Friday, December 27, 2013

Journey of the Awakened Heart: Receiving Love

Jeff Fasano is a Trance Channel, Photographer and Author 

Receiving Love

Begin to walk through your life with joy.

You have walked through the shadow and through the doorway into the unknown. The door has closed and is now locked behind you. For a period of time, your deepest fears of safety and security surfaced. “Will I be safe in the unknown?” “Will I be safe with myself and trust myself in the unknown?” As you now walk gingerly into the unknown, you’re not sure what is going to happen and this will bring up the aspect of control. You are now out of control and living in your natural state of being for out of control is a natural state of being. Now that you are being guided to live with “what is” and in the moment, where are you?

Where you are might not be anywhere. You are where you are and quite possibly have no explanation for it. You have found yourself in situations with wonderful and glorious souls where you could explain where you were and who you were. But now you find this is no longer a viable option. It is more important to remain in the process of moving towards the place where you connect with your soul’s divine plan. For after you reach this place, you will be presented with a new choice of whether or not to continue on the path to entirely be who you know you are.

There will no longer be a thought process involved if you stay on the path. You will simply be who you are. And, in being you, you will be the messenger for the messages that come to you. You will utilize your talents and gifts to express the messages and who you are. Where you are now is in a process of releasing whatever you still need to release to continue on the pathway towards this intersection.

We come to you now to bring you to a place to receive love from yourself. Continue writing down five things you love and adore about yourself because this will allow you to begin to receive. But now, after you make your list, move within and feel your feelings. Also write down these feelings. How does any aspect you listed make you feel?

While doing this exercise, you might find that you are still looking at “what isn’t there yet.” Or you might find that you are looking at “what is there” and experiencing a deep sense of fulfillment and joy. Fulfillment of being comes when you can say, “I know who I am; I know my talents and gifts.” When you arrive at this place, proceed to look into the mirror to receive yourself and to give love to you.

Continue to give yourself something every day. Do something extraordinarily wonderful for yourself. 

Plan a point in every day when you will do this. Make a date. For example, decide, “I will give myself a wonderful gift at seven o’clock tonight.” See if you keep your dates. Also notice what comes up for you when you are just about to give to yourself? What happens? Do you celebrate yourself or do you do everything in your power to avoid receiving from yourself? Can you give to yourself every day?

The only way you can receive love from another is by giving it to yourself first. Can you do this? Have you been doing it? It doesn’t have to be the same time each day.

Your heart is beginning to open at a depth that you have never known before. Moving towards real intimacy with yourself, you are beginning to share who you are openly. The next step is to receive love from others; yet the first step is giving love to you.

Can you love yourself enough to know what that feels like, so you can then give to another? The only way you can give without attachment, to give without having to get something, is by giving to yourself first and receiving that love. You must know how that feels. So after you give to yourself, write down your feelings. How does it feel to give to you? Are you simply doing it because we are asking you to, and saying, “Since this is part of the process, it will get me somewhere—Michael said it would”? If this is the case, in essence what you are doing is giving to yourself with an attachment. “If I give of my talents and gifts, then I will be gratified and validated. Others will love me. They will see that I am good enough, even perfect, and then deify me if I do this right.”

Give to yourself, and give consciously. Be conscious of how it makes you feel and notice if you are giving to yourself in order to get or to get rid of something. You may find that you are wondering, “If I do this exercise, what will it get me?” or “What will doing this exercise enable me to get rid of, which I can’t accept with compassion?”

You are at a most important time, for in order to move forward you must know how to give love to you. This is where you are and it is important. You have discovered and remembered many talents and gifts and you are now at the place to begin to embody them and love those parts of you that you express using your talents and gifts. Now you are ready to open to the depth of your heart to receive love.

It is also time to move through your life with joy. If you are one of those who have chosen the path of the light worker, it is time to look at your meaning, value, and purpose because this is shifting and changing. There is a new purpose, which is to give in order to create a new world of harmony, community, and equality. What is the new purpose for your talents and gifts? After you write down the five aspects of your talents and gifts that you adore, also ask yourself, “What is their purpose?”

As you move forward, there is yet another decision to make. Your first decision was to stand at the gateway to the new. Once the gate opened, your second decision was to walk through it and onto the pathway into the unknown.

Soon you will have the opportunity to embody your soul’s divine plan. This is your third choice. You will reach an intersection where you may connect fully with your soul family. As you have raised the level of resonance and vibration within you to get to this point, you connected with those who were close to the level of energy and frequency as you. Now you will have the choice to gather with those who resonate and vibrate at the same level, those who share the same mission. If you decide to embody your soul’s plan, everyone in this soul family will have individuated, they will know who you are, and they will recognize their uniqueness as well as each other’s uniqueness.

You are just beginning to move to the core aspect of your heart to begin to uncover the frequency that lies there. The way in which to do this is through this personal process you are now engaged in. This is a process of clearing, cleansing, and releasing what no longer serves your highest good and impedes your movement forward towards the realization of your soul’s divine plan. There will come one choice to make: either to connect with the soul’s divine plan and move on that pathway or not.


You are, in fact, here to be a messenger, to shift the energies around you. You are here to change the world by raising the level of resonance and vibration within you, and by supporting others to do the same. You are at a most crucial point because your world is rapidly shifting. Do you resonate with the change or with what is old? Do you resonate with the change that you intend to make within you and your commitment to that?

The only way you can change what is outside of you is to commit to changing you. Commit to looking at all the aspects of yourself that you would like to change.

Who are you? Why are you here? Do you know who you are? Do you love you? Can you love you? 

Can you love yourself enough to commit to change while you are on the path? Can you commit to opening your heart wider than you ever have before to reveal who you are and give your talents and gifts to the world? Can you open your heart even wider to receive the love that comes when you give without attachment?

Receiving love is your purpose. Being who you are is all that is necessary for you to receive love. Give the energy of harmony, community, and equality and you will share love in a balanced exchange of giving and receiving wherever you go from now on.

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