Monday, March 30, 2015

SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES: How to Create by Phillip Elton Collins



No form can come into creation,
Without a thought as a picture.
For every thought contains an idea
That is the criteria of expression.

Let us look at the process
That brings access
To creation...

What is it your wish to create?
Is it worthy of your time and energy?
What is your reason to bring this into existence?
Is it to satisfy an addiction or comfort zone
Or get you arrested on the way home?

Make sure what you wish to create
Has no motive or need to do harm to another,
But has an intention of a loving brother.

Write down your plan in your own words,
As clearly and consciously as you can,
Then you have a starting plan...

Know you have the ability to create,
See it like a picture on a plate,
The seeing and the power to create
Are the gifts of God-state within?

Seeing and feeling within yourself
Allows you to lift creation off the shelf.

The heart already knows,
But keep reminding the mind
Creation is the ability
To see the God within all the time.
For God is the doer, the doing, and the deed,
And you through Him can create, and proceed with,
Whatever you need.

Read your written plan again and again
At the beginning and end of each day.
This way your creation is downloaded in your heart
That is the best part and start.
Keep your intention to yourself,
Hold its power inside you,
So only you know its view.

When you are ready,
Steady yourself and allow
You inner vision to come through,
Consciously connecting to the Law of Making
And the God-within you to come fully come through...

Cast out all doubts and fear
And know in your heart
Your creation is near.

Have no set moment for results,
Just know you and God are issuing
The picturing of results,
With no wishing.

Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted,
And filled with gratitude

When your multitude, comes forth.

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