Saturday, July 4, 2015



Do you know what true freedom is?Freedom is not something you need to protect. Freedom is not something you fight for. Freedom is a natural aspect of the self. You are naturally free. True freedom is full self responsibility, taking care of you individually and taking responsibility for yourself. Being responsible for you. True freedom is understanding who you are. True freedom is understanding and knowing your uniqueness. True freedom and independence is you fully expressing the depth and breadth of you. True freedom is knowing your divine essence. True freedom is a natural state of being-ness. Do you need to fight to be you? Perhaps through your wounds. Do you need to protect you to be you? It is not something that is protected, that is fought for, it is a natural, organic state of being-ness. It is up to you if you so choose to move within to the depth and breadth of your heart space to rediscover and remember the depth and breadth of your divine essence. 

You are innately and divinely free.

You are free
No need to protect this
No need to fight for it
For this perpetuates duality

Freedom is divinely yours.
The fight for it is a manufactured affect to hold duality in place.
To keep you separated and then isolated.
To fight for it means you are separated,  a separatist who needs to prove your worthiness.

You have been instilled with the belief that fighting for your freedom is just and honorable.

If you keep this up you will come to realize you are fighting because you enjoy the fight. For the fight isn’t about freedom it is the fight to be right.

The spiritual warrior knows this and struggles with the challenges this represents. For it is he who knows the truth, the divine truth that you are free yet it comes with a price. That price is responsibility.

True freedom is true responsibility.
Are you fighting for responsibility?
What are you fighting for the warrior asks.
Why fight? What separate? Why Love?

It is your responsibility to speak these truths, to speak your heart, to speak your love.

If it is true freedom you desire then be prepared for the responsibility that comes with it. It is responsibility that frightens you and why many still follow the herd.

If it is freedom you desire one needs to work within and heal your uniqueness to yourself. For when one does that,  it is you who then can express it.

This is Freedom.

For when you suppress this you will see its mirror outside of you. It is then you will begin to fight through your defense and the fight will be eternal.

Release your self imposed suppression of who you truly are then the cloud will lift and the mirror will change its reflection. And you will know you are free and always have been. 

Rejoice in the knowledge
Rejoice in your heart 
Know your truth
The truth of peace, joy and love
And you will be guided to your source in the oneness of being, the uniqueness of you.

Peace be bestowed upon you now.
For now and forever.

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