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ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! A Divine Destination: Your Divinity

A Divine Destination: Your Divinity

From the Great White Brotherhood 

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

All of your lifetimes lead to the same destination (how and when you get there are you choices): the eternal connection to your divinity. You need not believe this, it does not matter. For you will come to this truth on your own when you are ready through your freedom of will and choice.

You will reach your divine destination when you have learned all you need to learn by not knowing it. One of your favorite learning tools is learning 'what is' through 'what is not.' You have eons of examples of this. There are easier ways to learn but this seems to be the one most of you prefer and need.

Your judgment, shaming, blaming, duality, separation and confrontation are some of your favorite dense frequency tools to the divine destination of which we speak. Dear ones there are no right or wrong, or good or bad to the process: it simply 'is' These are all aspects of the same thing. Darkness allows you to know there is light.

When you reach your divine destination (your direct connection to ALL THERE IS) only you need to know and accept and welcome your arrival.

Dear ones, your life on this planet have been a constant beginning, not an end. Your extended purpose in being will grow and expand when you set yourself free from the dense frequency where you currently reside; to become the master teachers of the universe.  (The reason you signed on to all this!). The most essential tool in gaining your freedom is your resonance and discernment; these will show you your UNIQUE PATH to your destination of divinity.

As you have heard many times before, the universe would be incomplete without each and every one of you (this includes the minerals, plants and animals, as well). Can you receive this truth now? Take a deep breath and receive some more of this truth now.

None of your journey is about real or unreal, seen or unseen, or knowledge; it is about truth and wisdom (collected over many lifetimes). Wisdom is truth reflecting the Cosmic Law of Love that being you and God.

Love and truth are inseparable, eternal and unchanging. These can be known but not changed. Love and truth are the essential aspects of ALL THERE IS; they are beyond teaching and time. These can be best found within and through a personal process examination of yourself. (See LIFE MASTERY).

Dear ones your journey has no beginning, it has no end. IT SIMPLY IS a choice you made in agreeing to be human, experiencing all aspects of humanity being God. In reality none of your 3D life path can exist apart from the higher realms from whence it originated.

Your 3D world is composed of beliefs in opposites and separate wills, often leading to confrontation. Look at your world right now. This world leads to constant resistance since it is not really who you are.

The good news is that you are in the process of waking up and knowing your life and world have been illusions you created in order to learn from it and to leave it. It's all been a 'Lover-versity'. The world you have created is merely a reflection of your internal relationship with yourself based upon a lack of love.  Since love is the building block of ALL THERE IS, and ALL THERE IS is all there is; it can ask for nothing else.

As you continue to wake up from your 3D illusion by accepting with compassion and forgiving why you created it all, you can chose forgiveness. Through forgiveness you can remember who you are and why you are here by releasing/graduating yourself from the cosmic classroom you created to now know the truth:

You are God experiencing itself in all ways in order to master density, release yourself from it in order to enter and be in service to ALL THERE IS.  Remember always, this will allow you to become the master teachers of the universe, your purpose in being here.

Now you are remembering. For what we have just said is all stored in your heart. Access your heart dear ones, when you forget again. It is all eternally stored there.

*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages 
by Phillip Elton Collins. 


In reality formless best describes 
Our true state of beingness.

Right now I am housing my formlessness, 
In a human body,
But oddly enough
I am almost ready to set that form 
Aside and ride away
And decide another day,
If I’ll come this way, again.

One’s form serves only a brief respite 
While relates to the journey 
One supports,
In a particular point in time,
And port.

No matter what form I choose,
 I can never really lose 


Greetings from the White Brotherhood from the halls of Amante in what you call the advanced civilization of Atlantis.

We come to you at this time to recognize the healing of the assertive masculine energy that your endeavor has recently gone through.  An endeavor that we learned all too painfully ourselves in Atlantis when we were a divine ten island civilization in the Atlantic Ocean many millennia ago.

The new endeavor has been working with the balancing of the masculine and feminine energy with the endeavors and journeys that you have been participating in with our beloved Lumeria and their home upon Mt. Shasta. We come to you at this time because your work also includes the balancing of the masculine energy with the feminine directly working in concert with us.

The gateway to us lies underneath the great pyramid in Giza. It is no coincidence that all of you have taken your initiation in the temple above this Gateway. It is your connection to this mission at this time. The Great Pyramid was built by we of the Great White Brotherhood. It was not built by the Egyptians nor was it built when your histories are telling you it was built.

This telecommunication center you call the Great Pyramid is part of a global inter-solar and inter-galaxy telecommunication system which was activated by the statue of what you call the Sphinx in front of this great pyramid. This activation of what you call the Sphinx had been deactivated due to the density of the veil put upon humanity through the misuse of its power. Its misuse being directed to all that is.

The time has come for the reactivation and the rebooting of the Sphinx, which was originally built for a goddess whose name has been lost in your Earth time, who was in charge and still is in charge of all the pyramids throughout your planet and all of the pyramids throughout your solar system.

All of the pyramids and the crystalline information that lies within them is being activated at this time. And you are aware through many ancient scrolls, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Emerald Scrolls and other scrolls that are being activate. The resonant information that will come out of these scrolls will be downloaded into each of you directly. 

It will become a very important part of your mission, if you choose to accept it, to bring these truths in concert with the Archangelic Realm that we work in concert with; to humanity as part of the process you call the Ascension Process of your planet.

Many of you are planning important celebrations and ceremonies on your gateway point. This is one of many activations that will be taking place.

You will, as a part of each of your divine soul plans, be participating in this in addition to the resonances you have with the frequencies that are uniquely a part of each of your divine soul plans via the Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Adama, the mother Mary energy or any other star frequencies that will be coming into your realm.

You have gone through a great healing, dear brothers. You have been tested. You are continuing to be tested in your relationship with self and in your relationship with one another. But you have moved beyond the half-way point of that, haven’t you dear ones? Acknowledge the healing that was necessary for the work that you are about to embark upon.

It is an exciting and challenging time, and as you know, it will be a time of chaos within your frequency as those entities and frequencies that have held control of you for the time that they have comes to an end. They are willing and able to fight to the end.  Know this truth. It is only your light and the work that you are embarking upon that will support the divine destiny of Mother Earth who has chosen to ascend to a higher frequency thus intern all of you within and upon her body to do the same if you so choose.

 As has been explained to you, it will be a difficult time for those not choosing this choice at this time. And if necessary, many of them will be relocated to other galaxies to continue their incarnational cycles of freedom of choice and freedom of will which has been a blessing and a curse to your planet. But it is a gift that has been given to you and we and all other frequencies working in concert with us have no desire, no right to interfere with it.

More of you on your planet at this time are participating in this. Some of you are conscious of it; some of you are not. Some of you have no idea what is happening and many of you are making it happen.

So this will be one of many encounters you will download yourselves. It will not be just through the channel we are coming through at this time. He has alerted you, if you so choose, one of your next sacred journeys will be the participation of the vortices located with these endeavors. They are throughout your planet, some most actively in the northwest portion of Brazil. They are within the Madeira platforms on your continent. They are within the Peruvian Machu Picchu range and elsewhere. (Something about them being activated.) And you will be alerted and connected to all of those in your endeavors who will be likeminded, like spirited and like endeavored with the work that you are embarking upon.

Endeavors that you have been involved with thus far are only a beginning and a foundation of where your work can and will go if you so choose. We support you. We acknowledge the difficulties you go through within your frequency and we thank you for making that choice which you did make many, many eons ago to remain in this frequency and see through the lifting of the veil, dear ones.

It has not been an easy journey but it has been a necessary journey for you have needed to experience every aspect of the veil in order to prevent returning to it again. As you know, Lemuria and Atlantis and the early stages of Egypt, now the civilizations, whose names have been lost to you, did not succeed. They failed in their divine soul plans. Many chose to go into a higher frequency to hold the truth that is coming through them to you at this time to be preserved.

We take our leave at this time with this message, and know, if you allow we will come to you periodically and we will come to any one of you at any time.

It rather startled the channel that we are coming through this morning that this was to happen. But he received it joyfully and we ask you to do the same when it comes. So remember, dear ones, there are beautiful, beautiful endeavors of higher frequencies surrounding you. You are a formless eternal being of energy and light. That is your true nature. That is your connection to all that there is. And soon we shall all be connected in oneness. 

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