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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS: OUTLOOK FEBRUARY 2018 Solidifying the Foundation of the Empowered Self Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Outlook  February 2018
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Solidifying the Foundation of the Empowered Self

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael, this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now moving into new parameters in your life, opening up to the greatness and wonderfulness of self.  As you transition from your month of January to February you are opening up to a greater depth of love of self.

As you move through your year of 2018 in increments, month by month, you will be moving to a greatness and grander wonderfulness of self.  Your month of January was a transition period from the end of 2017 to 2018. It was a month of cleaning old aspects in your life, and energetically moving into new aspects of your life.  2017 was about moving to the depth of your truth, fully identifying it and who you are within your truth.  2018 is about expanding upon that and moving into a greater expression of your truth. It is time to bring out into the world your modalities and talents, gifts and abilities that will help create a new collective consciousness.  This is a consciousness of peace, community, harmony and equality.  

As you make the transition from January to February you are beginning to solidify the foundation of self-love.  You are moving to a deeper and greater sense of self- love.  You are now beginning to release the attachments you have in relationships and to the world outside of you, so you can stand in the empowerment and greatness of self so you can move into your soul divine plan.

We ask you now as you move into February, to move deeper into your truth and identify you with your truth.   Many have a challenge to identify their truth and who you are within it.  It is time to identify where you are on your pathway in life and identifying what you say you want.

What of the old have you released in your life?
Are you still in a place of “status quo” in your life?
Are you still struggling to survive life?

Many are still in the place of struggling to survive. Many are trying to get somewhere but not sure what that is. 

So as you move into February it is now about moving to a greater depth of loving, honoring and valuing you. Many vacillate between loving, honoring and valuing themselves to judgment and shame.  As you move through 2018, it is time to move to a place where your sense of self is more consistent, moving into a place where  loving yourself is more consistent. 

You can begin this in February by now looking into the mirror at all the wonderful aspects of you.  Many are looking at themselves and seeing the aspects that they think they need to fix.  They are looking at the challenges they have about
themselves and what they still need to work on. This is all well and good and important to continue this. What We are asking you to do in February is to shift your focus to what is wonderful about you. 

So We ask you to make a list of what is wonderful about you, doing this will add to the foundation of you.
What do you love about you?
What do you honor and value about you?
What are your talents and gifts?
What are your endeavors and modalities?
What are your accomplishments?
What have you accomplished in 2017 or even in the month of January where sense of self is concerned?

When We speak of accomplishments We are not referring to what you have accomplished outside of you in the linear third dimensional realm.  We are asking about what you have accomplished where sense of self is concerned.
Have you moved to a greater sense of loving, honoring and valuing you?
Have you moved to a new level of consciousness and awareness of your truth?
Are you opening your heart to receive love?
Are you opening your heart to express yourself to the world?
Are you standing in your empowerment and expressing yourself to the world?

Where are you within all of this?

Might you be judging and shaming yourself and quite possibly thinking you still need to fix yourself .
Are you focusing on the aspects of you that you have challenges with?
In its own time, this is all well and good to focus here, but as you move into your month of February it is time to solidify the foundation of the empowerment of you.

We ask you to shift your focus and raise the resonance of you. What about you raises your resonance?  As you move through the entire year of 2018, it is about solidifying the depth and breadth of who you are. What is the collective consciousness within you?  Is it love, peace, community, harmony and equality?

As you move through your month of February count your blessings. This will help to solidify the foundation of you?  What are you grateful for about you? Quite possibly you have moved deeper into your heart space?
We ask you to move into your heart and begin to receive love.

Many move stridently through life asserting yourself to do something, to create something, moving out in the world constantly doing.   Your year of 2018 is about moving into being who you are.  In this month of February, We ask you to look at where you are continually doing.  What are you doing? Is there a balance of being and doing?   2018 is about moving from doing to fully being who you are by looking at the old behaviors and attachments associated with doing.  Are you doing to occupy yourself?  Are you doing to get love?  We ask you to identify if you are constantly doing and why you are. What is the old behavior?  By identifying this, you then can begin doing, in a healthy manner.  You can then choose what you would like to lend your energy to in the doing.  

It is about moving from doing (the old way) to being, then doing with purpose. 

What am I continually doing?
Where am I expending energy in doing, and it is not getting me anywhere? 

You are doing based upon an old behavior, habit and pattern.  You must do to get something.  You continually exert your energy outside of you in doing, perhaps to avoid yourself and your feelings?   We ask you now to look at this.  Where do you continually do outside of you, and exhaust an inordinate amount of energy. Then quite possibly finding your heart closing down.  While constantly expending energy outside of you, your heart may shut down thus closing off to receiving love and energy.

Where are you receiving love?
Look at your relationships to see if you are constantly doing in those relationships. As you do this, see if there is a balance of giving and receiving.   Are you opening yourself to receive love?   

As you look at all of this, are you being you in each and every moment?

We ask you now to open your heart and receive love. As you do this be aware of the feelings that surface.
It is now time to honor and value you, and in this month of February to look at the wonderfulness of you.  It is time to receive you. Can you fully receive who you are? Can you receive love from you?   So We ask, what are you giving to yourself?  As you move through the month of February, We ask you to give to yourself. Do you give yourself time during your day to be with yourself?  We ask you to do this, perhaps in meditation. When doing so, We ask you to praise yourself, honor yourself and value yourself. 
At the end of your day, many look back at their day and see what transpired. Many tend to focus on a mistake the made, and feel they need to look in the mirror and process that. Perhaps thinking you shouldn’t have done something. This is all well and good.  But now in your quiet time (if you are giving yourself quiet time), begin to praise yourself.  Connect with the inner child.
We suggest now to create a ritual of praising yourself.   Moving to a place to praise you for what you are doing, and open your heart space to receive that praise.

An Exercise

Go to a mirror, look at yourself directly in your eyes and simply say; I love you.  I honor and value you and the truth of who you are. 

This will help you build and fortify your foundation. When doing this, feelings will surface and questions will arise in your mental body.   As this happens simply ask yourself, What am I feeling?

As you move through your month of February, it is most important to begin to give to you.  Give yourself whatever you need that raises your resonance and vibration. It is not about giving yourself something that will suppress and repress what you are moving through.  When something comes up, and a feeling surfaces, it is time to love yourself and have compassion with where you are. 

In many ways your month of February is about moving into a greater depth of truth. You will see this in the world outside of you.   More truth will be revealed in the world.

It is most important to understand that your truth will be reflected outside of you.

In 2017, We asked you to look at what is transpiring in the low dense vibrational world outside of you and ask, How does it make me feel?  Does it resonate or doesn’t it? What resonates and what doesn’t?  Many now are transitioning from looking at what is transpiring in the world and it triggering them, then fighting it, to accepting it and responding to it.

So We ask you now to look at what is transpiring in the world and ask, How does it make me feel now? Quite possibly the edge of what is triggered is wearing off, and you are realizing now that you are powerful.  And you can create aspects of collective consciousness.

It is time to release your attachments to the old in the world outside of you. It is time to release the doing and the inordinate amount of expending of energy that exhausts your energetic system.  It is time to replenish. 

We ask you to look at where you are within the depth and breadth of you and look outside of you in the world to see if anything has changed.   Are you still reacting to what is transpiring outside of you in the world?

As you move through your month of February, those of you who have various modalities and endeavors that come from the depth of your heart, We ask you to bring them to the world to support and guide others. For those of you who have risen to a place of awareness and consciousness of yourself in relationship to what is transpiring out in your world, and woken to the power within you and the mulit-dimensional being that you are, it is time to take responsibility to connect with others and enlighten them. Work with them, guide and support them so they can awaken to the greatness of who they are.          



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