Monday, December 9, 2013

Coming Home to Lemuria: Message from Adama

Phillip Elton Collins, Trance Channel and Author 


Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, June 26, 2012, The Angel News Network

Greeting Beloved Brothers and Sisters on the surface of Mother Earth. We of the Inner Earth civilization known to you as Lemuria come to you at this mid waypoint in your year of ascension. 

Many eons even before Lemuria that was an advanced civilization on your planet based upon universal, unconditional love. Their love force was so powerful no negative energy or other worlds (not based on love) could enter. They flourished many millennia and there came a time when they no longer needed nor wished to be in physical form and they left this world and returned to the world from which they came. But when they left, they left something important for all of us. They left in our DNA their love-force with the intention for it to be activated when the world was ready to receive it again. That time is now, if you so choose.

When we Lemurians came to this planet millions of Earth years ago from another galaxy, we were guided here by this love force energy; we   assimilated it into our DNA, and began what is now known as humanity. We also lived many years on the surface of our beloved Mother Earth, as you do now, maintaining and sustaining this love force through our spiritual practices. We within the Inner Earth have waited many eons for this opportunity of your ascension now that can activate this love force within you on the surface, as we have held it for you. Beloved Ones, our DNA and genetic coding are the same. There is just a thin veil of realities that separate us from joining as one. We long ago learned that separation, duality and conflict do not work. We learned this lesson the hard way. We had to give up our entire advanced civilization on the surface. Your world continues to learn your lessons through your freedom of choice and will.

The Earth is a Lover-versity. You are here to learn to love yourselves, thus one another. You cannot love another without first loving you. The process of moving to higher realms is an internal, individual personal process through creating equality, harmony and balance for all. It is not outside yourself.  Every advanced civilization has learned this, including all your ascended masters and teachers, many of whom you have not believed or killed.

Dear Ones, if you cannot accept the source of our wisdoms, allow your resonance to discern what is true for you and what is not. If it resonates apply it, if not wait for something that does. We love you unconditionally, often more than you love yourselves, and we are here to support you in your process by sharing what allows us to maintain and sustain a paradise right here on your planet.

The ascension opportunity you are being given at this unique time is a gift from Mother Earth. No one knows when the opportunity will come again. But the divine plan of your planet is clearly in place and you and she are to return to the Beings of Light that you truly are. What do you choose?

We ask that you have acceptance and compassion, thus forgiveness for the processes and choices you have made. And you have made them Dear Ones. The Universe and Mother Earth have a great deal of gratitude for what you have experienced over the eons in order for you to become the Master Teachers of the Universe; so you never experience all the separation and duality and pain again. The end time of cause and effect, karma, duality, inequality are done, if you so choose. There are more seen and unseen forces at play than ever before. We have always been here to support you and continue to do so at this time. Call upon us…

Adama, High Priest, Telos, Lemuria, Your Father

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