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Beloved students, you chose this lifetime as the culmination of all that you have ever been. You chose this lifetime whether you understand all your previous lives or not. You chose this lifetime to fully access God in your body, through your body and into what we call the Ascension Process.

We are the Two Marys and we have entwined our frequencies as the Two Marys in this expression for the purpose of supporting you, beloved students, in fully realizing yourselves as God. This is called the Ascension Process—ascending from a limited awareness of what it means to be alive as a human and expanding that into the understanding that, indeed, you are God.

The Two Marys are the enjoining of the Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene at a very specific frequency for the purpose of assisting humanity in Ascension. As you read these words, we invite you into this exact frequency. If you choose, give yourself permission to enter this frequency of Ascension, for you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

What we mean by this is you have spent lifetime after lifetime striving to serve your spiritual blueprint, striving to serve your soul’s desire for unity, striving to become God. And now we are here to assist. Entering this frequency means you lose nothing. It means that you are open to very specific assistance from this 5th dimensional frequency. We wish to introduce ourselves the following way: We are the entwining of Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, the twin flame of Jesus.

Therefore, throughout this teaching the Christ Consciousness will permeate your existence, if you choose to invite this frequency. For those of you, who have always resonated with the Christ Consciousness, welcome home. For those of you, who find that information new, welcome. Welcome to your home. The Christ Consciousness is not about religion. It is about love. The Christ Consciousness says I am God. This is the same as all spiritual teachings. All spiritual teachings say the student is God. The exercises that have always been on your planet to assist the student in moving forward have always been for the purpose of demonstrating to the student that they are God.

All of the gurus that have ever walked on your planet, all of the avatars, whether it is Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and many others, have taught the very same thing.  Welcome to your Ascension, beloved students. That is not to say you have not already been diligently ascending, for many of you have been. And because you picked up this very book, because you are reading these very words, we acknowledge you. We acknowledge that in your heart you know that you belong in Ascension, that you belong to God and God belongs to you.

We wish to impart this truth to you, beloved students: GOD IS COUNTING ON YOU TO BE GOD.

That is all and nothing more. Consider that. Take a deep breath as you read that. Imagine to yourself, what does it really mean that God is counting on me? God’s mission, God’s plan, is to fully experience. Nothing more. Nothing less. God is all that is; therefore, God’s mission is you being God.

As you read the discourses that we have given you in The Ascension Handbook, pay attention to the part of your mind that wants to argue about whether or not you are God. You will be given tools, information, wisdom, and you will be given choices. Ascension always involves choices. There are no “shoulds” in this handbook.

Our goal is to create a continuous process for you by which you can ascend. Here is the truth. You will ascend anyway. Your Ascension is guaranteed. The only question is when. If you desire Ascension NOW in your life, this is your book. If you feel that you have all the time in the world, perhaps this is not your book. For our purpose is to co-create Ascension with each and every student.

If the co-creation of your Ascension resonates with you, it is time to begin. It is time for you to learn about Ascension in this frequency. It is time for you to get to know yourself through this material. It is time for you to increase your capacity for self-love and for joy. It is time for you to experience ecstasy that you only experienced when you were fully connected to God. IT IS TIME TO RETURN TO YOUR TRUE NATURE AS GOD.

Beloved students, we acknowledge you. We are here to support you. And if you choose, we are willing to work with you directly through these materials. One note: As you read these words in these discourses, the very words themselves contain the necessary frequencies for Ascension. That is a very important distinction. It is not simply the core teachings. It is also the FREQUENCY of how the teachings are being communicated. Perhaps you will wish to read some of this out loud. Perhaps you will wish to have a group book discussion and have other members reading to each other. Perhaps you will wish to read this over and over. The frequencies will impart movement within your being. They will stir you. They will move you.

Beloved students, never underestimate the power of the words. Read slowly. Take deep breaths often. Stop when you need to stop. Rest. There is no hurry in getting through the discourses. Most of you, once you have gotten through this material, will want to keep engaging with it as long as you exist in this dimension, which we call the 3rd dimension.

You have vast resources available to you, beloved students. As we give you this information here and now, we are sending you our greatest blessings. We are sending you frequencies to uplift you and place you directly in the center of your heart. Embrace that, beloved students. Embrace the truth:



Jessie Keener (Channel)

As a child I lived in Brazil for two years where I learned about Mother Mary from our beloved live-in servant, Rosa, a Catholic who was very devoted to the Virgin Mary.  I have always been drawn to the Mary energy in times of crisis, and I find great comfort praying to her.  Her unconditional love has assisted me throughout my life.

The Two Marys spontaneously began “coming through” me in early May of 2010.  I was giving my dear friend and partner at The Modern Day Mystery School, Phillip Collins, a healing session, when I felt guided to hold his feet.  As I was centering myself with my hands on his feet, I received this “extra energy” that happens when I channel.  I had channeled St. Francis earlier in my life and helped souls who had died “cross over” to the Light. So I was familiar with the experience of being a conscious channel.  (I want to thank my first spiritual teacher, GK, for teaching me to use my gifts.)

As I worked with Phillip a message came through for him that I spoke out loud.  The message ended with, “We are the Two Marys.”  That was it!  I had no idea the Two Marys were Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene combining their energies.  I just knew I felt this incredible ecstatic energy of love.

Phillip shared his experience with Joel, a beloved friend and master teacher who had begun teaching at our school.  Because of his special connection with the Mary energy, Joel asked if I would be willing to give him a session with them.  I agreed, though I had no thought regarding the significance of his request or what it might possible lead to.

Joel and I began a series of conversations with the Two Marys—me channeling the Two Marys and he recording and transcribing the sessions.  The love that The Two Marys projected is indescribable. I found myself looking forward to each session to receive their energy and wisdom.  In time, they told us that, if we chose, we were to complete an important spiritual project called The Ascension Handbook. 

Joel and I share a deep interest in Ascension, which is the expansion of consciousness until we reach the joyful recognition and understanding that we are God.  I have been studying and teaching spiritual evolution for 30 years and co-founded a Mystery School here in Ft. Lauderdale dedicated to supporting people’s spiritual growth. 

I feel humble and grateful to be the receiver of this information. This experience has been incredibly healing as the power of the words of The Two Marys have changed and opened me to my truth which is, of course, divine love.

My prayer is that you too will experience that love and that your heart will be awakened and filled with the ecstasy of their compassion and grace.  It is here for you. It is here for humanity.

- Jessie Keener. Ft. Lauderdale FL, September 2011

I have always loved Mary, Mother of Jesus. I was raised in the Catholic Church where Mary is venerated. I traveled twice to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia in the 1980’s where Mary was reported to be appearing to several young people.

I remember standing in an empty field outside the village under an inky black sky filled with stars imploring the Virgin Mary to heal my dearest love who was dying back home in the United States. I stood praying in silence but received no message. My love passed away months later.

I never knew much about Mary Magdalene. My church taught she was a prostitute redeemed by Jesus. The mental image I had of Mary was of the stunning sculpture I saw years ago in Florence, Italy by Donatello. One of the first realistic sculptures of the Italian Renaissance, it depicts Mary Magdalene as a disease ravaged hag dressed in rags.

Two decades later I find myself writing a forward at the request of the “combined energies” (explained in The Ascension Handbook) of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to tell how the writing of The Ascension Handbook came about. I’m trying to resist that old clich√©, if someone had told me, etc.

This wonderful project began at lunch with Jessie Keener in spring 2010 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Jessie and I had been introduced by my old friend, Phillip E. Collins, who, with Jessie, had co-founded the Modern Day Mystery School in Ft. Lauderdale. I led a book discussion group at the school on my book, The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age. Jessie and I were becoming good friends. It didn’t hurt that she loved my book. During lunch, Jessie told me that she channeled The Two Marys, the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. I didn’t know what that meant, but I sure wanted to find out.

My book, The Second Coming, records my conversations with the Archangel Gabriel channeled by trance channel Robert Baker. I had long gotten over my skepticism at the idea of channeling divine spirits, which was definitely outside of my religious schooling. I’m a trained journalist.  I found channel Robert Baker very credible and my experience with Archangel Gabriel powerful. I was ready for another divine project.

With Jessie serving as the channel, I had my first conversation with The Two Marys (that is what they said to call them) in May 2010. I was embraced by the most powerful energy of love I have ever experienced. It wasn’t until March 2011 that The Two Marys revealed that our project would be “a series of intelligent articulations regarding the human conundrums with Ascension.”

I had no idea what that meant, but The Ascension Handbook is the result. It is truly what the subtitle says, A GUIDE TO YOUR ECSTATIC UNION WITH GOD. I love The Two Marys. I love what they teach mankind about this powerful time of Ascension.  I am honored that they chose to work with me. And I hope they give me another job.

- Joel Anastasi. Hoboken, NJ, September 2011.

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