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                               THE HIGHER REALMS ARE A FORCE FOR CHANGE

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

We human have been seeking solutions to our material existence in the universe for eons; but such seeking’s have never been permanent in their effect. Well, there is one permanent solution.   Are we ready to accept and apply it?

The teachings and tools from the higher realms (angelic, ascended mastership, Star realm, and Galactic) when everything else fails, do and will stand the test of human time. Humanity has been in search of its soul and these higher realms reside where I souls live; in an eternal timeless dimension just beyond where we are living now and we are destined to enter.

The Angel News Network ( mission is to bring the messages of the higher realms to this planet for our personal and spiritual growth. This will assist in raising our consciousness and support our and the planet’s ascension into a higher plane of existence. See our dozens of books, pod casts, channeled messages,  and videos created to insure you being a force for change too.

These elevated beings are teaching us we are experiencing reality through our relationship with our self; in fact, the only relationship we are having is the one with ourself. “Know Thyself” is still the key to wisdom and our freedom, truth, equality, harmony and balance. (See under Angel News Network’s book: LIFE MASTERY, A Guide for Creating the Life You Want and The Courage to Live It.)

To become what we are the higher realms are showing that each of us must discover this for ourselves; what we are seeking is an innate tendency of the human spirit towards complete connection with transcendental, divine order. This is the pathway to raising human consciousness.  The higher realms live in a higher vibration/frequency/dimension that they are inviting us to join; in fact, teaching that it is our divine destination/destiny.

The above journey is a personal journey we all embark upon sooner or later. The history of this human seeking or becoming is humanity’s true history as it is also the learning tools of our existence many of which are offered within The Angel News Network.

Spiritual sciences throughout the ages, religions, and practices in all nations bear testimony to this endless adventure of self-discovery. This is the journey of journeys of humanity. Always present and often not accepted nor understood the teaching and tools from the higher realms is one of   the most significant chapters (often missing) in human history. When more of humanity receives the true reasons of the spirit, from those who live in spirit, a new paradigm of equality can and will rule the world. Then like a Mother (Earth) nourishing her only child (humanity) with her own life, immeasurable universal love of one another will be the law of the land.

True spiritual science which is the heart of many religions is always attempting to answer the old, agonizing questions: Who are we and why are we here? As we look around above, below and within we see life as the first mystery of our existence, life occult and vibrant in an otherwise unknowing universe.  Now is the time for as much mystery as we can adsorb be revealed to us from above and finally know who we are and why we are here.

Mankind, proud mankind

Clothed in robes of not knowing,

Most ignorant of what we’re most assured,

Our wounded being, like an angry ape,

Reflects such stupid shadows on heaven’s plate,

As makes the higher realms want to sake.


As our world whirls with chaos, climate change and global pandemics we wonder the cause not fully seeing the it as us, but knowing full well the dramatic effects. It appears that neither saint nor revolutionary can save us or the synthesis of the two. Just perhaps the higher realms are coming to our rescue!

The higher realms will help us in at lease four related and useful ways: they will correct our inadequate world-view (this is a living conscious planet); they will point out the correct methods for making this world-view (we are and need one another), assist in healing ourselves, and teach us how to create  lives and a world of equality, harmony and balance based upon universal love (the building block of everything).

We channels of the higher realms choose and are chosen, as an essential part of us being here, to bring their vast wisdom, applied knowledge, into our human universe breaking up some of our ignorance and illusion. A world without this wisdom will continue to be asleep, blind and insane. No government, corporation, religion nor institution can bring into our world what these higher realms are being and doing.  These higher beings are some of the best therapist, scientist, God-consciousness, poets, and teachers in creation.

The higher realms hierarchy knows that spirit and matter are poles of the same existence, they speak the evolution of life in matter knowing life is eternally involved in matter through the application of energy via consciousness originating from a divine thought from the Keepers of Creation, call them God, ALL THERE IS.

Humanity’s evolution has not ended, in fact, it has just begun for us to return to the Source from whence we came. The teachings from the higher realms are transitional pathways to our divine destination, our divinity.

Let us affirm the higher realm beings become a respected members of our weary world assisting in our individual and collection evolution/ascension into a higher frequency of existence. I don’t know about you but I am very tired of this one! We need our leaders and spiritual teachers truly knowing the real nature of reality.

Right now, too many wounded little boys and girls think they are in control. The higher realms are tapped into ALL THERE IS and no human can match their wisdom. They have been attempting to assist us for eons. Now that our very survival is at stake, are we ready to accept and apply their assistance without trying to silence or kill them (which we have done too well in the past).

For in eternity there is no yesterday nor tomorrow but only now. So now let us learn to resonate and discern and follow the higher realm beings best council. For they are the dawn of the new light, the forerunner, the soul-change of the needed paradigm shift in our now of need.




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