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                                                      THE BIRTH OF THE TRUE SELF

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

August 16, 2021, My birthday gift to we humans.

The Higher Realms (God, angels, ascended masters, ALL THERE IS) do not make the mistake of treating humanity as the measure of things. They give an unlimited liability and destiny such as no other view of life can or does.

We who live in such a world of diminishing return have great need of this. We are learning that life in a human body provides uniquely good opportunities for awakening and self-healing thus achieving advanced/ascension as a human species. Many of us do not want to miss that for which we were born. We are mastering our self/life mastery through the development of our consciousness. This is our ‘soul plan’ our reason to be here, our justification of our existence: our ascent into our divinity.

The ascent to the divine life is the human journey, the work of works. This alone is humanity’s real mission on this planet and the justification of our existence. For this to be real the individual is necessary to manifest the divine becoming.

The Higher Realms view of life is beyond all present human maps. The world of the senses, of material facts and goals of life is never enough for them. It is all about the growth of our non-physical parts, our consciousness increasing and connecting more and more with our soul/spiritual selves. Humanity is a meeting-place of these various levels of reality. The Higher Realms interest lies in a transition from the lower to the higher; word becomes manifested, so that manifestation becomes word. We need to grow into our divinity, for life is a paradox with ascension the key.

We humans are between the individual mind and the cosmic mind (that lives forever).  Our individual mind is merely a fragment of the cosmic mind, allowing a channel to divine consciousness into it. This is a transcendental personal process having our little mind transmute into the bigger one.

It is self-awareness (consciousness) that allows the knowledge of our self and it is this self-knowledge that allows the knowledge of the universe. Each of us contains within ourself the entire intelligent world. Each is there all and all is in each. It is time for us to know that the ‘fabricator of humnaity’ produced our form, our condition and our whole essence as a reflection of the world.  So that this divine fabrication through our small bodies could bestow its power and essence from a celestial intellect into this dense frequency world.

The world often disregards and disowns much of the teachings of the Higher Realms. But these higher beings are used to walking alone, being the outsider, forgotten and never mind we being grateful. But there love of us does not stop them.

For we humans the teachings of the Higher Realms are really a study and quest of consciousness or self.  But right now, their teaching is still at a low level of acceptance but increasing.  A forgotten science, the science of our possible evolution/ascension, these elevated beings will never give up on.  They reside in a liberating fifth dimension, we being in the third dimension. We are part of a larger self; no account of reality can be final without these other forms of consciousness being applied.

We are waking up and knowing that out most intimate self-pervades the universe and all other things…that the mountains, the sea, the stars are part of our bodies and that our souls are in touch with the souls of all creatures (and getting closer all the time).  We are assured of an indestructible, immortal life and a joy immense and inexpressible. If we would only remember this within each moment of the now.

All life is change.  Change is all there is. The ceaseless endeavor to know the greater self can have no substitute. As long as we humans reside in the densest frequency within the universal plane (by choice) we shall be in a personal process of discovery.  No teaching will take the place of this divine experience of self-mastery.

This self-jounrey is the divine union from which really all life, all creation proceeds. This is the Alpha and Omega of our existence. It is our task to distinguish and define reality. We can only apprehend the Infinite by entering into a state in which we are our finite self no longer. This is the liberation of our mind from finite consciousness. When we cease to be finite, we become one with the Infinite. We then realize the union, the identity.

Our human journey is based upon the incontrovertible fact of humanity’s double nature: the paradox of mankind, the pull of opposite tendencies and impulses, the crown of thorns of our divided being known to every seeker. This is our invisible brother-sisterhood seeking the truth that lies deep within our knowing hearts.

On this journey of journeys, we can either separate and detach or transcend. The task is to stop seeking and discover the solution and truth within each of us.  By a conscious effort, we come to know an enlightened spiritual life is simply a life in which all that we do comes from our inner higher self, our center. Not I but the higher self always existing within me comes roaring to the surface.

All the feelings and thoughts about our value and worth are embedded within our Inner-wounded child, surrounded by ego defenses. What this creates is a false imagine of the self. Every one of us is unconsciously shut up within a system of mistaken ideas and feelings which thwart the fullest expression of the powers of the self; we are also limited by prevailing cultural values of our time.  

A basic task of humanity is the removal of this shell. And often it takes great pressures for us to be willing or know how to shatter this shell. There are many higher realm teachings to assist within this personal process:


Let us welcome this deep examination of the self; those willing to do the work.  A releasing of the self creates great joy and peace. The re-birth of the self signifies for the conscious personality not only a release of old habits, patterns and rituals allowing a completely new view and attitude towards life; a full transvaluation, valuing and honoring the self like never before. In effect we are united with a greater being than ourselves and absorbed into it. The discovery of a nonphysical element in the personality makes all the difference!

This self-exam and result are proof of a nonphysical property in humanity and a tool to our freedom.

The personal process journey allows us to know we are not our wounded egos housed in our metal body but the awakened self. Embracing the transcendent self we can see we are one with the universe, as someone who does not exclude the world or the individual; the unity of the manifested. 

It is time to remake our world of duality, separation and confrontation into one of equality, harmony and balance. The liberation of the individual soul through the healing of self is the keynote to this divine action.  We are all incomplete without the unity of the many.  And this lateral unity translates itself by multiplication, a reproduction of its own liberated state. The divine soul reproduces itself with like-minded, like-spirited souls, the Law of Attraction.

The individual is still necessary, but this person unites or integrates with the three stages of being: individual, universal and transcendental; individual to collective. The self as freedom is then the nature and destiny of each of us and why we are here. We find ourselves so we can be one with all.

It is through each of us that the cosmic spirit organizes the collective that we create peace on Earth.  All of humanity’s age-long effort, action, government, culture, art, ethics, science, religion have been to achieve this peace.

Much of our science has destroyed even a refuge for our inner life. Quantum psychics holds promise.  In our present life and relation with nature, we have created an externalized surface existence.  It is the world that seems to create us. When in fact it is we who must create ourselves and our world.

In this new formula of creation, the inner life becomes the priority and the rest its intention and manifestation.  The healing and perfection of ourselves will create the perfection of our lives, human race and world. We are often in a world which is obscure, ignorant, material, imperfect to us. Yet we are vaguely aware of something that is here within us, seeking to be, other than what is present, a spirit self-existent, self-determining; leading to an idea of perfection, our divinity.  

To become ourselves is the thing to be done. The true ourselves has always resided within us. To activate this truth is our highest being, our divine being which comes through our self-reveal activation.

It is by growing from the within outward that we can find true being. Once this is done, to create from our divine spiritual being that we can create a world of equality, harmony and balance. This is the intention of the forces that created us. The mission for each of us is to discover/remember the spirit, the divine reality within each of us and express this in all our being and living.

A divine life need be first and foremost an inner life, for the outward needs to be the expression of what is within. There can be no divinity in the outer existence if there is not any in the inner being. The divinity in humanity dwells deep within our hearts, our spiritual center. We are learning to think with our hearts and have our ego minds return in service to this heart-wisdom.

It is the intention and possibility of the Higher Realms that humanity be transformed and that a divine life is created for people.

Spiritually-realized people, the liberated individual, is preoccupied with the highest good by the people, for the people, we the people. Only when one is free can one free others.

As our world continues to be stricken by a global pandemic with no end in sight, we need the wisdom of the higher realms put into place like ever before. Let the higher realm teachings be our doctor to heal what ails us, creating a society of our souls, a society of we-consciousness in a world presently ruled by me-consciousness.  If there is an intention to heal one of us, why should there not be a healing for all of us transforming us from me to we. For we are each other in disguise and being ‘we’, we just might heal this pandemic  and ourselves forever.










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