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                               THE HIGHER REALMS EFFECT UPON OUR WORLD

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Guidance from the Higher Realms  (the archangelics,  the ascended masters, star realms and the galactics) begins with the sense of mysteries unveiled, an often hidden  universal wisdom now suddenly becomes beyond the possibility of doubt.  These elevated beings are giving us moments of insights as they support our journey into a higher dimension of existence for ourselves.

The meaning, value and purpose of The Angel News Network is to channel these divine beings and bring their wisdoms into our Earth plane to assist our ascension into a higher frequency of existence by raising our consciousness.  Let us further explore the effects this is and will have in our lives and world.

The reality of superior wisdom from unseen, mysterious forces is a stretch for some especially if proof of their existence is hard to prove and these advanced beings do not care about proving anything to anyone. They sense when you are ready, you will know.

What also makes these exalted messengers challenging to believe is that their higher knowledge resides in a timeless, spaceless dimension without any here and now. What matters is the wisdoms being shared if you cannot believe and know the source.

Each one of us actually has the capacity to connect with these higher realms. The “on button’ is located under our heart space and you can choose to activate it at any time.  Then it becomes part of your ‘soul plan’, your reason to be here to share what you receive. That’s what I did and in a matter of a few years I had a library of books I had written of what they intended us to know and choose to apply or not.

The non-Earthly beings are teaching us that there is an ultimate non-sensuous unity in all things; an undifferentiated aesthetic continuum. That we are diversified versions of one another from the same source and that we can never die, simply change forms.

They explain there is a higher and a lower knowledge, known to many ancient wisdoms. We live in the densest dimension within the universal plane and these higher beings reside in a dimension above and beyond ours. The divine plan is that these two-meet allowing our ascension out of where we are now. The need for our current science and spiritual science from the higher realms is to have a union of the two which has become essential to our survival. This will create a science of the soul freeing us from our ignorance and separation from one another and the higher realms.  One of the greatest barriers to this happening is our continued stupidity.  The way out is through applied higher realm knowledge.

Each of us must achieve the above alone; it is the flight of the alone to the Alone. This loneliness is part of the very process of learning since the only relationship we are having is the one with our self. Once we master the self, we have purchased our ticket to our freedom from the unhealed self.  See it as a ladder or a system of scaffolding to our awakenings, our cosmic consciousness, knowing we need to love and support one another.

The energy that creates a world of equality comes from the intention we set and that intention is only consciousness applying itself to the result we intend. This result is self-involution of consciousness in form and a self-evolution out of form manifesting throughout our lives and the universe.

All of this is revealing an unending life, unbounding applied knowledge through our unfettered consciousness showing the conquest of what we call death through the omnipotence of humanity. This allows us to know that where eternally and our spirit reside space and time are contracting to a zero-vanishing point. The idea of limit, of the impossible begins to disappear.

The higher realm wisdoms stand for the greatest revolution in the human condition. These teachings can counterbalance the ignorance that infects our modern world. Perhaps the greatest value of these elevated teachings is that they bring back the true meaning of life in realtionship to the whole (micro to macro). They teach that all life is only a lavish and manifold opportunity given us to discover, realize and express the Divine; that we truly are divine beings having a human experience.

No human teaching can hold a candle to what the higher realms bring us; no gurus, no prophets of doom, no false pastors, no existentialists, no Satanists, alike.  Most of them have no true knowledge of creation or what we call God. The one way to cure and confront them is to share the reality of higher realm insight, an insight into our Essence as a part of humanity’s increasing and expanding view of life and ourselves; if only we can cooperate with the emerging truth.  The higher realm teachings are the only antidote to all the decadence and diseases if our cultures.

These ‘gifts from the gods’ teachings focus on the meaning of the whole which assist us with all the aspects of that whole in our daily lives where we gain a deeper knowledge of reality and self-knowledge and know there is a deeper self, and inner being behind the surface of the outer human. Then it becomes the greatest task to discover and know thyself. For we as humans have chosen “self’ as a means to experience and to know creation.

We live in relations to the two world- a word of higher truth which we might call the spiritual world and that which we live, the world of our embodies souls which is derived from the higher but also degraded from it into an inferior truth and inferior consciousness. We are in the personal and collection ascension process from freeing ourselves from the ‘down-grade’ to the ‘up-grade’ transcending into a higher frequency of existence which is our divine destiny.

We have reached this degree in our evolution where we can progress or regress. The planet is going to progress with or without us. What do you choose?







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