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LIFE MASTERY: Break Old Habits and Patterns That Keep You In Lack and Limitation

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Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author

Jeff Fasano, Trance Channel, Photographer and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart 




You realize that significant aspects of what’s old in your life no longer work. On your life journey, you have come to an intersection or perhaps the end of the road.

In many ways you are at the end of an old life and are looking ahead to move into a new life. But you are not sure what that new life looks like or where it will take you.

The new life represents your soul’s divine plan. It is not a job or a relationship or any one thing you are supposed to do. There are many facets to your soul plan. They come from knowing who you are.

The wounded little girl or boy who lives inside you has guided your life up to this point. It is now time to move into full self-individuation from mom and dad to release shame and judgment.

Approach these lessons with the intention of healing the wounds of the inner child.

As an adult you may invite the child to walk hand in hand with you as you make this journey. You guide the child.

You will heal sufficiently to fulfill your soul purpose as long as you keep awakening to yourself.

At this intersection, before you move forward on the new road, it is time to stop and look behind you at old habits and patterns.

Moving forward requires leaving fragments of your old life behind—especially old habits and patterns that may allow you to feel “safe” or “comfortable” but keep you in lack and limitation.


1. Identify and write down habits (including ways of thinking) and behavior patterns that keep you in lack and limitation. 

Ask yourself:

. What are my specific patterns and habits that I know limit me?
. Which patterns and habits do I desperately want to move out of but just can’t seem to?
. Why do I maintain these patterns?

You maintain these habits and patterns because they give you the illusion of being in control of your life. You are essentially saying to yourself: “If I follow this pattern, it is going to lead me somewhere.”

Ask yourself:

. Where are these patterns leading me?

Answer: to a place that is familiar and comfortable. These patterns are guiding you to places where you may say you don’t want to be, but you are very comfortable being there. These patterns offer you the “comfort” of knowing where you are going because they lead you to the “security” of the familiaras opposed to allowing your heart to move you into the  “insecurity” of the unknown.

2. Once you identify what these habits and patterns are, ask: 

. Can I accept where I am?

(This program is teaching you compassion and acceptance for yourself and for others. Accepting yourself with compassion frees you to make new life choices.)

3. Once you have accepted where you are, ask:  

. What do I need to change?
. Can I make another choice?

Your ego may come up with warnings, such as, “The status quo is fine. Change is risky and scary.” Be with the feelings that come up. These feelings are in the depth of your heart where you find your truth. Emotions are feelings in motion. Feel your feelings, and they will move, change, and usually pass.

4.     Decide to make a new choice. Be with the feelings that come up. Begin to feel the feelings of taking responsibility for your life—that you are the source and creator that can change your life.
5.     Then open to a new idea, a new thought, and a new vision simply by making a new choice.

Accept the feelings that come up when you make a decision to change your old patterns and adopt new behaviors. Your feelings will help you understand why you remain in and continue the old patterns and why you have been committed to them.

You are now breaking a lineage of past customs and patterns handed down to you by your      parents, their parents, and their parents’ parents. You are making a choice to energetically cut those links. You will begin to feel energetic shifts within your body as you begin to break the lineage.

    Those old habits and patterns influence the life that you live now and will influence your future unless you identify them for what they are and make a choice to break that chain.


Meditate on the answers you have given in exercise one. Listen to what you hear, not with your mind but with your heart. Allow yourself to feel, to see, to hear, and to trust that you can move into the unknownthe unknown being in the depth of your heart. As you meditate, ask:

1. What habits and patterns (routines) do I repeat every day that I find comfortable and familiar that lead me to a place of lack and limitation as opposed to a place of self-expressionabundance, and prosperity?

2. Which habits and patterns need to be broken?

3. What do I need to do to change them?

4. Visualize yourself making the choice to change the habit or pattern without concerning yourself about the result. (In this program, let go of thinking about results.)
      This process teaches you to be in the moment of the unknown where the wounded inner child looks out on the road of possibility called the unknownwhere creation takes place.

Remember, making this change will begin to break a lineage passed down from your biological family and your culture. You will be creating a resonance and a vibration of energy that will allow the macrocosm to break its chain and its lineage. You will be, in effect, telling the universe: That pattern ends here!

This is where you begin to take responsibility for creating the life you want.


This program prepares you for world service by moving you fully into your heart—your inner truth. Release the mind, the thought process of the ego. Fully immerse yourself in the depth of your heart.

Listen to what you hear, what you see, and what you feel, not with your mind but with your heart. Begin to trust, to move into the unknown, into your heart.

This lesson is the first step in helping you shift old habits and patterns and release the energy of the old way of life, which no longer resonates for you.

Continue to observe where you are as you lead yourself toward what you say you want. Answer these questions to assess where you are at any moment.

. Who am I?
. What am I feeling?
. Where am I in the moment?
. How well do I know myself in this moment?
. How am I feeling about my life now?
. Where is my sense of self?
. Where is my power?
. Where am I still looking outside of me for others to define who I am?
. Where do I think of myself as powerless or not good enough
. Where am I still hiding?
Your answers will change as you move through the program. 


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