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THE AKASHIC RECORDS: Accessing the Akashic Records

Received from The Cosmic Keepers of The Akashic Records
Co-founder of the Angel News Network


Dear Beloved Humans being human,

The Universe is composed of a divine perfected design and order. Your world is also destined to reflect this perfection. At this time We, The Cosmic Keepers of The Akashic Records, would like to discuss a wonder-filled aspect of the Universe, The Akashic Records. Many have heard this name before. Let us now, through the dispensation of the Ascension Process of your planet and human species, further discuss the meaning, value and purpose of these Records--a mighty tool of creation!

The Akashic Records are named after the Divine Mother/Feminine Presence energy of Akasha whose mission is to introduce you to the lost knowledge, the “Tree of Life” teachings.  Akasha’s goal is to awaken you to your true spiritual nature and self. (See this channel’s message from the COSMIC MOTHER for more information on this subject) The Sanskrit name/word Akasha means limitless space. The Akashic Records themselves may be further clarified as a divine data base that stores everything. All your past and present lives experiences are stored here. Every emotion and thought you have had (creating your reality) is first stored within your planet’s atmosphere, creating your weather and natural events, and is later transferred to The Akashic Records. Every deed and relationship you ever experienced are stored within these routed records for you to access between and during lifetimes for your spiritual growth and expansion. Your freedom of choice and will determines what you choose to apply or not. The reason for your many incarnational cycles/lifetimes on this planet is to complete the learning stored within The Akaskic Records, the God Power Mind.

Let us now describe how you may access The Akaskic Records:

Let your mantra be, “I release myself from myself, this is not about me.” See yourself transmuting from your physical body to your etheric light body which lies just outside you. You now move beyond your personality, wounds and ego defenses. You become aware of a shaft of white light which you intuitively know you must follow. As you move along the shaft of light, you gradually become aware of various chambers where there is vibration/movement. The first level is you moving into the astral/psychic fourth dimension, reflecting the disembodied third dimension you presently live within. This first level contains all your dreams, nightmares, emotions and thoughts. You move on where there is no time or distance experiencing many disconnected experiences from your past. Gradually all of this moves from a denser light to a lighter light. You are in a higher frequency/realm of existence.  You now meet your spirit guide who takes your hand, as you see everything around you shifting into harmony and balance and beauty. You feel a joy you have never felt before and know this is where the world is headed.

These records are a blueprint/template to the new world paradigm of unity and oneness. As you absorb all the beauty around you, you realize your guide has taken you to the Hall of Records. It is a crystal high hall temple with no walls nor ceiling; stored within the crystals are all the records of everything. You then come upon a cosmic angel librarian, looking very much like the old white bearded pictures of God you saw as a child. This  cosmic being hands you a beautiful crystal that contains a complete record of all your lives; all the lessons you have learned and still need to learn. In an instant you experience and integrate the wisdom that lives within the crystal. Now you need to maintain and sustain that wisdom as you return to your dense carbon based physical body. This is the mission of all your lives.

Beloved humans you can create your own passage way to The Akaskic Records (accessing information at higher frequencies of awareness/consciousness) or use the above symbolic example anytime you wish simply by asking to be taken there. Once you retrieve a record,  how you choose to apply it is within your freedom of choice and will. Since The Records contain everything, the information most often given is what you need to know or would  most support you in that exact moment. Each time you come back into The Records you will receive additional insights.

Each of you has been creating your reality through your emotions and thoughts--past and present and future. All of these times are really the now; the past was once the now. The present is the now, and the future will become the now. You can think of The Akaskic Records segmented into these three time zones--past, present and future. Since  The Records live within the now  so you can see into your (the) past, present and future, and glean life reviews and previews that serve your highest good, and what is needed to fully activate your soul plan, your reason to be here through your talents, gifts by knowing who you are and why you are here.

Medical  intuitives, psychic (disembodied third dimensional) fourth dimensional connections, karma (past life memory) and higher realms fifth dimensional teachings are some lesser and greater examples of what can be accessed through The Akashic  Records.  Karma is a past life memory in the present containing positive and negative resolved and unresolved issues. You pick up all relationships good and bad exactly where you left them off. This way you learn what you need to learn when you need to learn it.

The Akaskic Records are filled with unlimited teaching tools from positive and negative habits, rituals and patterns from the past that can be re-activated by your emotions and thoughts, thus actions in the present. Some of these “comfort zones” relate to positive talents and gifts while others reflect negative ones. Each of these is basically the manifestation of what your soul plan chooses to integrate with its previous choices/experiences. You can choose to be a healer from a previous life experience or continue to act out sociopathic behavior from the past. You will continue these behaviors until you have learned what you need to learn.

Following the Universal Laws of Attraction, The Akashic Records bring forth the people who mirror your own strengths and weaknesses. When you experience something you like or dislike in another, it is something you need to address within yourself. No matter how it feels, each experience has the potential to be supportive and loving in regard to the activation/growth/expansion of your soul plan (your reason to be here). This planet is a “Lover-versity” of learning how to love self, thus others. In effect, Mother Earth is a classroom of cause and effect where you routinely have the opportunity to meet self and apply universal/spiritual truths within your three dimensional world.

Your ultimate mission is to increase your vibration/frequency in order to transcend the third dimension. Your success with your lessons learned or not determines the next pathways of experiences that your soul plan attracts to it. When you have had enough of negative consequences you will begin to make other choices (responsibility=consequence).  Your freedom of choice and will is tightly tied to how well you interface with the lessons the Akashic Records brings forth.

Since the Akashic Records reside within the now they employ an eternal library of possibilities and probabilities. The now containing the past and the present is not constant and shifts with every emotion and thought you have, every choice you make through your freedom of choice and will. Remember the past and the future are dependent upon what you do in the present and what you choose to learn in the past and the future.  You are continuously ‘receiving’ wisdom from The Akashic Records, often through your intuition and dreams. What you do with this information is up to you.

It is essential that you know at this time that The Askashic Records are in service and responsible for attracting to each soul exactly what he or she needs. The Records and your divine soul plan are constantly calculating all your possible choices through your free will.  When you enter the fourth dimension, the psychic/astral realm, during sleep you often tune into your possible future through dreams or during the day in a deja vu moment. In effect, both of these experiences are connecting into a higher frequency of consciousness (a mini-ascension process).

The Askashic Records are so much more than a magical memory data base. They are interactive with the present affecting the revealing, integrating with the future.  Moment to moment you are continuously interfacing with The Records uploading the experiences you need that serve your highest good and that of others.  The Records are your personal processing “workshop” for accessing the lessons learned and the ones still needed to achieve self- mastery and full activation of your soul plan (reason to be here). Please accept with compassion and forgive that each of you is exactly where you are for a divine reason. All your incarnational cycles are proceeding as divinely planned. There is no need to compare yourself to anyone else.

Your modern sciences are beginning to catch up on how something like The Askashic Records actually exist or work. Science, energy and spirit are finally merging which is your destiny. This merger will set you free from much of your lack and limitation and duality of the past and present. Your science of quantum physics shows there are active electro-magnetic frequencies that also exist within informational frequencies. These allow motion without regard for time or distance or simultaneous telepathic transmission of information regardless of time or distance. These frequencies contain consciousness and what you would call intelligence and are the  guidance system for the constant expansion of creation. It is your destiny to soon tap into these electro-magnetic frequencies within and surrounding your planet for free fuel for all. This will shift your current governmental, political and economic systems towards We Consciousness/Unity Consciousness.  (This channel has written in detail on the electro-magnetic grid. This information is available to you simply by asking).

Whether you choose to view The Askashic Records from a spiritual/energetic   point of view or an existing scientific perspective, the fact that they exist (the purpose of this message) demonstrates there is a loving Creator who intends to assist you in waking up to your true divine nature by your knowing and applying the reason for your existence: TO LEARN TO LOVE AND BE IN SERVICE TO ONE ANOTHER AND THE WORLD.

Your inquiring human minds might continue to ask, “Where is all this going to lead?”  Your souls are destined to eternally grow and expand as you, being the Creator, continue as master teachers assisting in the creation of communities and worlds of equality, harmony and balance throughout this solar system, galaxy, universe and multiverse. You and Creation become One, as it is written within The Akashic Records.

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  1. Thank you Philip and Thank you The Cosmic Keepers of the Akashic Records. You have delighted me and made my day. Big Blessings and Big Love!