Saturday, August 21, 2021



                                        WITHOUT THE BALANCE OF THE MASCULINE

                                           AND FEMININE ENERGIES WE SHALL NOT

                                                 ADVANCE AS A HUMAN SPECIES

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

When we first began on this planet, we were male and female at the same time. In fact, there are some planets and animals who still are both. As we evolved into density it became necessary that we had two genders in order to continue our evolution further into the densest frequency within the universal plane.

The reasons for the necessary of balancing these two energies goes beyond sexual function and reproduction. They are the assertive and receptive forces of creation that make our reality possible. When they are out of balance and they have been for a long time, everything else is out of balance since these energies are the foundation of our reality. Their imbalance creates our separation/duality with one another and often our confrontation. All of our planetary cataclysms are due to the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies on this planet; the subjugation and abasement of women worldwide.

For eons women have been deprived of the greatest human privilege and reason for us to be here: complete participation in creative thought and constructive work. Things are better than they were but they are certainly not equal at present. She is deprived not only of equal rights but still in some countries, an equal education with man. She is not always allowed to express her abilities in the building of social and governmental life of which by Universal Law she is a full-fledged member or she would not be here.

By humiliating the very body, we come out of, man humiliates himself. The men have had a long chance of ruling the world and it is a desperate mess.  Right now, it will be THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD who can save humanity while protecting our home planet.

Women must realize how essential she is at this time.  She is now to be THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD and can take responsibility for the destiny of humanity to evolve into a higher frequency of existence.  Mother, the life-giver, has every divine right to direct the destiny if her children.  

There are more women leading nations and in positions of power than ever before but it is not equal and it is not good enough. The voices of women, the mothers need to be heard more as leaders of humanity. If you can create human life in your bodies, your can return the bio-diversity to the planet that men have destroyed.

The mother suggests the first conscious thoughts to her child; she gives direction and quality to all their aspirations and abilities. The true culture of thought is developed by the culture of spirit and heart. Only such a combination gives great synthesis which realizes the grandeur, diversity and complexity of human life in its cosmic evolution.  Let women be the Leaders of Spirit; great conscious minds leading humanity to our divine destination: equality, harmony and balance.  Sounds like a good plan for government or corporate leadership to me.

Women make better leaders than men because she has chosen to link two worlds, visible and invisible; the physical and non-physical, matter and spirit.   Women possess the power of the sacred life energy. This is what men have feared and needed to keep subjugated.   This current epoch is bringing knowledge about the great Higher Realms omnipresent energies flooding our planet which is present in all immortal creations. Let us use this cosmic energy to affect the needed balance.

When in full power, women must defend not only her own rights but the right of free thought and will for the whole of humanity. Through the development of our awakening, our thinking, our abilities will expand. Let us then think with the broadest, most diversified, purest thoughts knowing we are diversified version of one another, each other in disguise, all from the same Source (call it what you will).

Let us listen with our ‘knowing’ hearts that beats in the rhythm of the ‘awakened heart’ emgbracing all of us. Let us allow our women to affirm our hearts, thinking with our wise-hearts, transfiguring the whole of life. Let her strive to transmute and be the spiritual life of humanity reflected in all our endeavors. Let her join with Mother Earth, our home planet, and balance the masculine and feminine energies, becoming the Leader, balancing giving and receiving once and for all.





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