Tuesday, March 17, 2015

THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK by THE TWO MARYS Interviewed/Edited by Joel Anastasi

A conversation between co-founder of the Angel News Network
and spiritual journalist, Joel Dennis Anastasi

The Two Marys are channeled by Jessie Keener.


Greetings Beloved Joel:

J: Good morning. It has been two weeks since we last talked. I really missed you.

M: Indeed. That is a human element to imagine oneself separate from everything else and to create that sense of longing for and missing. Indeed, it is a human element, is it not?

J: Yes, many people feel this sense of longing and missing, especially as we approach the holidays and think of all the family and friends who are no longer here. Most of the people who I have known in my life have passed on and are no longer here. What counsel would you have for those of us who are experiencing loss at any time, but especially as we approach the holidays

M: Indeed, a most astute question, beloved Joel. The counsel the Two Marys give is the same counsel we give to virtually every human dilemma. First, follow the feelings to the origin of the feeling and find the thought. Find and examine the thought that created the feeling. Is this thought of unity consciousness or of duality?

It is challenging for humans who have not been practicing spiritual exercises to wrap their minds around the idea that even though humans have, as you say, passed on, that every aspect of them can still be in existence in another dimension. And other elements of them can exist on still other dimensions.

As an example, we will share a simple exercise that this beloved channel did regarding someone she cares about deeply in her life. She felt through her own training and development that this individual was in a spiritual crisis. That individual had admitted there was a lot of fear regarding something in their life.

Without this person being present or knowing about it, the channel asked permission of that individual’s higher self to connect with the small child part of this human being who was afraid. She created an imaginary exercise in which she walked half way across a small foot bridge, held out her hand and said, “Come on, you can do it.” She then grabbed the child’s hand and led it across the bridge. This individual is not a child, of course. This was an aspect of this individual’s wounded child that this channel understood still existed.

We use this as a simple example of how when one opens one’s mind, when one expands into the arena of everything is—we will repeat that for emphasis—when one expands one’s mind into the arena that everything is—why then, of course, there is no separation.

So it’s an exercise in multi-dimensionality. And it is perfect grist for the mill for multi-dimensionality. Indeed, part of the conversation for this auspicious day is about taking responsibility at an even greater level for one’s multi-dimensionality. Does this resonate?

J: It does. I think you’re telling us that the initiative lies with us. For me it’s turning on its head the idea that these higher vibrations are going to be doing something FOR us in raising our consciousness. It’s really an issue of what we do with these frequencies.

M: Indeed, the degree to which the student opens themselves up to the exercises of multi-dimensionality will determine the benefits of the frequencies created by these cosmic opportunities.  To make the most of these frequencies the student must practice the exercises. Everything in your life is grist for the mill for multi-dimensionality.

J: What would be a clear statement of what you just said?

M: Let us put it in a most fundamental way. In order for humans to maximize and fulfill their lives, they must practice spiritual exercises that not only sharpen their gifts and talents but also include experiencing other dimensions as an intention, as a commitment and as a promise to the source of your being to have that ecstatic union.

J: What spiritual exercises are you referring to? We have talked about breathing in The Ascension Handbook. Are you talking about breathing or something else?

M: Breathing would be included, but the exercises would also include the awesome thought that each human being has particular gifts with which they may engage with spirit. This is not new information, simply to remind you that some have a talent or gift regarding vision. It is spoken of as an inner vision. Others have talents and gifts regarding hearing, clairaudience. Others have gifts and talents for feeling or kinesthetic flow of spirit. They enter a space and they feel something strongly. They may use words like, I felt it in my gut. I felt it in my bones.

Then, of course, there is a gift of inner knowing, which has been called the gift of prophecy. The gift of prophecy is simply a knowing of what rings through as the truth.  Each human has a stronger bent with one of these four than the others. Yet, each human will have a little of all of them. As the student matures on their spiritual path, they will use these gifts of discernment as spiritual exercises.

J: So by practicing spiritual exercises you are really telling us we need to be using and developing our individual gifts.

M: Indeed. Beloved Joel, when you speak to the Two Marys as you did today, with the endearing comment that you missed us, isn’t it also true that the reason you missed us is that you have not been picking up your pen and being with us using your particular gift of discernment which comes from clairaudience?  Automatic writing comes from clairaudience talents, and you have that gift.

So see the gift, not as something to be intimidated by, but as an obvious spiritual exercise for the greater glory of divine love. 

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