain says, represents the Second Coming of the soul plan of the planet and of humanity itself. That is why St Germain calls America the “remaining hope of humanity as the way shower for the rest of the world.”

--> Meanwhile, all is in divine order as we, like the rest of creation, continue the divine process of experiencing, discovering and knowing ourselves to be God. 

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