Wednesday, February 21, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins

Older Americans are one of the largest groups in the country. Many of them are struggling to stay younger, while living longer but eventually we all shall pass from these physical bodies back into the energetic spiritual formatting from whence we came. By consciously accepting this reality, we can improve the quality of time and feelings in being here.

In indigenous cultures elders are historically seen as the ‘wise-ones’ to assist the young in making decisions that improve the quality of everyone’s lives. When it is time to die they walk out into the woods and do not return (preventing any burden). In so-called advanced countries the treatment of older people is more of fear (of what the young will become), creating low tolerance and often a lack of respect for the wisdom they have.  This lack of respect is a reflection of our lack of respect for the process of life itself. In place of this lack of respect we have placed being young and successful in a consumer-driven culture as the priority. On the outside, from our marketing/advertising view it sure seems this way but is it completely true? 

Now that the older Americans are a huge demographic, the above view is changing. As we move through our chronology, the attachment to the habits, patterns and rituals attached to the marketplace losses its luster and values such as love, security, health and fun become daily priorities.   The being old of the past is not the same as being older today; physical disability, diminished mental and energy capacity are greatly reduced in today’s world (even through our ‘broken’ healthcare system). Through the energy of the ascension process of the planet, we are entering our final golden age where we are moving from self-empowered health to wisdom (applied knowledge) and enlightenment (and this includes older folks as well). 

To have extended time on the planet allows the full activation of the individual’s divine soul plan, reason to be here. If more people achieve this the entire planet benefits, as well as the individual. All souls yearn for a full expression within each lifetime. There are more people on the planet now than ever before so more soul plan activations can be assured. 

Although culture and media continue to focus on youth, the United States has become a middle aged nation. With modern digital communication and faster transportation the ‘baby boomers’ have experienced more collective wisdom than any other group in history. This ‘wisdom’ is effecting how we see life and the process of leaving this life. The bias against age is reduced within this digital age where virtual information is available 24/7 reality.  Retirement today is extremely different from the past. Today it is about ‘the experience’ be it travel or extended adult education. The extended earth years further allow a cultivation of human spiritual actualization, whether consciously or not. 

The additional years here will be a vast opportunity for elders to contribute to society and extend education into ‘spiritual training’ for the young. In ancient times it was the ancient mystery schools which were secret and elite. Today there is a re-surfacing of modern versions of the mystery schools that is giving a ‘resetting’ of spiritual wisdom/training by enlightened elders.
The large population of elders is a crucial voting block, factoring in their needs in government/politics. .  Being Internet savvy, spiritually conscious, how people feel about them is shifting (as a result of the self-empowerment of the elders themselves). What was old is new again. 

 Having lived long enough to see the folly of the human ego, with their extended lives, and souls healed from a lifetime of material matters, conscious elders are ready to commit to embracing the spiritual, unseen aspects of being human. As elder become ‘soul sloped’ in life, they are ready to finalize the deep examination of themselves gaining more acceptance, compassion and forgiveness for life and sharing this with others. A forgiveness for it all, better allows them to access the eternal spiritual aspects of themselves. Men become more feminine, woman become more masculine finally balancing these two energies that have largely been in opposition to one another through a lack of understanding.  Once the struggle to survive life has diminished, the karmic debt mostly paid,  for those ready, a door can open to see this is one of many lifetimes to learn what you need to learn, the way you need to learn it. And when those life cycles are complete you no longer need to return to physical life, then physical life has been conquered, and you are ready to ascend into a higher frequency of existence. Then what we call physical death has ended and the final hurdle over death has been jumped and we are free at last!

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