Thursday, February 1, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 

Humanity is hot-wired to think of one’s self first, often family second, and community or tribe third. It’s changing with increased communication and transportation but most think of the rest of the planet a remote fourth. Most of humanity is programmed to think and plan into the future one or two generations at the most. This is giving us a rather limited view of micro/macro reality or how best to plan for the present or future. It is time for expansion….
Not since Lemuria and Atlantis have humans been able to manipulate the biosphere outside and the human gene within. And as with the ancient advanced civilizations of the past, these abilities can have negative effects for many generations to come. Learning to love future generations (as a result of a healed relationship with self) is vital at this time.
Approaching our second decade in the year 2000 some seven billion aspire to the standard of living set forth within the higher realm’s inspired founding papers of the United States of America. By the year 2050 that is projected to be 9.7 billion of us on this planet..  At present we have reached a critical mass in material consumption affecting our climate and every life form on the planet by polluting the air, water, soil. We are dumping and ingesting multiple chemicals into the air, water and all bodies (including our own) without knowing their full short or long term effect.
Learning to care about and have compassion for future generations will not be easy. The foundation will come from learning to love ourselves and one another while reversing an evolutionary pattern dating back thousands of years. It will require an unprecedented refocusing of our sciences, technology and most important our ethical and cultural standards. The needed paradigm shift in our economics and politics will require a spiritual transformation on a human scale unmatched in the present or past. Rarely has one generation, we now, been given so a great an opportunity/gift to change the present and effect the survival of the future.
The spiritual/consciousness transformation which is in process at present will allow transforming the foundation of our nation and world. The largest paradigm shift will be away from fossil fuels consumption and present  military pending as we realize and apply that war does not work (with the capacity to destroy our entire world). This near destruction of the planet has occurred before and is engrained within our spiritual DNA. New research and investments will go into creating a hydrogen age and an electro-magnetic photon and crystalline age. Learning how to withdraw energy from these three sources will shift our economic and politics systems/structure and put less wear and tear on Mother Earth ensuring our survival as a human species.
Uniting humanity over the long term rather dividing us over short term resources will reduce/eliminate the duality/separation and confrontation our world has been experiencing for eons. This will require not allowing special interest groups and corporation to control politics and government. Our economics will be based upon long term investments where cause and effect matters, reflecting our cultural transformations: the women pf the world and the youth are leading the way. As we evolve as a species we shall place lower values on fortune and fame and a higher value on spiritual experiences and expansion, things like creating loving/supportive communities, being in nature and creative expressions of the soul: the arts.
Being conscious of those in the future requires a deep examination of our own mortality and accepting the fact that one day we physically die but eternally live in spirit. Being conscious of this reality allows us to prioritize how we use the energy given to us for each life time. Spiritual experiences connected to an awareness to transcend personal death are an essential pattern central in most human life. What we are in the process of being now is to augment ‘religious’ and secular experiences with a new normal human founded spirituality that allows us to transcend   death by being connected to our own eternal being and future human generations, as well.
Within the truth that change is all there is let us now affirm caring for the present is not enough, we shall take care of the future if we deal with it now (understanding that now is all there is). Although the present quality of life has improved since the past, it is a bit of a long term deceit. We are currently experiencing the greatest mass extinction of species and it will be the future generations that feel the full effect of this. Our abuse of the biosphere has yet had its full effect on the planet and humanity but we are getting some big hints now. All of this requires shifting human behaviors that have been acceptable and often rewarded: our divine right to reproduce, wage war, transforms raw earthly materials into ‘produced’ products that we may or may not need. If we so choose, through our free will,.. the time has come for us to choose co-creation over procreation, conflict prevention over making war and investments in our future over immediate consumption. Only through these choices can be survive as a human species living on the surface of a planet that we have not fully realized is a conscious living being whose organ we continue to rape on a daily basis.
Within our human DNA is an ancient code to survive. The ascension energy of the planet transmuting from a carbon based existence to a crystalline one  that is activating this ancient code at this time and waking us up from a deep sleep.
Fully understanding and applying the wisdoms of the origins of our human species will be another game changer. Not all of us evolved from a primitive hunter-gatherer consciousness. There have been advanced civilizations from other worlds at work in the play of our being human. This truth will engender a global consciousness and endeavors that include and expand beyond planet, solar system, galaxy, family, tribe or nation.
As individuated souls there is both a little and a lot we can do. This stems from the truth that the only relationship we are having is the one with our self, self being reflection of all there is. Each of us has the self-empowerment ability to transform our self. Many higher realms teachings and tools are available to assist in this personal process. If enough follow our positive personal cumulative emotions, thoughts and actions, we shall transform everything person by person, community by community, nation by nation, intention by intention, and life by life. (Later in this endeavor we shall discuss more how to’s…)

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