Friday, July 31, 2015


Teachings of Michael
A Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

It Is Not About Me 

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart and open to the grandness of self to move out into the world in the grandness of self. We come to you at this important time and ask you to take a look back. 

We also ask you take out a pad and pen and at the top write down, "It is Not About Me" and then make a list of your intentions. If you have taken the oath to move into We Consciousness we ask you to look in the mirror. When the mirror faces you and you look into it might you see that what is reflected back may be where you may have made it all about you? Are you truly in We Consciousness? This a period of time where you could look at all the aspects of self that surfaced within you. If in fact you are moving into We Consciousness it is time to take a deeper look at what is being revealed to you in the mirror. Look dear ones at where you still may be making everything about you and may not know it because you are in a blind spot. At this time this is very important as you move into We Consciousness. 

So We ask you to close your eyes and ask yourself, "Am I still making it about me?" 

Then ask this: "When the mirror from my brethren and others reflects back to me, can I look at where I still might be making it about me? Am I open to receive this?" 

If you are moving into your heart space and opening to receive love to refine and define yourself on your pathway to self-mastery this is a vital step in We Consciousness. If it is important for you to master the self, then when in We Consciousness, it is important to allow the mirror to reflect back to you what needs to be refined and defined.  There is no judgement and shame with this dear ones. It may simply be a mere suggestion for you to look at where the narcissism of the me is still involved that is based upon your wounds and old defense patterns. 

This refine-ment and define-ment process is to look at where you still may be in the narcissism of the me so you can see this and bring it to the fore.  Have your feelings that come up within you when the mirror reflects back to you what you may not see in your blind spot. All of this is based in the narcissism of the me and in your old wounds. Dear ones it is not "all about me".

After you do this write down your intentions that is based on manifestation. What do you intend to manifest both personally and in your endeavors. 

Your portals of energy will be opening to guide those who are committed in the idealistic theory of We Consciousness. Look at the idealistic concept of we consciousness. If you are walking the path of the light worker and way shower it is about embodying and being We Consciousness. This is why We suggested to look into the mirror to see if there is a blind spot where the narcissism of the me is still in effect where you make it all about you. There will be five specific multi-dimensional energies from fifth dimensional sources that will move in to guide and support those who made the choice and taken the oath to move into we consciousness.  

What We are bringing you at this time is the first step in refining and defining to bring you to a greater awareness and consciousness of yourself as you begin to move into We Consciousness. You are therefore human and from time to time move into blind spots. When someone may simply bring to the fore your blind spot, how does this make you feel?  Are you reacting? And based upon your conditioning may think you are being judged and shamed, doing it right or wrong, this way or that way, either/or? This process is a part of We Consciousness. For those who intend to make others aware of their blind spot it is important to be aware as to how to communicate it so it can be received by another in their open heart with love.  Since you are committed to move into We Consciousness it is important to be aware of this. 

Most of our messages will now be geared toward We Consciousness. We have brought many teachings to you and most of them have been guiding you to self realization consciousness through exercises, lessons and messages.  In many ways you have reached the capacity of these teachings. It is now about implementing these teachings, messages, lessons and exercises.  So We will come to you with how you can begin to implement  the teachings within yourself and  giving them to the masses. We have just given you the first "How To" step to implement we consciousness by making your list and seeing if you still make it about you. 

As these five multi-dimensional energies move into your earthly plain they will form a high vibrational energetic corridor that will support and guide you into We Consciousness. Fifth dimensional energies will more readily join and remain with you in the third dimension. Fifth dimensional beings are now moving into your third dimension, And based upon the individuals resonance and vibration, some will be able to see these beings and some will  interact with them. This will happen at specific vortexes on your earthly plain and you might be called to a vortex to join with these beings. This is all based upon your resonance and vibration to connect with these beings and energies on your earthly plain. Some of you may see them in the physical form. Some may connect with them energetically in their heart space and with a knowingness that they are connected in the form of the third dimension.  These energies will reside in the new form in your third dimension that is community, harmony and equality and we consciousness. 

We have come to you with the We Consciousness Conversations and called them conversations because We included you. So We ask you: 

Are you having conversations when you are giving your endeavors and your modalities? 

Are you including others? 


Are you still standing at the pulpit and telling everyone what you know? 

This is based upon your wounds. 

As We conclude at this time, We now let you know that  specific multi-dimensional portals will be opening. It will be a combination of star realms including those of the Arcturian and Pleiadian star realms. A portal from the Inter-Galactic Federation will open that will guide, support and in many ways protect those who have chosen to open to the being-ness in their heart space to do this work.   We use the word protection not as a defense mechanism for what you may think may be out there to circumvent your pathway. 

No Dear Ones, this is a protection of love, peace and equality.  It is an intention.  Two additional portals will open. One from the Orion Star system that will contain various messages. The Arcturian portal will be a streamlined masculine energy. The Pleiadian portal will be a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. These energies will ground the entire portal. The Arcturian and Pleiadian portals will balance the male and female energies.  

The Inter-Galactic energy will move directly down the center.  What will form will be a five pointed portal. The Inter-Galactic energy will move down in the center to hold the portal in place. On the upper right will be the Pleiadian energy. The lower left will be the Arcturain energy.  The upper left will be the Orion energy and the lower right will be the Lemurian energy.  These energies will balance each other. It will be a five sided star where four sides will intersect through the middle where the Inter Galactic Federation energy will be. The four energies will combine in the middle and surround the individual moving on the pathway as the way shower and light worker. These energies will work in concert with each other thus forming a fifth dimensional We Consciousness. 

So as We take out leave We ask you, "Is it still all about you?"

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