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LIFE MASTERY: Create Your Life & The Courage To Live It

Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author 

Photographer and Trance Channel, Jeff Fasano

Author of Journey of the Awakened Heart



Most of us believe we are here for a PURPOSE. And if you’re anything like me you may have spent a good deal of your life trying to figure out what that purpose is.

I have either been a student or a presenter of Life/Career Planning programs a good deal of my life. I have seen people from widely different backgrounds ranging from poor minorities to wealthy senior corporate executives struggle with the same core questions:

      .  Who am I?
      .  Why am I here?
      .  What should I be doing with my life?

Most of us ask these questions because we want to be happy and fulfilled in our personal lives and careers. WE WANT TO FIGURE OUT WHAT OUR LIFE PATH SHOULD BE AND MUSTER THE COURAGE TO FOLLOW IT.  

It may appear simplistic to think that a mere Life/Career Program can help achieve those challenging goals, but if any program can, I believe this one can. The management and human development programs I have worked with professionally usually have been created by people associated with the field of PSYCHOLOGY. This program was not.


I developed the Life Mastery program from channeled messages from Archangel Michael received through trance channel Jeff Fasano. A trance channel is someone who is able to go into a trance, allowing another energy or spirit to enter their body and use their voice to speak.

Jeff had his first channeling experience on his forty-fourth birthday in 2002 when he channeled the Archangel Michael. Since then he has channeled many spiritual entities from the highest dimensions of the divine realms. Jeff, to me, is one of the most powerful spiritual channels of our time and a true gift to mankind’s spiritual growth and evolution.

Spiritual channeling was not new to me. I had spent most of the first decade of this century becoming quite familiar with channeling while writing my book, The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age. The Second Coming records my conversations with the Archangel Gabriel channeled by trance channel, Robert Baker. I am a trained journalist. I found channel Robert Baker completely credible and my experience with Archangel Gabriel powerful.

Jeff and I met through Robert Baker and were now part of a group of five men, a precursor to the Angel News Network, who were preparing for a spiritual journey to Mt. Shasta in 2010. The trip was guided by channeled instructions from the Archangel Michael who asked us to prepare for our journey by reviewing material Michael had given to us a few years earlier.

As I reviewed this material, I soon realized it contained teachings similar to subjects covered in many outstanding management development programs I had worked with in corporate America. However, the lectures and exercises took the student far deeper into their psyche than any programs I had worked with.

Initially, I adapted this material into a twelve-lesson self-study program. Concurrently, Jeff was channeling additional teachings, which he later published as Journey of the Awakened Heart, Discovering Who You Are and Why You Are Here. I have taken material from that book and expanded the Life Mastery program into its current sixteen-lesson format. (I recommend Jeff’s book if you wish to learn more about the channeling experience and for its clear, rich content.)

The result, in my view, is the finest program dealing with Life/Career issues I have seen. Indeed, it is far more than that. To me Michael not only has given us a brilliant guide for living, I believe this program also can be justly described as a great manifesto of human freedom.

Why?  My answer relates to the spiritual context Michael offers for these teachings. This program, be assured, works whether you can accept the spiritual context or not.

Michael teaches that each of us comes to this earthly plane as an individual soul with a mission to learn lessons we ourselves have chosen. (The soul is the individuated personification of God that lives within each human being.) Beginning in early childhood our consciousness usually becomes so shaped and distorted by the influence and conditioning of others (family, culture, authority figures, etc.) that most of us lose sight of who we are and why we are here.

“You have displaced your power and greatness, Michael says. “You have given yourself away and put yourself in the hands of others.  It is time to go inside to find your authentic self, so that you may discover and be who you are. Through this process you will be deactivating the old conditioning of the nervous system and retraining it into the beingness of the self.”

Life Mastery begins to deactivate our old conditioning by helping us identify and release old habits, patterns and attachments that keep us stuck in lack and limitation. It then starts building our confidence to take responsibility for creating our own lives and sets us on the path of true fulfillment by teaching us how to think with our hearts. That is necessary preparation for the ultimate goal, which is to identify our unique gifts, talents and personal qualities and bring them out into the world in ways that brings us joy and fulfillment.

As we work through the lessons, the Life Mastery program gradually moves us to new levels of consciousness so that we may fully be and express who we are. That means we are empowered to courageously state our needs, speak our truth without intention to harm and to set our boundaries—necessary tools for continuing to create healthy lives.

Whether you are seeking a fresh start or wishing to set a new course for your life, this program will launch you on an exciting journey of self-discovery—if you faithfully work through the program as Archangel Michael presents it.

The more effort you put in this program, the more you will take out. Fully engage with the process and you will be rewarded with the expanded consciousness you need to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT AND THE COURAGE TO LIVE IT.

Once you begin this new journey, you will discover the journey never ends, for you will be changing and growing for the rest of your life.

Bon voyage!

Joel D. Anastasi

The Life Mastery Program with Joel Anastasi

This divinely inspired program was developed by Joel from the teachings of Archangel Michael channeled by Jeff Fasano, author of Journey of the Awakened Heart.

The Life Mastery Program is the perfect forum to investigate the meaning of your life so that you may fully express who you are and why you are here. This eight session program is designed to help you reach your full potential as a human being.

You will learn to:

. Reclaim yourself from the influence of others.

. Release old habits, patterns and attachments that no longer serve you.

. Tap into your inner “gyro system” to guide you on your path.

. Create healthy relationships

. Use your gifts and talents to reveal your soul plan.

. Trust your heart

. Banish  “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” from your life.

. Create your new life with JOY… and much more.

Joel has created and presented management and human development programs for large and small organizations around the world. He is the author of The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age with Robert Baker; The Ascension Handbook, A Guide to Your Ecstatic Union with God with Jessie Keener, and Life Mastery, Creating the Life You Want and the Courage to Live It. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Along with Phillip Elton Collins and Jeff Fasano, Joel is a co-founder of the Angel News where these teachings originated

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