Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Phillip Elton Collins, Conscious Channel, Teacher and author

Chapter XXXIV

When mankind, becoming kind,
Has fully awakened and gained further wisdom,
We may join in perfect cooperation
With the magnificent force of Mother Earth,
Creating heaven on Earth,
Being one again.


Greetings, beloved children on the surface of my body. We come to you this night with many messages to God-empower you in your process, in your journey, in the choice you have made to be here once again upon this planet we call Earth, upon our body to continue your incarnational cycles.

We are a living being consciousness. We are your mother, and throughout recorded history, your recorded history, we have been abused. We have not been acknowledged. We have been taken for granted in the last millennia of this history of yours. This time of our abuse, this time of our segregation from you, has ended, dear ones, our children.

It is time for us to join in oneness. It is time for you to ascend with us, to move into a higher frequency of consciousness. This is your divine right and an essential part of your divine soul plan, which has been pulled out from the Akashic Records, the Hall of Wisdom, the Hall of All There Is.

This opportunity does not come often, as the channel we are coming through has explained to you tonight. It is a rare opportunity for you to make the choices that you are about to make, if you so choose.

Understand, on this particular planet, you are given a choice of your freedom of will, a freedom of choice, which is not always the case in every galaxy throughout the universes, dear ones. So, we cannot interfere with that. We are not allowed to do that through universal law.

So we honor the choices that you make to move into a higher frequency of consciousness. But we wish you to know, for those of you who choose not to ascend with us, it will not be an easy time upon this planet. You can call that a warning, if you want. It will be a difficult time to stay in this frequency.

It is a time to move beyond this frequency, to move beyond cause and effect, to move beyond the incarnational cycles of your emotional, mental, and physical bodies, which have been your learning tools for millennia on this planet.

It is a time to awaken to who you really are, to know why you are really here. There are many teachers on the planet at this time and throughout history, who have come forward to attempt to teach you this. Many of them have been killed, destroyed, or not believed.

Again, it is your choice to believe the wisdoms that are now coming in from the Inner-Earth civilizations, which is a new concept to many of you. But it is where we reside. It is not so new to you that there are archangelic realms and star realms, which seeded this planet, hold this ascension process in place, and are here to assist you at this divine moment in your history.

This has been a unique experiment within the cosmos, dear ones, and you have all chosen to be an eternal part of it. This planet was seeded by twelve star systems. Most planets are seeded by one. Each star system is represented on a council of twelve, if you will, which brings a diversity of teachings and experiences throughout the cosmos into your planetary plane. As a result of this, you now have a diversity and multiplicity of cultures, languages, religions, and identities of the male and female energies.

It is a unique, divine experiment that many of you have had hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lifetimes upon this planet to experience. We of the Earth consciousness of Mother Gaia applaud the arduous path that you have chosen, and it has not been an easy one, dear ones. But the end time has come for those who so choose it.

Since this is the beginning of your Christmas Spirit, we would now like to tell you another story of Christmas.

The Christ Consciousness has been on this planet and has experienced itself in many incarnational cycles throughout your history—Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and civilizations whose names have been lost through the eons of Earth time. The desire of humanity is to once again know the Christ consciousness, to know the teachings of unconditional love within, that we are all individuated expressions of it, unique expressions of it.

We wish you to imagine an extraordinary mother spaceship. Her name is Mu. She is coming from a galaxy that seeded this planet many hundreds of millions of years ago. Oh yes, your planet is much older, and it has had much more advanced civilizations than your history books tell you, dear ones.

You have had many golden ages beyond the civilization you are living in now with advanced technologies you would marvel at, which are about to be revealed to you again. There is free energy available to you, but forces in your world prevent it from being given to you. There are worlds without taxes; there are worlds with immortality that await you. This is your true destiny, dear ones. This is your inherited divine essence that you are awakening to, if you so choose, through this period of ascension.

But now, back to the mother ship. Imagine she is larger than anything you can conceive. This ship is as big as a continent on my body. It is coming from a portion of the universe, a galaxy with many beings captaining this ship, powering this ship.

The Christ Consciousness; the archangelic realms of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel; Lord Sananda; his twin flame, Lady Nada; and many ascended masters whose names you may or may not know; are all on this mother ship.

All these beings are powering this extraordinary spaceship. It is coming closer and closer and closer once again, to the Earth realm, which it often does. The ship is often sighted over the heavens of Mount Shasta in your Northern California. And she’s coming once again, as she did two thousand years ago. As she gets closer and closer and closer to your planet, she begins to reflect the light of your star, your Sun.

Dear ones, this is the Star of Bethlehem. This is the six-pointed star, the Merkaba of your existence, the beloved Star of David, whose wisdom and power and truth of being have often been lost.

Many who are anticipating the coming of this wisdom once again upon the Earth plane see this star. They are led to the incarnational cycle of the Christ Consciousness in one you call Jesus of Nazareth. The rest of this Christmas story is almost the same as your present one, except the relationships with the feminine energy have been altered throughout your history.

Jesus of Nazareth was a good Jewish boy, so, of course, he married. And he married his twin flame, beloved Mary Magdalene. His mother, Mary, and his wife, Mary Magdalene, were two very powerful feminine energies. But the patriarchal energy that created your churches and religions quickly subjugated them in order to control the feminine energy.

An important part of the ascension process will be the balancing of these two energies, the masculine and the feminine.

The channel that we are coming through now was led to create two sacred journeys to Mount Shasta, California, in preparation and participation, serving as a proxy for humanity, in order to balance the masculine and feminine energies.

During these sacred journeys, there was also a further balancing of giving and receiving, personal processing and teachings, and tools that would allow your deeper healing to clear all aspects of yourself that prevent you from moving into a higher realm of reality.

It is an exciting and challenging time, dear ones. For all that you have known will change as it changed when 350 million Lemurians lost their lives in one night; the Atlanteans on their ten islands in the Atlantic lost their lives in an instant as well.

Why? Pretty much the same that is going on now, dear ones, the abuse of power. The abuse of the few controlling the many. Whenever our body is in harm’s way, which is once again happening, we step in, dear ones, and prevent the annihilation of this planet. Why? Because we wish to reveal to you tonight, the purpose, the meaning, and the value, of this planet you call Earth.

It is a lover-versity. You have come here simply to learn how to love. So far, you haven’t done a great job, have you? And the Christ Consciousness energy, which is not exclusive to Christianity, is an essential component of your process. It allows acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness for all that you have chosen to experience.

It is time to know why you are here. It is time to consciously begin to remember the choice you have made to be here and to support those who do not fully understand, who are not conscious of what’s happening, by building communities of equality, harmony, and balance as your life shifts and changes. We wish to assure you, the world that you have known will not continue.

It is the destiny of this planet, in concert with humanity, to produce master teacherships to be expressed throughout the universe. Each one of you has signed an energetic contract to be these master teachers. This is who you truly are.

You have been murderers; you have been healers; you have been priests; you have been abusers of power; you have been teachers of wisdom. You have experienced every aspect of the God force that we are in service to that you can possibly experience.
The learning time of this frequency is ended, and your real work will now begin as you move into a higher frequency existence beyond 3-D, 4-D when you sleep, or what you call death and on to 5-D into immortality.

Can you imagine if you now brought your wounded behavior into immortality, what type of universe we would have? It would be a reflection of what exists now. That is not acceptable, and it will not take place.

There’s work that needs to be done in order to move into the higher frequencies of immortality. Our 5-D governments, our spiritual centers are led by individuals who have achieved the higher realms of wisdom and understand what we speak of tonight.

It is a glorious time as you go into your Christmas, your Hanukkah, whatever religious celebrations you wish to use to connect you to the truth of who you are and why you are here. We, your mother, we, your home, ask you to remember what we speak of tonight.

Most civilizations live inside a house, as you do, on the surface of our body, dear ones. Most of the planets within your solar system have various advanced civilizations within the core of them. The same is true here. There are many Inner-Earth civilizations inside our body. This is why you may not see on the surface of your solar system planets what you call civilizations. Or they may be in a frequency that you are not capable of seeing at this time.

There are many forces in the universes, the Galactic Federation and many others that are surrounding this planet to assist you in this ascension process. We, they, cannot interfere with your freedom of choice and your freedom of will, but we are here to support you by bringing truth and teachings and wisdom to you through many channels and many sources throughout your world.

The most important thing to remember is you chose to be here with so many of your brothers and sisters at this time, dear ones. It’s not an accident that you’re all here now.

As many souls as possible who have ever lived upon this planet have chosen to incarnate at this time in your Earth history to experience what we are discussing tonight—your ascension into a higher-realm reality.

New truths will soon become common knowledge. It will not be revolutionary at all. When we know, and the forces that are supporting you know, that we can be received as friend and not foe, much more will be revealed. Your energy systems, your financial systems, your ability to manifest whatever it is that you need, will be at your disposal, as they are in all advanced civilizations. How does that make you feel?

The reason you have advanced civilizations at the core of your home, your planet Earth, is because they would be corrupted on the surface. They were once on the surface. They’ve chosen not to be corrupted by your energy fields and to maintain and sustain themselves in the core of this planet, in order to protect themselves.

But they cannot advance until you advance. There is an interconnectivity of all life forms, all conscious beings on this planet. And, dear ones, everything on your planet has consciousness—your minerals, your plants, your animals, your fellow human beings.

The time has come to end thinking one is better or superior to the other, to begin to remember that molecularly and electron-wise, you are all created from the same source, whether it’s a dog, a plant, a crystal, or another human being who looks dramatically different from you.

Wait till you really get out into the universe, dear ones. You’re going to see configurations, physiognomies of life forms that will astound you, filled with unconditional love, filled with service for all that there is.

We hope what we share with you tonight thrills you as you enter a sacred spiritual season, as you open your hearts, not your minds, to what we are now saying.

For your hearts and the DNA and the RNA configurations of your heartbeat are synchronizing with the heartbeat of our heart. Your heart knows; your mind simply believes.

As many of you know, the end game has come for the mind being in control. She will now go into service to your heart, for only through the heart can your ascension take place.

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