Monday, February 12, 2018


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
Inspired by the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR) 

Humanity is finally waking up and knowing that the unseen portions of ourselves are the most essential aspects in our being human. The soul, which this discourse will focus upon, is the energetic, etheric part of us that guides us while physically alive. When we physically die, the soul transmutes into our eternal spirit, which can never die. The terms soul and spirit are often linguistically used interchangeably. Humanity give names and language to the higher dimensions so we can attempt to better identify and understand them.  Our languages in no way completely express the eternity and unlimited expansion of higher realms. Let us surrender to not being ready to receive everything now and allow all possibilities to come forward when we are.  What matters is that there is an unseen portion to us that does matter.

Our natural sciences often ask us to prove that the soul exists. To do this we would have to prove that at our central core is energy, a soul, a spirit, that always existed since it is an aspect of eternity that always was and can never die.  The proving comes in what we are calling “The Second Coming of the Soul.”  The “First Coming” of the soul is in its first appearance in human consciousness through religion and spiritual practices.  Now during the activation of the ascension process of the planet and humanity, comes the second birth of the soul whose existence is being proven through a marriage of spirit and science, quantum physics.

To deny the existence of the unseen portions of us is to deny the divinity of all human life (from whence we came). Our energetic, etheric aspects of our selves are our eternal connection to our divinity. Now at this unprecedented time in our human history for those who need the proof it has come…

Quantum physics is the leap and connection between spirit and humanity we have been waiting for, and the proof many have known for eons.  This metaphysical science has allowed the spiritual reality to evolve from being believed to known.  We are now transcending time and space into the higher frequency, unseen dimensions where our divine souls reside. The language of religious dogma is left behind and words like God, Christ, salvation, hell and soul run parallel to atom, quark, neutrino, wormhole, black hole.  While most people may not understand the quantum terms, all their resonance/revelation needs to know is that these terms are our soul’s home turf.  This science gifted from the higher realms, is an explanation how creation works, combining human and universal reality. Religion has not been able to accomplish this because its intention   was control, not freedom of the soul. During this ascension epoch, our souls are insisting upon the truth; so that the truth can set us free from any human control; to free us from our unhealed selves.

An explained earlier the soul is that part of our consciousness that exists beyond emotions, thoughts and the physical body. The illusion of space and time is the way humanity is able to partially view our soul. Cause and effect is the way the soul “acts-out” in our lives and lets us know it exist.  Since quantum physics is the vehicle gifted from higher realms for us to be able “to see” our souls, it is not surprising that the unseen world of subatomic particles and the unseen world of spirit have much in common since they are aspects of the same thing: the true us. See if these five explanations help: 

*Quantum is another way to explain consciousness since they both don’t need time or space and they can both occur in two places at the same time. The same way messages come in from higher realms.
*Another way consciousness and quantum work the same way is that  aspects of each can communicate with each, with energetic exchange, when they are vastly separated from one another.
*Both quantum and consciousness can move from one location to another without travelling through time and space. Our spirit does this all the time.
*As in consciousness and quantum reality you can know both the location and movement of something simultaneously outside of time and space.
*Recognizing that all things come from the unknown, the void, both consciousness and quantum reality exist in the unknown before they are known. In effect, both are living all along in our timeless, spaceless  souls.
Don’t worry  if some or all of above five principles make any mental sense, your heart already knows it all. It will all be revealed in divine order when you are ready. For those who comprehend, there are formulas and equation galore to prove mathematically all that is presented is true. For the moment know our souls are multi- dimensional and beyond space and time. It is your soul that animates your emotions, thoughts and physical body, and assist in creating our reality.
In quantum physics there are five parallels that describe our soul.  Let’s see if  these assist in further unraveling mystery:
*Our soul assists all possibilities and probabilities to manifest into reality through our emotions creating our thoughts creating our actions.
*By setting aside what we think is reality, and surrendering to not knowing, divine order will manifest.
*Our soul is cosmic and lives within the laws of the universal; it is multi-dimensional and without any one location.
*Out of no-thing our soul creates.
*Our soul is connected to us without any appearances to make it so. 

The virtual reality worlds that we are creating in our games and shows reflect the true nature of our soul, creating reality beyond time and space into our physical space.
Since we are the Creator creating all the time, we are a reflection of the consciousness within the universe; we are both ‘relative’ and ‘absolute’ at the same time. The relative is our emotions, thoughts, words and actions. The absolute is the possibility and probability to be and do what we intend.
As we advance in our consciousness as a human species, more of us are waking up and alternating between space and time and the virtual realms. This is especially true of the youth coming into the world at this time; better equipped to assist in the ascension of the planet and humanity. 

The most challenging aspects of all this for our mental body is that we create from what appears nothing. But this is how creation works. But that nothing is filled with energy that becomes consciousness that becomes intention whether in the form of a human being or a planet. Our soul is the vehicle that turns one form of reality into another. The purpose of humanity is to create the reality of our emotions, thoughts and actions through our free will and choice; mastering what we need to learn, the way we need to learn in order to evolve/ascend beyond our self (self being a reflection of All There Is). 

The universe would be incomplete without each of us or we would not be here. We have been doing the incarnational cycle dance for a long time with our cosmic- self  returning  each time to experience our human self. Quantum wisdom is now explaining it all to and with us in a new gifted light. It is now our souls awakening our emotions and minds and serving as a way-shower to our divine destination; our divinity. 

Once we evolve/escape from much of our religious dogma (that was controlling), we shall know that being in direct contact with our souls is the only way to go, be and do…then we can better build communities of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance (reflecting the reality from which I soul came). Here are four further ways to help: 

*Love is the building block of all reality. Make it a priority in all we intend. Simply ask, “what would love be and do now?”
*Stay in touch with our souls through disciplined spiritual practices that you resonate with, meditation, prayer.
*Master knowing your soul, and then we know all. Our souls are our only true reality.
*Transmute you beingness into our doingness by being your message/teaching the best you can. This is being and doing from your soul perspective. The best way to connect with your soul is through your heart. Learn to think with your heart. 

Quantum physics is fueling the second coming of our souls by teaching us there is an unseen, often unknown realm that is our true home and source.; a consciousness filled with love, intelligence capable of creating the universe and us (for ever and ever and ever)…

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