Sunday, March 1, 2015


Stepping into the Unknown

MARCH 1st, 2015
A day of Graduation

It was 4 years ago today that I left a very comfortable life in New York City to take another step in my life’s plan and wander into the unknown of Southern California. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. I realized back then, that part of my life was complete and it was time to take the next step. So I ventured out west to co-create the next chapter. It has been quite a journey walking through many doors, investigating what came before me, meeting some great people and creating the new. Believe me, it has had its ups and downs, at times moving from the shadow to the light and back again. Sometimes the new seemed like the old just in a different place.  But all in all, these last four years have been an amazing learning experience, seemingly to be another four years of schooling. I've learned more about myself at the tender age go 56.

When I turned 40 I left a job, an old life that no longer resonated for me to venture into the unknown and create a brand new life following my passion of photography. That opened many new doorways that led me to aspects of my life now that I never new existed. Not only have I created a life as a photographer, I became an author and a spiritual messenger and healer.  Ever since then my life pretty much has been about stepping into the unknown, taking a few risks, learning and growing.  All in the quest to live the life I say I want.

Today March 1 2015 is a day of graduation into a new expansive, abundant, loving life to take yet another step further into the unknown to live my full potential in this lifetime. To fully live why I am here and to give in service.

I guess the message here is follow your heart, follow your soul’s calling. It took a few people and some wonderful relationships to wake me up and I am so grateful for those folks who came along on my pathway to co-conspire to show me the light. But ultimately when the door opened it was my choice to walk through it or not. And I am so glad I did by simply saying Yes.

Reminiscing like this allows us to take a look at what we have accomplished, what we have created, where we have grown and see what we have learned. It brings us to “What Is” in our life.  I may not be exactly where I want to be, or fully living the life I say I want. Yet on a certain level I am. I know could give more, I could be more available, I could open my heart even more, but what I do know is that I followed my heart and my soul’s calling when that calling came.

Many of us learn through experiencing what we don’t want to create what we do want. I have followed that path. The key is to raise our consciousness enough so when we realize we are living a life we don’t want, that doesn’t resonate any longer, we can see it and know there is another choice and be bold enough to make that choice because it is simply our soul calling us to take the next step.

It will be scary, it will feel daunting at times and you might want to go back, but if there is a knowingness deep in your hear that you feel down to the very essence of your being, perhaps it is time to heed that calling. That’s what I felt and I knew it was time to change and make new choices.  I made a new choice at 40 and then again at 52 to change and listen to the calling of my soul to take the next step.  You can too. I wasn’t sure what was on the other side of the doorway, it all has been revealed to me and it hasn’t gone like I planned it or envisioned it.  The path has taken many twists and turns but as my friend, mentor, and healer the late great Robert Baker once said to me, “Jeff, you are going to live your divine soul plan anyway, wouldn’t it be cool if you were conscious to take part in it?

Folks, you are alive. Ask yourself: Am I living the life I say I want?
Close your eyes, move within and listen. Then raise your awareness to what you may hear. It just may be life changing.

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