Friday, December 6, 2013

LIFE MASTERY: Release Attachments That Do Not Serve Your Highest Good

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Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author 

Jeff Fasano, Trance Channel Photographer and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart 




You are here to learn to tap into the power within, the power of creation.

Creation is about creating the new—that which has never been.

You are experiencing a master shift. You are opening your heart to navigate that passageway into your inner truth—to be able to love, feel, express, and embody the depth of your truth.

This program allows the transmutation of old patterns—whereby you examine your old patterns and, if you choose, change them in a positive way.

You are looking to move from a place of limitation to a place of power.

You are looking to free yourself from attachments outside yourself that have limited you and to harness your power of self-expression to bring your gifts and talents into the world.


It is important to identify your attachments outside of yourself, which may offer some level of gratification or comfort but are keeping you in lack and limitation.

Notice how you use your attachments to look outside of yourself for validation and permission to express your truth.


Look outside of yourself to see the mirrors (people and circumstances) that will show you your attachments.

1. Ask and write down:

    . What am I attached to outside of myself (people, places, things)?
    . What do the attachments outside of myself represent to me?
    . What do my attachments allow me to do or not do?
    . How do my attachments bring me validation and gratification?
    . Are any of my attachments really addictions?
    . How do my attachments help or hinder my ability to be me?
    . Which attachments stifle my voice? (Usually relates to family.)  

2. What do I need to change?

     . Whether or not I decide to change, what issues will I still be avoiding?

3. Decide what you need to change.

Your ability to release and let go will reveal your power to fully individuate.

     When you begin to look at and understand your specific attachments, strong feelings may come up as you recall specific situations in which you have not stated your needs, expressed your truth, or set your boundaries.

      Identify these situations and have the feelings.

This may be a time of letting go and cutting cords, including relationships with some wonderful people who no longer serve your highest good.

Ultimately, this is about your highest good, which will translate into the highest good for all.


You may be tested with deep feelings, including the fear of being alone.

Many of you have never been alone.

Many do not understand what truly being alone is.

Being truly alone involves life masteryfully standing alone, fully making that choice, fully letting go of the attachments to what is outside of you.

The willingness to completely stand alone is an important step in fully taking responsibility for your own life.

Identifying and seeing your attachments will reveal to you how you resist being alone and may trigger core feelings and wounds.


1. Spontaneously, from your heart, write down your definition of alone.

(To connect with the authentic you and create a new path for your life, you must be willing to stand alone, individuated, honoring and valuing who you are.)

Your definition may surprise you.

2. Ask yourself:
. What does being alone mean to me?
. Can I be alone?
. Do I enjoy being alone?
. Am I giving what I need to myself?
. Am I looking outside myself to get what I think I lack?
. Can I stand alone, loving, honoring, and giving to myself?

3. During this next week, be alone with you as much as you can. You will begin to find out what it is like to be truly alone. Many of you have negative connotations about being alone:

. “I have been fighting the feeling of being alone all my life.
. “Alone is bad.”
. “Alone means I am not liked or loved.”

Be with the feelings that come up for you and write them down.

4. The experience of being alone will help you begin to assess your relationship with yourself and how that affects your relationships with others. Record in your journal your experience of being alone and your answers to these questions:

.  Am I giving what I need to myself? 

Or am I looking outside myself to get what I think is not within me?

.  What could I give to myself that would allow me to stand alone, loving, honoring, and giving to myself?


This lesson challenges you to identify where drama pervades your life with attachments that do not serve your highest good—how putting situations and people on pedestals challenges your sense of equality and compromises your ability to identify, develop, and use your unique gifts and talents. Ask yourself:

. Do I see myself as equal, or do I look to others to determine my truth?

. Am I ready to move to a place of equality and power and to exercise that power for my full self-expression?

Picture a staircase. You are at the bottom of this staircase. Each lesson in this program as you complete the exercises (which help you look at your life) is another step up that staircase.

You are ascending into life mastery. You are ascending to your place in the world and integrating yourself into your new life.

You are beginning to tap into the power within, the power of creation.


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