Saturday, December 7, 2013

LIFE MASTERY: Shift Your Focus To The Inner Self As The Creator

Presents an Angel News Network Publication! 

Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author 

Jeff Fasano, Trance Channel, Photographer and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart 




You are moving into self-realization as you are guided to the opening of your soul’s divine plan.

The mirrors of life are being shown to you so you may see where you are, what your commitments are, and what reality you are choosing for yourself.

As you look at the mirrors, you are realizing that you have not accepted your feelings. In fact, you have been committed to avoiding them through the choices you have made (playing it safe, avoiding rejection or anger of others, risk of failure, ignoring feelings of dissatisfaction, etc.)

This has allowed you to remain in lack and limitation and comfort zones that do not support your highest good.

Consequently you have felt dissatisfied and unfulfilled—signs of the unrealized self.

So we ask, has your life been shaped primarily by:

. Factors outside of yourself (pressures and judgments of parents, authority figures, culture, etc.)?


. Priorities of your heart (your inner self)?


1. Over the next week, continue to examine your habits, patterns, and attachments, and notice which stand out.

2. To which of the following do your habits, patterns, and attachments apply:
. Are you committed to avoiding your feelings and staying in your comfort zones and in lack and limitation? For example, are you avoiding what you resonate with because it may appear impractical, you lack experience, you’re not good enough, you fear rejection, etc.?
. Are you committed to moving toward what you say you want, what resonates in your heart, the path toward life mastery?

Many feelings may come up that you have always tried to avoid: fear, sadness, anger, etc. Accept your feelings with compassion.

3. Write down:

. Which habits, patterns, and attachments need to be changed?

. The choices you have before you. See how you can simplify and how you can change what   needs to be changed.

Notice that most, if not all, of your habits patterns and attachments (including your fears) cause you to 
focus on things outside of yourself.

It is time now to take that attention from outside and move it within so that you may begin to take responsibility for you and make choices that reflect your truth.

Let go of blaming outside factors for your feelings or the conditions of your life. They just reflect your choices.


You are learning there is a power brewing inside you—the desire for self-expression. There is power in your voice and your word, and you want to express all of you.

You have something to say, something to offer, and you are strong enough to stop focusing your attention “out there” and to change your patterns and attachments that keep you in lack and limitation.

It is time to explore the unrealized self.

1. Ask and write down:  

      . What is important to me?

      . What have I not expressed within myself that I would like to express now?
      . What gifts and talents do I have that can help me express my unrealized self?

Accept your feelings and have compassion for what is revealed to you so you can understand that you have choices.

By taking responsibility for yourself, you are tapping into your power, the power of one, the power of the I AM. I AM in charge. I AM the creator. I AM the source.

2. Over the next week, focus on the inner self as the creator. Acknowledge what has been revealed to you, and share your revelations and feelings with your group.

You are now fully acknowledging the commitment you are making to you.


As you do these exercises, you are beginning to realize that what you have made so important is not so important. Your old behaviors were simply holding you in a place of lack and limitation where attachments, habits, and patterns are concerned.

You are beginning to understand that they reflect the attention you place outside of yourself. They are not as important as moving toward life mastery, which involves looking inside yourself to bring your gifts and talents out into the world in ways that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Like it or not, by making this commitment to you during this program, all the feelings you have been trying to avoid are coming to the surface for you now.

Many of you are beginning to feel feelings you have never felt before because these were the feelings you feared enough to resist or avoid.

That is a sign that you are shifting your attention and commitment from things that helped you avoid your feelings to the unrealized self in the depth of your heart.

Accept and assimilate your feelings and have compassion for yourself.

You are fine-tuning and simplifying the ways in which you are moving toward life mastery.


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