Wednesday, August 4, 2021



                                               MY DUTY TO THE HIGHER REALMS

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

As I mature and grow as a channel of higher realms, I come to know that my responsibility to those realms is equally as important as any human friendship or love. I come to know and embrace that my purely human intellect is dim and hazy in comparison to the Spiritual Science and truth put before me, and shared with others.

If I stay in my physical senses and mind or care what people think I am confronted by apparent contradictions filled with my doubts arousing suspicion and fear. My mind may wonder into what it calls inconsistencies in the spiritual and natural sciences and see annoying paradoxes which rattle cultural convictions and complicate my view of life. And then one day I woke up into the awareness those outward opinions and appearances no longer matter and are certainly not the truth.

I came to know that my path into the Spiritual Sciences is trodden laboriously that every new step is leading to the final goal of universal truth often surrounded by pit-falls and deep inner wounds that the channel must confront and conquer the thousand and one furies who keep watch over the gates and entrance to our ascension into a higher frequency of existence; furies called doubt, fear and ignorance, scorn, ridicule, envy and finally the temptation to quit. To remove all these monsters of mankind I must be possessed of a heart and soul clad in steel and iron, never failing determination and duty and yet be meek and gentle, humble and shut out from my heart every human passion that leads to harm of self or others or the continuum of untruths.

Please know I am not a psychic or medium of 4D astral realms filled with human mischief or a predictor of the future. I am a channel of 5D realms transcending the human experience giving universal tools and wisdom to support our journey into a higher frequency of existence. My connections will never tell you what to do that would infringe your free will and choice nor attempt to heal you. But the realms I channel will give you the tools to heal yourself that you can teach others.

I ask myself every day, “Am I all this?  I know that my choice in being chosen to be a channel of higher realms is a divine- soul- plan- course of training that will lead to all of the above. I am in a personal process as long as I am in this densest frequency within the universal plane.   As my intuition and other worldly connections grows I can and shall work out the cause and effect of life and heal within myself what needs to be healed.  I shall continue to bring into a sometimes not- wanting nor understanding world, universal truths and tools that are laying foundations that are intended for the future growth of humanity to create equality for all and support the evolution of our planet and all life upon and within it.  Because others do not believe the source or content of what is being shared does not matter. What matters is that I am honoring my soul plan, my purpose in being here and my almighty love of these beings of higher realms! I am grateful for the committed Angel News Network colleagues: spiritual journalist, Joel, and tech master, Woody who without them none of what I speak of here   could come out into the world in a concise, meaningful way.   And for trance channel, Jeff where it all began with an invitation from Archangel Uriel to channel that frequency.

And finally, it is essential and necessary to say and know that each and every human has the same capacity that I have. Just under your heart space is your plug-in to the higher realms. Are you ready to activate it ?  You don’t need any one to teach you how nor for- pay certification. Just do it…

Love, Phillip




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