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The Path of the Peaceful Warrior 
A Conversation

In times of prosperity spirits soar. It is when the end period of prosperity ceases spirits seems to die. Yearning begins and the same old cycle repeats itself.

Fear not faithful warrior, trust in kind the end is near. Hold on to faith. In the unproven times your faith is always tested.

The Warrior asks: What am I doing wrong?

It is the race to be a star that has you bound and forlorn. Fear not faithful warrior, the time has come to fill the gaps left behind.

By intervening with the soul plan you interrupt the divine flow of life. Allow the process and the flow and you will be free of weary and doubt to replenish the soul. 

I am weary the warrior says, weary of time to come.

It is me who I seek through the haze of doubt and mistrust.

What is my plan dear Lord, the warrior asks.

It is to give the freedom of life to those who seek it, who know it and to those who love it.

By repeating the teachings you’ve been given, the faithful warrior sites trust in the beingness of love.  The soul will appear through the faithfulness to self and love abounds in plenty.

I am tired of living the same old path of unfulfilled desire of infinite plenty.

What shall I do? asks the Warrior

Seek no one but you.

Shift the pendulum of time back to you and see the miracle appear.

Love you, honor you, and value you.

The doors of infinite plenty will then open.

How do I do that? asks the warrior.

By requesting assistance from the Lord, the Lord God.

Peace be with you dear one. The treasure is all yours.

Be guided by our light and entertain the thought of change to divine intervention of spirit guidance, for this is all you need.

Why spirit guidance? The warrior asks.

In time of strife love is forgotten and stress appears in the form of discontent.

Fear not faithful warrior your trust is in demand, for I will lead you to divine light and love.

Bequeath the notion of love. An intervention from on high and you will see significant change.

Love divine appears in all forms. Be open to receive the master plan not in tangible form, for it is this that surpasses all material gesture of love.

Be patient, all is not lost on love, yet it will free you to know its taste, touch, feel and smell. This is how the human form can measure it.

You are on the path to divine love. The path for you is edgy and sharp and is navigated with trust and kindness.

Fear not faithful warrior God is all there is and it is plenty in love.
You are forever taken care of.

Why do I doubt this? Asks the warrior.

Because you do need tangible evidence of faith and this is OK because it is the human way.

Be pure dear one in thought and action. For you will always have enough and plenty.

It begins with trust in you and spreads outward in waves of light and love. 

Be secure in the knowledge of love of self and the soul will emerge through the darkness of pain and sorrow.

Trust will come to those who seek it and when kindness of self is true.

Be off dear one to pastures laden with gold.

Your time is nearing.

We thank you for coming and will visit with you again soon. The pleasure is ours.

In faith lies the answer and the truth of your being.

Behold this and you will be free.

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