Wednesday, February 7, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
Inspired by the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR) 

Ever since humanity left the higher realms from whence we came we have been seeking a way to return home. For this human life is a divine circle of creation, learning what we need to learn the way we need to learn it through being human and finally transcending being human to re-connect with our eternal spirit roots. The problem for most humans is that majority of this process is the result of unseen forces that our natural sciences cannot easily explain. This has created the opportunity for others to control (create myths) humanity through their own views, for their own means.  Unfortunately, this has often been done in the name of God through manmade authoritarianism religions (Daddy tell me what to do) with irrelevant traditions for today’s world.
Now within a new self-empowering age of human spirituality, conscious individuals are realizing they are the creator creating all the time (through their emotions, thoughts and actions); that they are individuated (made in the imagine of) expression of what we may  call ‘god.’ And the personal process of re-connecting with this ‘source’ is one of inside out, not outside in. We humans have taken on a mighty journey, often unaware, that in effect we are affecting all of creation itself (since we come from oneness).
We are transitioning from religion which is an ‘outside in’ process, to spirituality which is an awakening to ‘inside out’. Spiritual truth which is the basis of many religions (distorted by religions for eons) is now the ‘awakened truth’ within many individuals who are feeling and thinking for themselves.. Through a personal spiritual development, we are able to transcend the “me’ and transition into a ‘we consciousness’ that also serves the highest good of others.
Religion is often filled with wisdom, beauty and ‘inspiration’. Spirituality can take these elements and create a ‘transformation’ within the individual without any of the controlling aspects of religion. We are not here to tell people what to do (you cannot control what you did not create) but to give them guidelines (through their free will and choice) so they may learn the best path to their divinity. It’s inevitable that our divinity is our destination. How long and when we get there is up to us!  Religions were the original governments telling people how to live to be worthy to find God. Most of our national governments today were modelled after ancient religions. When the United States was created, the higher realms reminded the founding fathers of the importance of the separation of church and state. But many governments maintain religious undertones, even if they are not explicit.
The word ‘religion’ means “to connect”. This is the era for us to directly connect through our resonance (how we feel) and our discernment (how we think) with the energies, consciousness, Source, God, All There Is; or whatever you choose to call it. Your ‘internal gyro system’, your resonance and discernment, will keep away  false spiritual leader/teachers, and ‘worship-the-guru’ fakes. If someone mandates you have to come to them to find truth or God, run the other way as fast as you can. True spiritual masters are intent on re-creating themselves without the need to be called ‘master.’
Through spirituality the ‘mysteries’ of religions are directly revealed and we are placed in a constructive relation to the unknown, allowing us to grow and expand as we are initiated into  universal truths and learn how to apply them in our lives without any of the destructive aspects of dogma. When we surrender to not knowing, this allows universal possibilities to become probabilities in our lives. It is challenging for the human mind (housing the ego) to surrender to not knowing or realizing wisdom can and does come from outside the human mind. The human mind may just be ‘a receiver’ of wisdom from higher realms, not an originator. Entertain the thought all evolution and progress of humankind has come from inspiration transmuting into transformation inspired from higher realms.
The word “eslesia’ which translates as church in many languages means ‘gathering of people.’ It is time, if we so choose, to create communities of true love, equality, harmony and balance where the diversity of humanity is embraced all the time. It is time to be the message of our spiritual wisdom in all ways.  Religious leadership and ‘expertise’ is one thing, spiritual self-empowerment is something else that truly embraces the god-force within each one. In this new era you studying and connecting with the unseen forces of creation affirms your self-empowerment by knowing who you re and why you are here.
Peace in the world will come when we have learned to heal the relationship with self and requiring this healing of our leaders. The healing of self comes through a deep examination of self through a personal process supported with universal spiritual wisdoms that are easily accessible in our world today. Peace will come through the ‘reason of being’ in being human, not through some religious dogma. Some of the most religious places on Earth have been in constant conflict for eons and the most destructive wars have been founded upon religion, not the precious nature of human life.
The future of religious organization can only survive if they transition through radical change and offer healed conscious leadership rather than authority, example (being the message) rather than dogma, divinity rather than being right, no moral edicts, and giving up control.  Emphasis would not be on the size of membership but on wisdom and service.
Healing and true spirituality are essential aspects of one another.  The purpose of spirituality is to assist us in healing.  It is our emotions and thoughts that affect the energy flow within our physical bodies that cause dis-ease. Easing life through authentic spiritual practice, understanding the true cause and effect of dis-ease by bringing our spiritual essence into being to balance what is in imbalance is what is needed. Right now most medicine is treating symptoms without knowing the cause. It is time within the evolution of humanity that we understand and apply the variables in true healing. Extensive healing wisdom from higher realms is available to humanity. Ask and ye shall receive.
Attitudes regarding religious and spiritual traditions have varied for a long time. These touch on deep and sensitive beliefs and emotions. Follow your own resonance and discernment regarding which path you chose. Let us have respect for the path that each of us takes or inherits.  We are all being asked to celebrate our diversity (especially since we are each other in disguise). Religions will only survive and evolve by not being defensive and integrating diversity as a maturing process.. We can be loyal to our own spiritual views and also have accepting respect for the viewpoint and method of another. This does not mean we agree with another but rather we accept alternative views.
We are all at different points on our life’s path journey and most are doing their best to make sense of life but it is essential we respect another’s approach. Let us learn from one another without activating our ego defenses (surrounding our wounds).  Right now there is much abuse as to how ‘religious’ and ‘spiritual’ views are being perceived in the world. These views have been politicalized and are creating much duality, separation and confrontation in our world. Two sides are often manipulating one another while failing to meet the needs of the people they serve. Governments and corporations basically care only about control and profit; a new paradigm can only be created through true spiritual guidelines. Deep within all of us is a need and hunger for a meaningful spiritual experience. Let us gift this to ourselves now. Let us trust and respect one another enough to recognize our common humanity in our search for meaning.
Let us affirm our future can be created through a unified consciousness knowing that separation is artificial and destructive to our innate being. And together celebrating our diversity we can create a constructive world built upon communities of love, equality, harmony and balance (sound familiar?).


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