Friday, July 17, 2015


Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received & Written by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

“Freedom of choice and will and your divine destiny are promised to each of you and integrated in your purpose (soul plan) in being here,” Archangel Uriel.

Dear Beloved Angel News Network Soul Family,

As we approach the end of 2014 and head fast into the New Year 2015, let us review some tools and wisdom from higher realms which can assist us in creating the world we say we want, knowing we are the creators creating.

If it resonates, let us now open our knowing hearts (moving from our believing minds) to all the possibilities and probabilities of us creating a new paradigm, rather than resignation to what has been in the past and currently in the  present, knowing “being present is the present.”

Within the unseen higher realms there is an unbroken wholeness, a divine order, out of which all events manifest. It is the lost truth of this which has and is creating much of the imbalance in our world. All we humans have chosen to be an essential aspect of this unbroken/united/integrated whole (call it what you may).  One of the most important roles of humanity is to individually and collectively allow an opening/portal (moving beyond our minds) to receive the divine order manifesting. This allows the integration of higher realms with the human soul and spirit and our being into doing.

The integration of the higher realm with the human allows an extraordinary empowering personal process, assisting humanity in feeling and creating new realities. We humans move from children to adult allowing all needs and questions of the child to be fulfilled. In effect, the wounded inner child is healed and freed to become the elevated adult.

The conventional view of our reality is largely based upon positional personal power and ego based accomplishments. But the ascended view of reality is based upon creating a frequency in which we constantly expand and grow and become more capable of participating in our unfolding future. This allows the tools of synchronistic nature and marvelous miracles to manifest.

The opportunity and ability to truly participate in our unfolding future has to do with our ‘being’; our doing based upon our being, our awakened state of being conscious. So often our lives are based upon doing without knowing neither who we are nor why we are here. Once we have the who and why in place as our foundation, we can build the what, where, when and how.

Creation is a moment by moment domain in which we all constantly deepen our wisdom of reality and choose to participate in creating the future. Then we can individually and collectively see what is needed to emerge in the world and have the compassion and commitment to create what is needed.



The planet, the Earth is a living, conscious being with organs (air, water, minerals, oil, gas, light, etc.) in order to maintain and sustain itself, like ourselves. The ignorance and arrogance of humanity and how it continues to abuse its very home is a reflection of how humanity feels about itself. If we intend to survive, it is time to create a new awareness that knows the planet, humanity and the universe is an open, dynamic, integrated organism. What effects one affects all.  Once we understand and accept the true reality of our world and the universe, this immediately closes the old doors and locks them and opens new doors for change and improvement. We know that the future is not fixed and controlled by the few over the many, and we can shift from resignation to creating the new. What do you choose?  Our leaders reflect we who choose them.


It has been spoken for eons that “the only relationship we are having is the one with self”. How we feel and think about our self is constantly reflected out into our relationships with others and the world. You cannot judge, shame or blame another without first doing this to self. Once we have mastered self, we shall no longer have wounded little boys and girls running the world and often destroying each other and our planet. This is a healing process of inside out, not outside in. In fact, relationship is the organizing principle of the universe. All relationships are reaching inward then outward to all other things. Since we are all dense energy, through interaction with other energy sources, we create. Once we know that relationship is the defining principle of the universe, we can see and accept one another as essential aspects of the whole. The universe would be incomplete without each of us. The next step is to then know we are all one.


Our readiness to commitment is fundamental to any shift. Many of us believe that commitment is doing anything in order to succeed. But there is a higher frequency aspect of commitment beyond human will transcending into willingness. This is an inner divine voice (aspect of self) that gently guides us through our soul plan (our reason to be here). The key ingredient within this type of commitment is a knowing trust that allows a statue of surrender.  This surrender (to not knowing) to all possibilities and probabilities allows us to know the fragments within our soul plans, our destiny. It is at this consciousness we shift our relationship with the future. We know and see ourselves as an essential aspect of this world and unfolding future and universe. It is at this point in relationship to self and all there is, this state of beingness, our life is organically fused with meaning, value and purpose. We release our unhealed self and unfree will to our divine beingness. At this point we see the power and gift of commitment.

The moment we fully commit to anything there is no fear, doubt or ignorance (the monster of mankind). Once we commit, we move beyond our wounds and ego defenses to be and do who we are. Not being who we truly are kills countless manifestations of creation and prevents the elementary truth: We are the Creator creating. Then a pathway is cleared with grace and ease that no human ever dreamed before. You know your feelings, thoughts and actions are the countenance of Creation, your commitment.


Once we are able to commit, a cosmic flow of energy (meaning, value and purpose) commences. Through our resonance communities of equality, harmony and balance begin to form. When we are in a state of surrender, the universal laws of attraction come into play due to the authentic and transparent truth of our beingness (not because we are special; we are simply showing the way), and the full possibilities of the future appear. Through commitment and the communities we create, we move from self, to others, to the world and beyond in full service and gratitude for what is (rather than what is not).


At this crucial time in our planetary and human evolution many universal laws and messages are coming to us again to further support our pathway (such as this one). Understanding synchronicity is one of them.  It is no accident or coincidence that this message or the people in your life are there now. The events and people we need in our life now are the very people we need in correlation to our commitment. Old doors close and lock,  new doors open, a sense of grace and ease develops and we find we are interacting in a cohesive community of people who may not even be (yet) conscious of one another. In effect we have moved and are acting from the me to the we in a new paradigm of unity. This is the cosmic wheel of divine order moving all events forward. Then our lives become a series of non-mindful, marvelous miracles.


Again, all of the above is a process of inside out, not outside. The non-mindful, marvelous miracles of life are about our consciousness of character through our being more than our doing. Our world and humanity stand at a vital juncture in our evolutionary path. If we so choose, it is time to free ourselves from ourselves and allow our destiny as divine beings to emerge and create a new and glorious future. What do you choose?


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