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THE MEANING OF LIFE (The Cosmic Keepers of Creation) by Phillip Elton Collins


From The Cosmic Keepers Of Creation
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans,

All life has meaning.  We, The Cosmic Keepers Of Creation, sense a need to discuss the meaning of life at this time.  This need shows the disconnect from whence life comes and that humanity has not yet understood or agreed on how or why you are creating life.

Many of you have had thousands of lifetimes on this planet that you have been so completely wrapped up in that you have not understood the true and deeper meaning/understanding of life.  The lack of trust in the true meaning of life has been the energy of the original and present collapse/consciousness of humanity. Your experiences ever since this lack of trust has created your lack and limitation, duality, separation and confrontation of your past and largely present existence. Your mental ego body’s  need to always be in control or right or wrong (where in reality there is neither) has created much of your pain moving into long term suffering.

Now if you so choose it is time through acceptance, compassion and forgiveness of how you have chosen to learn what you need to learn to regain your trust and reunion of you and creation, creating life.  If you so choose, it is the time to regain your trust in who you really are and why you are here.

Many, many lifetimes later, there is no longer trust in the union of you and the creation of life. The monsters of mankind are fear, doubt and ignorance. Now through the Ascension process of humanity and your planet (moving to a higher frequency of existence), you are being given the opportunity to regain and relearn the energy of trust in spite of how your world appears at present. It is time to free yourselves from yourselves, if you so choose through your freedom of choice and will.

What you see in your world at present is learning your lessons in more dramatic ways; through inequality, lack of harmony, terrorism, imbalance of masculine and feminine energies, imbalance of giving and receiving, etc. (learning what is through what is not).  Events will continue to be dramatic until humanity learns to make other choices through your free will. This also includes how you abuse the planet herself. The final Golden Age of returning to light/oneness being created during the final 2000 cycle of planet Earth does not include what your governmental and religious leaders are projecting but will be a life in complete divine union with the God-Power within you and with the Creator. It is your destiny that divine order will be restored; how and when you achieve it is up to you!

Remember dear humans what appears as an upheaval, painful and often not fair events are mirrors of the consciousness/awareness of the individual and collective people.  Your emotions and thoughts are creating your reality through your actions all the time. What you call acts of god is simply the planet’s way of cleansing your abuse.

Everything that happens be it personal or global mirrors the imbalanced or repressed energy of the individual or collective people. The problem is that humanity has not yet understood or accepted how you are creating life. You are creating constantly with your  emotions and thoughts, words, and actions (and your silent, unspoken internal dialogue with self). In effect all human interactions have meaning, value and purpose for self and others or they would not be there.

Please know and remember dear humans that your reason (your divine soul plan) to be on this planet is to activate your soul plan (your purpose/mission in being here).  Each and every one of you is needed to be here or you would not be here (even though your wounds and ego defenses may often tell you, “you are not good enough or worthy enough to be here.” You and life does have meaning (learning to love) and your interactions with self and others make an essential difference in the world. Your state of beingness (rather than doingness), your compassion and empathy for self and others have the ability to create communities of equality, harmony and balance. In effect each one of you has an archetype soul plan of human experiences (talents and gifts) that can demonstrate the empowerment and need of each and every soul.

So let’s look a little closer at this truth that each and every one of you is needed and has purpose in being here (even though at times you feel this is not so). Let’s pull back from the micro of life into the macro of existence. Why do you think that your world and you were created? You and your world were created so that Creation could experience itself more fully by you becoming the creator yourself: the purpose of your creation is that you would through an ascension process increase your vibration and level of consciousness where you can bring the consciousness of energy/spirit into matter: to become the creator. Thus THE MEANING OF LIFE is an interactive evolutionary personal process allowing humans to be able to actively participate in the ever expanding process of creation. This allows man power to become god power through your participation with self and others (learning to fully love self, thus others).  This process will create communities of equality, harmony and balance leading to world service. Since each of you is unique, you each have a personalized role in life by learning who you are and why you are here. There are many higher realms teachings (The Angel News Network and others) to assist you in further discovering the who and why of you.

Your soul plan (purpose in being here) is a divine dynamic connection between your unique talents and gifts and the needs of self, others and the world. Again, there are many higher realms teachings to assist you in discovering these talents and gifts. (If you not are aware of yours now see: The Angel News Network’s THE LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM ). 

Your  gifts and talents are ‘soul qualities’ you can joyfully share with the world. They are not necessarily a job or career (but can be). Your talents and gifts come through you with divine grace and ease empowered by you following your bliss. Because these soul qualities are an essential/innate part of your soul plan, they come to you effortlessly, and even though others may have somewhat similar qualities, yours are uniquely yours to share in world service.

In regard to your individuated soul plan in this life, remember you are unique since no other has the experiences and relationship you do. Where your unique integration of talents and gifts intersect with the needs of others or the world, you become the unique solution to that need, as only you can be and do. As you reach out to (world) serve others needs you further activate your soul plan. As in all creation this is the balance of giving and receiving that powers all life and the universe. THIS GIVES MEANING TO LIFE

You stop the struggle to survive life by becoming life itself. You enter a spiritual ascension adventure story of self-discovery through self-mastery (knowing who you are and why you are here).

As your sciences and spiritual truths further merge, you become aware that a higher realm power is running things and it is your joy that further fuels the journey. In your vernacular, you go with the flow. You become the moment where there is no time or distance, only now, and things become effortless through self-confidence, intuitiveness, and self-love. You feel you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you were meant to do.  You discover complete meaning, value and purpose in life in that moment. This ‘flow’ allows self-empowerment while interfacing with the physical world. You lose the sense of separation/duality of self and gain a true sense of self with the physical world; you become one by being in the now.

You are beginning to realize that the meaning of life is not just a journey of personal ego fulfillment (although this can be temporarily satisfying) but a fuller soul plan activation that allows service to others and your world as a measure of the growth and expansion of your own soul. Actually the desire to serve the needs of others can activate/stimulate sleeping talents and gifts within self. Your soul knows that it serves a grander meaning to be in service to others as your man power evolves into god power. The portal to higher consciousness and personal processed growth is a cosmic choreography in which you are all supporting and loving one another. This is you becoming the Creator through the Christ Consciousness energies of loving one another (remember that teaching?).

Your entire life’s journey is the meaning and mission of your life; realizing life is a constant personal process (not an end result) within this dimension by allowing your beingness to be reflected within your doingness. When this lifetime is complete it will not be what you did but how and why you did it (beingness) through your compassion and caring for self and others that refines and defines your eternal soul.

Remember that the meaning of life and your soul plan is an ongoing laboratory of learning (love) until you finally intersect with your divinity, and the two become one.  The meaning of life is a remarkable template/blueprint for you to discover who you are, why you are here by fully knowing your talents and gifts and how to serve others through them, thus allowing both to growth and expansion beyond measure, and meaning of the human mind.

Keepers of Creation channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

We are The Keepers of Creation and we come to you at this very special time upon your planet. It is time for you to connect with we and other higher realms beyond your world, solar system, galaxy and into the Universe.

You are eternal beings of energy. Where does this energy come from? It comes from the vibration of Cosmic Love which maintains and sustains you. The vibrations of this Love creates atoms and electrons which create light which creates matter. And when you combine Love and Light you have the full expression of the Universe.

Humanity is now entering an era to fully understand and be able to control energy through understanding and knowing love.

So what is love? It is the Consciousness of Creation; the building block, the glue of everything. Sometimes loves expresses itself in the seen and sometimes in the unseen. There is actually more unseen than seen in the Universe.

So where did this Love come from? It came from a "parallel universe" created completely of feelings. Your universe is the same, you just are not as aware of it. You are now beginning to understand the importance of your feelings in regard to creation; for what you feel, and think you create, as the creator.
Emotions and thoughts become stored in planetary atmospheres and create much of your reality.

Each individual determines how they will use the energy they are given in each life time through their freedom of will. Will it be constructively or destructively? The responsibility for your energy use is up to the individual...remember you are the creator.

You do not create the energy but you create how it is to be used.

The most elevated expression of your energy (through Cosmic love) is your I AM Presence: your connection to the original Creator of ALL. You will use this Presence in the creation of your next final Golden Age. Human love is a shadow of this Cosmic Love, the highest expression of Creation.

Love is the reason for this planet and your reason for being. You are here to learn to fully love. You are in the process of learning this through equality for all.

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