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When you are alone and feeling lonely this is a sure sign you are in need of a loving relationship with yourself...


Jeshua is the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness and presents himself to us as an energy from the Fifth Dimensional realm. He calls himself the overseer, the direct descendant and the bearer of the teachings that will allow us to connect with the Christ energy within so that we may bring the messages of the Christ Consciousness to the world during this lifetime and lifetimes to come.

Jeshua came to us with a message inviting us to receive what he called Six Sacred Messages. We accepted that invitation and gathered the following six weeks and received these wonderful lessons.

These Six Sacred Messages (channeled by Jeff Fasano) guide those of us who have chosen to be the Light Workers, the Way Showers to take the next steps on the path to higher consciousness. They assist in releasing the remnants of issues connected with the Third Dimension to be who we are and focus on our mission and purpose in this lifetime.

Channeled by Jeff Fasano 

From the kingdom on high We come to you at this most glorious time. From the mount We come to you. This is the Lord Jeshua and We come to you with the second installment of the Six Sacred Messages. Welcome Dear Ones.

Dear Ones, where are you feeling emptiness? Is there emptiness within you? Do you feel there is still emptiness in the depth and breadth of your soul? Are you living your soul’s divine plan? Have you reached the gateway at the intersection to connect with your divine plan?

This message is about being alone. So We ask you to look at this. In the first message we asked you to look outside of you in the third dimension to see your attachments to it. And to look at your relationships to see if you can walk arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder from the foothill to the mount with those in the relationships that resonate for you. Are these wonderful and glorious souls with whom you resonate living their purpose? Have they found it, and do they know who they are? Do they know why they are here and their talents and gifts? Are they ready to walk with you up the mountain to the mount? We ask you to continue to look at your relationships.

Each message and lesson of these Six Sacred messages compounds upon itself--meaning, that which we asked you to do in the first message, we ask you to continue doing throughout this series. Continue looking at your relationships to see if they resonate for you in relation to your purpose in this lifetime.

Begin now to look at aloneness. Are the relationships you are having right now not resonating for you as the Light Worker and as one who is ready to be and live your purpose in this lifetime? Those with whom you are forming your new soul family have found this purpose and are those with whom you will be walking arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder up the mount to live and be your purpose if you so choose. So you can live and be the message to then, as messengers, relay the messages to those outside of you in your third dimensional realm who resonate and vibrate as you and have a similar purpose. You will move with the new soul family to enlighten those outside of you in group consciousness to then raise the consciousness, resonance and vibration of your earthly plain.

So have you seen the remnants of your attachments to the third dimension? Have you seen you residing in the old third dimensional world of form? Where are you still being of the third dimension where what is happening outside of you fully affects your beingness? Is what is happening outside of you affecting your beingness? Does the energy outside of you in the third dimension raise your level of resonance and vibration within? Or does it have an opposite effect?

Continue looking at all of this.

We bring you to aloneness. If in fact you see the relationships outside of you that no longer can be maintained and sustained by the new resonance within the depth of you, you just might find yourself alone. Look at aloneness and at your self in aloneness. Can you look directly into your eyes in the mirror and know that being alone is exactly where you need to be if, in fact, that is where you are.

Then within that power of aloneness can you create a new soul family? You are beginning to create this. Are you still in relationship with those outside of you who no longer resonate for you in order to avoid being alone? Are you still in these relationships to avoid aloneness? Are you perpetuating old energetic connections in order to avoid being alone? It is most important that you now begin to look at this.

We now bring you to yourself. Can you bring you to yourself and be in the power of you where you no longer need anyone or anything outside of you to enable you to be in that power? Can you stand in your power alone? And as others do this, can you now choose your relationships from a place of full individuation and full power and sense of self? And based upon knowing who you are, your talents and gifts and your purpose in this lifetime, can you climb to the mount alone-- also doing it hand in hand with those who are doing it themselves as well, thus congregating with a new relationship at a higher vibration and resonance?

So We ask you, are you alone? Are you fully standing in your power alone, no longer needing anything or anyone outside of you to fill up what you perceive to be emptiness within? Is there emptiness within? In your life, is there something or someone who isn’t there? Are you there? Can you stand alone in your powerfulness? We ask you to look at this and look to see your old habits and patterns that you use to avoid standing in your power.

You are moving to a place of power. You are the light workers. You are those who will be forming the new, the new soul family and the new world of community, harmony and equality. The reason why We had asked you to look outside of you at the third dimension and see what is old there and the old relationships is because that is what you are leaving behind. You are closing the door behind you to the old and are now moving on the pathway into the unknown in the powerfulness of you to create the new. It is not about changing the old. It is about allowing the old to be where it is without lending any energy to it that will sustain and maintain it.

When you look at the old in the third dimension you are looking at the macrocosm. Looking at the old within you is the microcosm. You have moved within through a process from our brethren the beholden Michael to release the old habits, patterns and rituals. Michael has given you various messages, exercises and lessons to move within to release that which is old. You’ve done this so you can fully remember the essence of you and remember your talents and gifts so you can connect to your soul’s divine purpose in this lifetime. Yet, in order to make your way up the mountain to the mount, it is now time to fully release the old--the old attachments to the third dimensional realm that hold you in place, so you can fully release being of that world where you look for yourself outside of yourself in the third dimension.

So We ask you, are you still looking for you outside of you and for validation and gratification in order to fill up a mythical emptiness within to avoid being alone? We also ask you, what do you believe is taking place in the third dimensional realm and what is your truth? You have found your truth within, so look outside of you and ask, does the third dimensional realm still hold a place for you? Or can you now close the door to the old and move on the pathway into the unknown to create the new? This is the new that needs to be formed for lifetimes to come.

Jeff Fasano is a trance channel for Archangel Michael and the author of Journey of the Awakened Heart.



Book excerpt from LIFE MASTERY

You may be tested with deep feelings, including the fear of being alone.

Many of you have never been alone.

Many do not understand what truly being alone is.

Being truly alone involves life mastery—fully standing alone, fully making that choice, fully letting go of the attachments to what is outside of you.

The willingness to completely stand alone is an important step in fully taking responsibility for your own life.

Identifying and seeing your attachments will reveal to you how you resist being alone and may trigger core feelings and wounds.


1. Spontaneously, from your heart, write down your definition of alone.

(To connect with the authentic you and create a new path for your life, you must be willing to stand alone, individuated, honoring and valuing who you are.)

Your definition may surprise you.

2. Ask yourself:

. What does being alone mean to me?
. Can I be alone?
. Do I enjoy being alone?
. Am I giving what I need to myself?
. Am I looking outside myself to get what I think I lack?
. Can I stand alone, loving, honoring, and giving to myself?

3. During this next week, be alone with you as much as you can. You will begin to find out what it is like to be truly alone. Many of you have negative connotations about being alone:

. “I have been fighting the feeling of being alone all my life.
. “Alone is bad.”
. “Alone means I am not liked or loved.”

Be with the feelings that come up for you and write them down.

4. The experience of being alone will help you begin to assess your relationship with yourself and how that affects your relationships with others. Record in your journal your experience of being alone and your answers to these questions:

. Am I giving what I need to myself? 

Or am I looking outside myself to get what I think is not within me?

. What could I give to myself that would allow me to stand alone, loving, honoring, and giving to myself?

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