Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Written and channel by Trance Channel and Photographer Jeff Fasano

Part One

Who Are You?

You are already beginning to move in congruence with others in your life. You have made the decision to join your energy with theirs, thus taking the first step to move from a state of separation into a state of connection. You are already in the process of shifting from Me-consciousness to We-consciousness. Congruence is when aspects of your life overlap with aspects of the lives of others, like the fingers of two hands intertwined.

Through your personal process of honoring and valuing yourself at deeper levels, different energies within you are being joined. By going deeper in this way, you will shift your resonance and raise your vibration, and then move effortlessly forward towards the fulfillment of your soul’s divine plan. At the moment you are reading these words, you are entering a process to learn who you are, and new ways to honor and value yourself.

On your journey through life, you have come to an intersection. It appears as if you have come to the end of the road. You are at the end of an old life and looking ahead to jump into a new life, but you are not sure what that new road looks like or where it will take you. The new road is your soul’s divine plan. It is not a job or a relationship, or any one thing you are supposed to do. There are many, many facets to your soul plan and they come from knowing who you are. At the intersection, before you move forward on the new road, it is time to stop and look behind you at old attachments and patterns. Moving forward means leaving fragments of your old life behind. You’ll know what they are.

You want to make a contribution to the world and live a life of meaning, to serve through your presence using your talents and gifts. But at this intersection you might be thinking, “Why undertake this task? Why do it? Truthfully, I am not sure what I have to give to world service.” If you wonder, you only wonder because you have forgotten that you are the world as much as any other. Who you are being is how you are expressing your contribution according to your plan. By loving and honoring who you are and what you are doing, you resonate with your soul’s divine plan and with the members of your soul family—those who share your vibration and are in harmony with your plan.

In the ten messages and complementary processes of Part One of this book, it is your work to release your attachment to the outer world so that you may move ever more deeply within and answer the question: who are you?

There is a flame that burns deep inside you. It burns brightly and radiates outward from your heart with an effervescent energy. You now can choose to connect with this flame.

“I know who I am,” you say. “I am ready to connect with my deepest passion.” You may also have found yourself saying, “I no longer resonate with what goes on outside myself,” even as you wonder how to disengage from it. You do not yet know how.

You have chosen the life you are leading…so here you are. The way to disengage from the aspects of the life you’re leading that no longer serve you is to be present in each and every moment with what is. As you do, you will connect with your passion deep within that tells you why you are here, and your flame will illuminate your life.

As you begin to connect within, you might feel you need to know “how” it is all going to work out. “How in the world am I going to do this,” you may wonder?

It is a process. Knowing yourself is a process first of connecting to yourself, leaving behind any judgment that stands in your way, seeing yourself through the eyes of compassion, connecting to your inner flame, and then radiating its spark into the world.

It is time to love you. It is time to move forward. The depth of your heart is awaiting you. Come join it.

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